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“Minimum” is the newest addition to Sur Une Plage‘s excellent trio of earnestly-sung singles from their forthcoming debut. And the video is a perfect appetizer to keep you satiated until the full album comes out on March 17 (two weeks away!).

There are slow drives through overcast suburban neighbourhoods, scenes of the duo – Joshua Wells (Black Mountain, Lightning Dust) and Colin McKill – dancing increasingly frenetically under the song’s sine wave, and an ominous figure reflected in a stained-glass mirror straight out of your mother’s house. Watch out for the surprise shout-out to the supermoon!

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Amazing transformation alert! It’s been five years since Ottawa folk band The Acorn released their last album, but some of the band’s members have spent the years in between proving their electronic excellence. Silkken Laumann, featuring 2/5 of The Acorn, made our second favourite album and fourth favourite song last year – basically, they’re pretty fantastic.

So we’re super excited that The Acorn has re-emerged with an electronic single! It’s subtle at the beginning – mixed with acoustic guitar and analog percussion – but by a minute and a half in, a full-out steady synth groove develops. Rolf Klausener’s vocals sound as calm and focused as ever, their softness mixing well with the electronic backbone. We’re officially excited for their next album in May!

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Hey! We remember this song! “The Line” was one of Silent Shout’s top songs in 2010 when it was released under members of Seoul’s former project Cherry Chapstick (RIP). The song gets a huge professional makeover here, and comes with the announcement of the band’s debut record. I Become A Shade is due out June 9 on Last Gang and Grand Jury. All in all, we’re pretty happy with this news as it’s been a while since we’d heard anything from the band.

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Wurm Watson is a bedroom-electro project from Sarnia, Ontario, whose debut Chapter 1 is a chameleon of an album, jumping from style-to-style throughout its brief 29 minute run-time.

The album introduces its genre-bending ways immediately with the psychedelic instrumental “Star Boeing” transitioning beautifully from the folkier album-opener “Sunnyside Down.” We’re always suckers for a nice in-album transition. From there, Chapter 1 goes in so many different directions (in a good way), the pure folk of album-closer “Thievery,” to jam-band freakouts in “Astronaut” and “Rain”, both featuring Church Camp Counselors, Watson’s former band.

The standout track in all this variety is “Closed Eyes” with its pure electro groove and Vince Clarke style analog-sounding synths, and really is the best introduction to the heights the project is capable of.

Wurm Watson is set to begin a new phase in his development. He is refurbishing an RV in the hopes of turning it into a mobile studio and driving from Sarnia to BC recording along the way. You can follow along with this super ambitious project on his vlog.

As we wait for the NEXT chapter, Chapter 1 is available for PWYC via Bandcamp, and comes strongly recommended.

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feb15Mix: Best of February 2015

1. Braids – Miniskirt
2. Jamaican Queens – Joe
3. Icelandia – Paper Suns
4. Neighbour feat. Piper Davis – Light Breaker
5. Resistor – Cordless Phone
6. Le Couleur – Club Italien
7. Humans – Follow
8. Prince Innocence feat. Kilo Kish – I Don’t Care (Remix)
9. For Esmé – Just Yet
10. Special Costello – Losing Ground
11. Johnny Couteau – Is My Baby Love Real or Just a Hologram?
12. Mimico – Cloud City
13. Zacht Automaat – Bury Me Face Down
14. Gravity’s Rainbow – Take Me on to the Otherside