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We love the minimal approach in the latest A.A. Wallace video. Directed by Trevor from Doomsquad and Heretical Objects, it features a woman’s hand getting QUITE sexual with a glitter covered box. Once it’s open, there’s so much cool stuff within. Watch it then let’s discuss:

A HUGE FUCKING SNAKE! First off, I hope it was okay with all the smoke, second, A HUGE FUCKING SNAKE! The other things in the box are cool too, but seeing that snake is the biggest “wow” moment of the video. The song itself is the same sort of lush arrangements and complicated production that we’ve come to expect from the project, including some damn cool string arrangements.

“Secret Name” is another single from In Alpha Zones, the next A.A. Wallace album due later this year.

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foresmeWe fell for Toronto trio For Esme‘s snappy, introspective electro-pop back in February, and they’ve done it again with “You”. The video has them breaking into a school at night, flashlights in hand, to dance on tables and perform at a ’50s-style prom to a suitably catchy soundtrack. We’re feeling seriously inspired to put on a skinny tie or bright lipstick and have a flashlight dance party.

Their second album, Sugar, is coming out later this year.

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We have been following the trajectory of Most People since the release of their self-titled debut record in 2012. We’ve said it before, but the band is one of the most talented in the city in terms of pure musicality, and now, we have a triumphant return with their latest EP Violet Spaces.

Co-produced by our very own Digits, there’s a decidedly more electronic feel to this EP and a darkness that we had never really heard from the band before. Sure, there’s still the beautiful vocal harmonies, shredding guitar lines and drums accenting just the right parts, but just try and listen to “Release” and NOT want to fuck shit up. Add in the synth bass in “I Just Might,” and the “boom, bap, boom-bim-bap” drum line of “Telephone,” and you’ve got a completely new style from the Toronto-duo. Something that we always love is following a band from their nascent stage, developing and honing their style and willing to try new things. This experimentation pays off in spades on the new EP and makes us excited for everything new the project does.

Not to mention the four remixes that close out the album, done by Silent Shout faves Zoo Owl, Eytan Tobin, Slowpitchsound and, of course Digits. Those in Toronto can catch Most People at least twice this summer. Their record release is in Toronto this Saturday with Silent Shout mainstays Petra Glynt and Hush Pup. They are also presenting a new piece of awesomeness at this year’s SummerWorks Music Series (which, full disclosure, was curated by me and Wavelength’s Adam Bradley).

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Honestly, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything from the Automelodi that we don’t think is amazing, but this video — directed by Kaspar’89 — really emphasizes how amazing this project really is. Heavily indebted to German Expressionism (what if The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari was made in the 80’s?), the film marries claustrophobia, analog technology, and really cool costumes, make-up and choreography C/O Ludivine Bah and Paula Mera “Paularoïd.”

“Digresse” comes from Surlendemains Acides, Automelodi’s second record, which is still available for purchase. No word on anything new coming in the pipeline, but something comes, you can be sure we’ll be on top of it.

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ssignIt’s no secret: we really, really dig new-on-the-scene Toronto dark synthpop trio Secret Sign. So far, we’ve been blown away by their two debut singles/demos “Cat + Mouse” and “Sullenprod.” Today, we’ve received another harbinger of their impending greatness, a killer new electronic pop track on a bit of a psychedelic tip called “O.M.S.R.” The new single is accompanied by their first music video, a trippy collection of manipulated images with singer Kaila Moon superimposed on top of them, and it suits the band’s mysterious image and aesthetic well:

We’ll be, as ever, awaiting more of the good stuff from Secret Sign, and apparently we can expect a new EP in the near future. For now, you can grab their old EP from January from their Bandcamp page.