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Nunavut synthpop! Scary Bear Soundtrack have fully arrived with their debut EP Ovayok Road. Way up in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, Gloria Guns and Christine Aye have been quietly making some excellent bedroom synthpop, including one of our favourite songs of last year, “Manic Pixie Dream Girl.” Their sound has grown leaps and bounds, fuller, and more completely realized. It’s great to see another highlight from last year’s The Longest Night, the incredible “Fault Lines”, make the cut on this release. But every song on this record has its own special appeal, and there’s a lot range and diversity in sound throughout the EP. If we had to pick a favourite, it’s the remarkable “Victoria Island”, a super-hooky and propulsive synth-pop number with endless replay value. We couldn’t be more impressed.

Ovayoak Road is available now from Bandcamp. Don’t sleep on it!

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Princess Century has always been a purveyor of the most bumping of dance floors. Lossless, her avant-pop debut record was a thing of beauty, an unheralded masterstroke that is still played regularly at the Silent Shout offices. Now we have the exciting news of Progress, her new LP due out in October on Paper Bag Records.

As a single, “Sunscream” is exactly what we want to hear from the project moving forward. While we miss Maya’s vocals, this track is a straight-up banger that should be played at only the coolest and hardest to find underground clubs. The Austra drummer’s ear for production is in fine form here from the motrik drums behind a propulsive bass line and splashes of synth strings straight out of a John Carpenter movie.

Progress is available for preorder from Paper Bag, or you can wait until October 16 to pick up your copy.

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Okay, we’re going to go ahead and call this the most glorious musical collaboration of the summer. Two long-time favourites of ours, London’s Quinn Read-Baxter and Gavin Noir have teamed up and the results are just spectacular. It’s been far too long since QRB’s “Don’t Go”, which was one of our favourite songs of last year. “Without You,” a much more downtempo and hypnotic jam, is nevertheless another incredible single, and was produced by none other than Ontario’s reigning bedroom Italo revivalist, Gavin Noir. Maybe we should start calling Gavin London’s Johnny Jewel?

We hope these two decide to make a record together. Or just more Quinn Read-Baxter, in any shape or form! In the meantime, check out Quinn and Gavin‘s respective Bandcamps.

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We first learned about Toronto hip-hop duo Above Top Secret when they released the wonderfully dark “Ghost” back in March, but they haven’t been idle since. Two days ago they dropped “WTF?!”, a slightly off-kilter jam full of unusual samples and inventive rhythms. It’s tough to pick a favourite element of this beat! The strange flute-sounding thing? The occasional guitar stab? SunSun’s production may be endlessly interesting, but singer/MC Ayo Leilani is no slouch either though, her vocals effortlessly floating on top of the beat, embodying the essence of WTF.

Above Top Secret perform this Friday at Camp Wavelength on Toronto Island, co-presented by multimedia collective 88 Days of Fortune. Silent Shout’s ARP 2600 will be DJing in between bands, and there’s lots of other faves on the bill too, including Doldrums, Zoo Owl, and RAVETAPES.

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Toronto’s Century Palm has an impressive pedigree, with members having done (or currently doing) time in Zebrassieres, Ketamines, Tough Age, Dirty Beaches and more. After last year’s excellent s/t EP, the group has returned with a 7” on BC’s premier purveyor of punk, Deranged Records.

“Valley Cyan” is an expedition into territories previously explored by the luminaries like the Units, Devo, and Pere Ubu, but sheds new light on some formerly uncharted corners. No band has ridden a wave this new nor this brave since ‘79.

Grab the “Valley Cyan” 7” now over here.