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Touch of Jupiter is the latest release from Vancouver’s Jean Brazeau, aka Friendly Chemist. Employing an amalgam of ambient and vintage house idioms, Brazeau excels at pairing poignant harmonic sequences with sustained and blunted timbres. The work, as a result, possesses a highly resonant affective dimension, which reveals itself quickly and lures you in for repeated listens.

Stream the tracks above and pick up a digital copy from 1080p. You’ll have to add the limited cassette edition to your wantlist as it’s, not surprisingly, sold out at the source.

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aaIt’s always great to hear new stuff from formerly-of-Halifax, now-Torontonian disco whiz A.A. Wallace. His latest single, “Harlequin,” is a bouncy electro-disco with a tremendously hooky chorus, and is definitely one of his best songs to date. And the video’s fantastic too, featuring a masked air guitarist getting down in various locations, with psychedelic superimposed visuals everywhere. A real treat directed by Jeff Miller.

“Harlequin” is available now from iTunes. If you’re in Toronto, catch him this Saturday with Silent Shout faves Valerie Dour and Coronado at Handlebar.

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Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 12.23.37 PM

Watch out kid! You’re being chased by a giant fish puppet!! Oh, you’re friends? That’s cool then. Pretty adorable video with a tragic ending for Caribou’s “Can’t Do Without You,” one of the standout songs off last year’s Our Love. Apparently the song is about a boy and his fish. We didn’t know.

The band is also having a contest to own said fish puppet, details of which can be found here. If you have room for a 12 feet long, 5 feet tall, 4 feet wide, 50 lbs fish puppet at your place, then by all means apply. Would be a good conversation piece, for sure.

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Danielle Fricke

Danielle Fricke makes beautifully atmospheric (often instrumental) music, and the London, Ontario-based artist’s new song is her best work yet. Paired with a video of changing patterns and colours, “Cicadas” captures the feeling of a lazy, hazy day at the pace of a slightly sedated heart beat. Her voice layers well with itself as the song swells up and fades out, ending after a bite-sized two minutes. There’s a replay button on videos for a reason, guys.

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In January, London-based electro-pop project West Nile debuted their contagious track “SSUFFIK8TRR.” on Bandcamp. The sound is catchy, energetic, and right in time for summer.

Now, West Nile has released two more songs that we like a lot, especially “WHAAAT I CAN GETT.” The song still has that hazy and chillwave vibe from “SSUFFIK8TRR”, but brings a fresh perspective to its overall sound. The opening starts off eerie, and builds into a synthy beat that’s complemented by upbeat disco-esque guitar riffs, played by London superstar producer Greggy Clypse, who works with most of the artists we love coming out of the city.

From what we can find, there isn’t a full length album in the works, but this two-track release is pay-what-you-can from Bandcamp, and you can watch that page for more releases. We sure will be.