Silent Shout
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Excellent news, everyone, RAMZi is back! The former Montreal, now Vancouver-based artist was once one the more prolific that we featured on the blog, but then recently her output went a bit dark. Well, there’s a perfectly good explanation: the move, but also the recording of her latest album Houti Kush out July 21 on 1080pCollection.

“Princess of Cups,” the first single from the album, sounds a lot like the RAMZi of before, but more streamlined. It’s weird, twitchy and awesome, with the track seemingly taking a page from the freakier moments of Radiohead’s back catalogue (the “Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors” “Gloaming” type songs). Glad to hear that she’s still as awesome as ever, and can’t wait to hear the album.

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The first two episodes of Scion Sessions‘ mini doc about mixtapes explored the format back in its heyday, and now the third and final episode takes us to the present. In interviews with musicians and various industry professionals, the David F. Mewa-directed documentary makes the argument that mixtapes are still with us in spirit whenever we fire up a streaming service or put our iTunes on shuffle. Some of the love is gone since human curation has been replaced by algorithms, but personalized musical experiences are now more possible than ever, and we may have mixtapes to thank for that.

There’s also a fun segment asking each participant what song they’d put at the very end of a mixtape to listen to at the end of the world – the last song you’d ever hear. Can you decide?

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There’s a shrowd of mystery surrounding Toronto’s LA Timpa. We can’t exactly make out what he’s saying, the song is a deliciously minimalist mess of pitches and sounds, but we definitely like what we hear. Affiliated with a group called A.C.C. Studios, LA Timpa just kinda burst into the scene with this statement. It’s quite the statement too, and if the forthcoming Animal EP is as good as “UU UU Animal,” we can see it climbing to the top of our personal charts quite quickly.

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DONT-ASK-DONT-TELL-575x377Vesuvio Solo‘s uber-catchy psychedelic stoner-pop anthem still makes us swoon after all this time. And now we’ve got some killer visuals to go along with it, with a new video directed and edited by the band themselves and Pat Gregoire. It makes sense that this band lives in a perpetual VHS haze, subtly rocking out in a bare green room.

Their most excellent album Favors is available now from Banko Gotiti and Atelier Ciseaux. Do yourself a favour.

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usgirls3When we last checked in with Meg Remy’s recently 4AD’d U.S. Girls, she was shaking her fist at the White House and cursing a landform. Now, she’s announced her next LP, Half Free and released the second single along with a self-directed video, a psychedelic and nightmarish procession of women with third eyes. As with “Damn That Valley,” “Woman’s Work” was produced by Toronto beats-genius Onakabazien and is easily the most Silent Shout-y single we’ve ever heard from U.S. Girls. Featuring a driving arpeggiated synth and a huge-but-slow backbeat, and even a vocoder, it’s everything we could have hoped for. Predictions: Half Free will make U.S. Girls an indie underground star (which she’s long deserved). Also, she somehow ends up president, with Bernie as her veep. You heard it here first.

We cannot wait to hear this record. Half Free is out September 25, which is tantalizingly far away.