Playlist: Wavelength Festival + Silent Shout

Silent Shout is very excited to be co-presenting one night of the 16th annual Wavelength Music Festival next Sunday the 14th at the Garrison in Toronto, featuring She-Devils, Prince Innocence, Thus Owls, Clairmont the Second and Pantayo. Not to mention our very own ARP 2600 DJing in between bands and after the show. But the festival lineup as a whole is a pretty unbelievable three-day, four-show extravaganza, and we made this playlist of some of the Silent Shout-iest artists performing. See you at the show, Toronto friends!

GIF is from Sammy Rawal’s video for Keita Juma’s “Come Over”.

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We can’t get enough of Bobby Uzoma, whose first two singles “Idioglossia” and “Sleeve” both were among our top 50 songs of 2015. Today, we’re treated to his first track of 2016, and “Holy Grails” lives up to the Calgary artist’s quickly-developing rep, as his beautiful voice soars above lush, enveloping synths, all over a slow beat based around a mesmerizing vocal sample. His soft, futuristic psychedelic electronic R&B hymns will bowl over anyone within earshot, and it’s only a matter of time before the world takes notice of Uzoma’s genius.

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Saskatoon-based rapper T-Rhyme* closed out 2015 in a big way, teaming up with an uber-talented crew composed of Jaide, Pooky G, and Valkyrie over a dark and mysterious synth-based beat which we simply cannot get enough of. Recorded at CJSR in Edmonton, it may have been an impromptu session, we don’t know, but “Tribe Called Queens Cypher” sounds like a cut for the ages to us.

It’s available as a free download from T-Rhyme*’s Bandcamp page.

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Video: Junior Boys – Over It

Hamilton electronic pop/R&B trailblazers Junior Boys continue their never-ending string of essential releases with their fifth album Big Black Coat today, and the duo released a video for one of the record’s standout singles “Over It” a couple of days ago. Directed by Lee Skinner (who also shot Jessy Lanza‘s incredible vid for “Kathy Lee”), it begins with a surreal opening scene as Jeremy Greenspan first fades into existence as an older gentleman (his future self?) gazes at a television screen. A short jaunt through snowy Steeltown takes them to a green-screen rehearsal space, where things get trippy and colourful as Skinner applies a variety of incredible visual effects.

Big Black Coat is out today on Greenspan’s Hamilton-repping Geej Recordings and City Slang.

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Roommates often make good bandmates – such is the case for Dreamboy. Esther Isabel of (TR/ST) and Ben Bordeon (of Solar Year) first published music as a duo with a 2014 EP named Negative Feelings – a four track outing where noise-pop intersected with coldwave.

Since then, it developed into a solo-project of Esther’s specifically with Ben acting as a co-producer on her next EP called Endings, set for release sometime this year. Listen to the excellent downtempo R&B-infused title track above!

If you’re in Toronto, catch Dreamboy opening for TR/ST February 12th alongside Elliot Vincent Jones and Kane Vale.

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