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Remix: Doomsquad x Timber Timbre

Posted on October 31st, by digits in Remix


“Curtains?!” is unquestionably one of the best singles of the year, a standout from Timber Timbre’s masterful Hot Dreams. But of course, as an electronic blog, part of us always wonders: “What if there was just more synth in there?” Well today we get a hypnotic, grooving, epic journey of a remix from Toronto’s psychedelic electronic superstars Doomsquad, featuring a guest vocal from Simone Schmidt (of Fiver, One Hundred Dollars). In your face and unrelentless, it’s a deep and bassy track that is darker and more urgent than their amazing February debut Kalaboogie. Such a good combination! One of the best remixes of the year.


MP3: Ginla – Things You Have

Posted on October 30th, by digits in MP3


Ginla, that duo that met in Boston but now do their thing in Toronto, just put out a great follow-up to “Almost Plastic.” “Things You Have” is a very shoegazy electronic pop track featuring some of the breathiest synths and singing we’ve ever come across. Very cool sound! This is going to be on their forthcoming EP Dreaming In Circles, out November 11. We’ll be watching for it.


New Release: Lindsay Dobbin – Arrival

Posted on October 29th, by Chuck in New Release


We’re delighted to feature Arrival, the latest ambient-drone release by Lindsay Dobbin. Eschewing the song-based aspects of her Broken Deer recordings, these long form tracks showcase Dobbin’s facility for working with minimal soundscapes, in style somewhat sonically akin to William Basinski’s oeuvre, or the loop-based instrumental works of Grouper or Jefre Cantu-Ledesma.

The immersive title track captures the experience of hearing gorgeous sounds from afar; the attack of each pitch becomes subsumed by the decay of its predecessor, evolving gently at glacial pace into a tapestry of harmonic resonances and overtones. Surender your undivided attention to Arrival and it may be one of the most rewarding listening experiences you’ll have this year.

Pick up a digital or cassette copy direct from Phinery.


MP3: Motëm – Truth Be Knownst

Posted on October 28th, by digits in MP3


Motëm, how we’ve missed ya. Well it hasn’t been that long since last year’s Insider/Outsider and Caveman in Japan but we’re always hungering for more Motëm. Hamilton’s hazy motivational electro-rap guru has put out the Einzelgänger mixtape and it’s on a whole other level. Single “Truth be Knownst” is probably the highlight, a deep grooving production that’s very direct in its message. Be yourself! Do it today!

You can stream the whole Einzelgänger mixtape on Soundcloud, or grab it as a free download from Mediafire, where he’s made it available for unlimited consumption.


MP3: Jamaican Queens – Bored + Lazy

Posted on October 27th, by digits in MP3


Jamaican Queens, forever amazing. Their miracle-of-an-album Wormfood was our #3 of last year, and it’s been so long since we’ve had some new Jamqueens to get down to. The wait’s over: the Detroit band just released a new single, “Bored + Lazy,” and it’s a slithering bit of robo-funk featuring vocoded lead vocals. We don’t know if this means another album is just around the corner or not, but they’re on tour in the Northern US (and Windsor!) so if you’re able, get thee to a show.


¡FLIST! – Till The Following Night (Screaming Lord Sutch cover)

Posted on October 27th, by farragoes in Uncategorized


Just in time for halloween Montreal’s irrepressible ¡FLIST! has released a spooktacular cover of “Till The Following Night” by 1960s weirdo UK singer Screaming Lord Sutch. The ¡FLIST! version eschews the sound effects and saxophones of the original in favor of his typical synth driven Bad Seedsesque slinking, managing to wring moments of genuine menace out of what is admittedly a novelty song.  The Joe Meek produced original, which (bizarrely) features lead guitar from Jimmy Page, and had it’s title changed from “My Big Black Coffin” in order to “protect the innocent,” is given a neat little write up here, a worthwhile read for any fans of 60s pop oddity. Happy haunting boys and ghouls!


Video: Ken Park – Stay At Mine

Posted on October 24th, by digits in Video

Toronto’s Ken Park eats a falafel on a deserted beach, sometimes singing in between bites, and it’s still somehow mesmerizing. This video for hypnotic You Think About it Too Much highlight “Stay At Mine” was directed by Eduardo Sánchez and shot in Barcelona on Ken Park’s summer tour with Phèdre.

Ken Park plays Toronto tonight with Silent Shout faves Antoine93 and Mathématique at Double Double Land. Can’t miss!