Nicely done Most People. “Bitter Wine” sees the band embracing the more electronic aspects of their sound, which while it was always present, was never the focus. Naturally we love this pivot and new contributing member Mike Pereira (Zords, RAVETAPES) makes his mark on the song with his synth acumen and production stylings. We don’t know what’s in store for the Toronto band moving froward. They continue to be a destination live act in the city, and we hope they’re writing new material to release soon. In the meantime, “Bitter Wine” on repeat.

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Great news from our favourite purveyors of sad pop from Quebec City! The first Ghostly Kisses EP will be out early next year. In the meantime, pop on this new single while watching the first flakes of snow fall to the ground; let it comfort you in the midst of your early winter hibernation.

The lyrics are painted with devastation, the awkward experience of feeling alone even while among people you know. But as always with this project, it’s a beautiful, meaningful kind of sadness, illustrated with pitch-perfect cold production and vocal warmth.

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boyBITCH – Lover

Perennial electro-banger songwriter boyBITCH is back with a new video, consisting of old home-movie footage of him as a preteen. The washed-out colour, slowed down speed and tracking lines lend themselves nicely to Dave’s ready-for-the-club synthy vibes. The lyrics take on new meaning with boyBITCH speaking to his younger self “I got your back,” he sings in his signature croon. In his words:

I was 11 years old in ‘Lover’ and was beginning to struggle with my sexual identity, and identity as a whole. You can see it at the end on the close up of my eyes….conflicted. This video was particularly profound for me. This is the age I based the name boyBITCH on. I was starting to explore my creativity in an intense ‘bitchy/sassy’ way.

“Lover” is the first of many videos to come, all featuring old footage at him at various stages of his life. A new album is out January 2017, with an accompanying video for each song. We can’t wait!

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Tasseomancy – Do Easy

Tasseomancy doesn’t waste time. Just last year, they put out the magisterial Palm Wine Revisited, a captivating record that was our #4 of 2015. Do Easy isn’t at all a retread though, but another bold departure for the Toronto duo, one which sees them fully embracing their pop tendencies. There’s still a ton of experimental goodies in the margins for the classic Tasseoheads but this is a highly accessible record that could, and should, blow up huge. It’s nearly impossible to choose just one highlight, but the mesmerizing slow groove of the title track is a no-brainer must-hear.

Do Easy is available now from Hand Drawn Dracula and Bella Union.

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Peter Sagar is one cool dude. When operating under his Homeshake moniker, he is consistently releasing the coziest of rainy-day songs, making the most out of seedy drumbeats, catchy guitar lines and groovy bass. He’s been at it for a few years and lucky for us, a new album is on the way.

The first single, “Call Me Up”, is what Homeshake does best: a short, tight and surprisingly romantic track. Only this time, much like on his last release, he’s using synths instead of guitars. And it works!

His forthcoming album, “Fresh Air”, can be pre-ordered now from Sinderlyn.

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