Silent Shout
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Disregarding the name, Toronto’s Semen Priest make some of the best gothic infused disco/post-punk this side of Silent Shout favourite Femminielli. Those of you who follow the blog know that a comparison to the Montreal italo-disco king is one of the highest honours that we can bestow on a band, and “Person Suit” hits all the notes: an epically long song, half-sung spoken-word vocals over funky synths and a bass-line made for a late-night after-party.

“Person Suit” is the lead track off Third Testament, the band’s latest album on Arachnidiscs Recordings due out April 1st. This album is an excellent foray into a dark underbelly of Canadian electronic music. You can preorder it now digitally for $6.66 (lol), or wait for the tape release next week.

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What a pretty and happy-inducing cover of Lykki Li, coming our way from Montreal’s Saxsyndrum! Just so pretty! The original song, which recently had a slight resurgence by being featured in an episode of House of Cards, lends itself perfectly to Sea Oleena’s soft and delicate voice. Meanwhile, the members of Saxsyndrum restrain themselves from the artpop dance party we’ve come to expect from the band, letting the innate gentleness of the song speak for itself. It doesn’t happen often, but we love it when bands find their softer side.

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We’re really excited about SlowPitchSound‘s “scifi-turntablism”! The Toronto-based artist uses a turntable as an instrument, looping and adding effects to create intricate instrumental compositions. (We also, naturally, love scifi references!) “LoFiSci” punctuates melancholy extended notes with clicks and taps, disembodied voices and something that could be a BopIt twist sound. The end result is haunting and quite a bit original.

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Dream Safari

Dream Safari is an aptly-named project. The Philadelphia-based musician creates fantastical journeys in a genre he calls “jungle pop”, replete with colourful synth sounds and full production. But instead of lions and zebras, this is the kind of safari that will show you the galaxy’s different alien species, before sending you home humming a catchy chorus melody. We know what we’re doing on our next vacation.

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Also known as Karkwa’s percussionist, Julien Sagot delivered his sophomore record as a solo artist in late 2014 via Simone Records. “Valse 333″ would later earn him a Juno nomination in the category of Francophone album of the year.

Allison Moore and Arthur Desmarteaux, known as Egotrip Productions, recently produced the video for “Docteur C” – a pop song that shines through its imaginative and left-field musical arrangements.

Matching the rather bizarre tone of the piece, the video confirms the theme set forth lyrically – drug dealers (remember “Doctor Robert” by The Beatles?).  A strung out and hallucinating Julien starts by calling someone… then a delivery comes and madness ensues. And then there are human-sized cockroaches and a rat! Needless to say, this clip is great and should be watched immediately.