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New Release: ¡FLIST! – Fuck You I’m Dead

Posted on November 27th, by arp2600 in New Release

Montreal’s ¡FLIST! has been on our radar for quite some time, little did we know that during that time he had been working on a magnum opus denser and more layered than most debuts we cover on the blog. This makes sense since Fuck You I’m Dead took eight years to make, which is an impressive feat in of itself.

The record plays like a concept album, with unified themes of death, terror and general sense of unease throughout. While sonically similar, no two songs sound alike: there’s the frenetic freak-out of “Imagine,” the Nick Cave goth-rock of opener “Purify Your Soul,” and the horror music chase-scene of “Cruoritosis.” It’s clear that ¡FLIST! is one of the most fascinating things going right now, and we just hope we don’t need to wait another eight years for the next release.

Fuck You I’m Dead is out now on Art Not Love available digitally, on cassette or as a limited edition silk-screened poster.


MP3: Freak Heat Waves – Design of Success

Posted on November 26th, by Josh in MP3


Earlier this year, Victoria’s Freak Heat Waves had a track included on the (fantastic) Plastic Factory compilation Meet the Factory“Cradle of Fear” showcased the band creeping into the kind of territory we cover. The band has moved further down the wormhole with a dancy new single from the forthcoming Bonnie’s State of Mind LP (Out Feb 3 on Hockey Dad), and are we ever excited! “Design of Success” feels like FHW taking their brand of arty groove-goth post-punk out for a night on the town. Shit gets sufficiently funky.

Preorder Bonnie’s State of Mind now over here!


MP3: Drug Train – Telle Affair

Posted on November 25th, by arp2600 in MP3


Drug Train has been quite dormant in 2014, as far as we can tell. The Montreal band released our fourth favourite album last year, so naturally we’re thrilled to see a new song pop up on a Beko compilation.

The song, which is the band’s first song entirely in french (we think?), is the in the same style as the debut album, which consistently wowed us with their lo-fi brand of slacker electro rock. Hopefully this means more things to come from the project in 2015, in the meantime check out this song and the entire compilation, which is available for free download and well worth your time.


MP3: Rec Centre – Celebrity Deaths

Posted on November 24th, by digits in MP3


We’ve already mentioned our excitement about Vancouver synthy power pop project Rec Centre‘s second album Monster of the Week, and we totally loved the X-files themed video he released a couple of months ago for lead single “Like I Care.” Well the follow-up to last-year’s excellent Times a Billion came out last week, and it’s full of brilliant gems like the standout “Celebrity Deaths,” a sweet bit of downtempo synthpop featuring the band’s signature harmonies.

You can buy Monster of the Week direct from Rec Centre’s Bandcamp on cassette or digitally.


Pile of Best Albums: Ken Park – You Think About It Too Much

Posted on November 21st, by elena in Pile of Best Albums


We’ve never been shy about the fact that we love Ken Park. Toronto’s Scott Harwood makes some of most perfectly executed, emotionally deep dance music out there, so it’s about time to formally place him in our Pile of Best Albums!

You Think About It Too Much was recorded over the course of a Berlin winter, and the end result is stuffed with musical layers and excellent production. Most of the songs push past the five minute mark, giving enough space to fully develop and expand each idea. And those ideas are definitely great ones, ranging from the downtrodden melody of “He Says I’m an Island (I Won’t Try and Find Him)” to the partial synth scales flitting through the opening of “Stay at Mine.”

The album manages to be perfect for long days walking around a city, observing the life around you and getting lost in your own thoughts, and at the same time ideal for cavorting at a crowded house party, dancing and making memories. That’s because it’s a perfect mixture of focused introspective vocals and atmospheric, bass-driven pop.

Don’t think about it too much – get into Ken Park.



MP3: Gavin Noir – Back Against The Wall (Let Me Down Easy)

Posted on November 20th, by arp2600 in MP3

Gavin Noir

Gavin Noir, one of our favourite new artists of 2014, has graced us with a new song/free download. The Londoner makes chilled-out electro-pop, similar in vein to his comrades in arms New Zebra Kid and Halcyon, who also hail from The Forest City.

His newest song is a short ditty, but continues to build anticipation for his next release, whether it be an album, EP or another song. We’ve said it before, but London has one of the most interesting music scenes in the country right now, and we love to see it continue to thrive so.


MP3: Sur Une Plage – Marathon

Posted on November 19th, by digits in MP3


The piano chords at the beginning prepare you for the epic journey you’re about to go on, but it’s not until the huge throbbing bass arpeggiator comes in that you really understand what Vancouver’s Sur Une Plage are up to. Having released one of the finest songs of the year in “Restaurant”, this song is the slow brooding cousin to that frantic synthpop gem. This duo composed of Joshua Wells (of Black Mountain and Lightning Dust) and Colin McKill is one of our favourite new bands we’ve discovered this year, and all their tracks are free on Bandcamp. Go bask in their glory!

Sur Une Plage are on tour this week, in Montreal this Thursday at Alexandraplatz and Toronto on Friday at the Central (with Silent Shout faves Body Butter!)