Ever since the majestic, transcendent “Distance of the Moon”, we’ve been eager to hear a full album from long-time Toronto minimal pop auteur Lisa Conway aka L CON. That time is nearly nigh! Moon Milk is out October 7 on Wildlife Sanctuary Sound Recordings, and “Form Of Space”, its latest single, delivers intense, burning horns over a sparse drum machine groove, with an extradimensional sequenced bass bursting in and out of the track. Astonishing stuff. I think we can safely assume this record is going to be very very good.

You can pre-order Moon Milk now from Bandcamp.

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Premiere: Nyssa – Bad Girls (Elegy)

Toronto’s super-producer Nyssa has spent the summer busily recording a string of new singles to shock and awe the world over the next few months. On top of that, we have a new video for “Bad Girls (Elegy)” the first of these singles. The song features her signature powerhouse vocals, while the colourful video–directed by Ron Hollywood–showcases her inherent performative nature.

Here we also have Nyssa experimenting with different vocal styles, like a spoken word part peppered with a slight country twang. Not mention the production which is bombastic as usual and features a very prominent harpsichord. We hear these new singles will form an EP eventually. We’ll dutifully keep you posted.

Those in Toronto have two opportunities to catch Nyssa live with some other Silent Shout favourites: tomorrow (Sept 22) at the Silver Dollar with She-Devils and Seth Bogart or October 21 with Radiant Baby, Tigerwing and Coral King at the Holy Oak.

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There’s something special about fall. The leaves start to turn, the humidity goes away, and the air is full of new beginnings. It also means that we’re back from vacation and settling into our Silent Shout offices, humming with excitement over all of the music we get to share with you. Welcome back!

This calming bit of dreamy pop from Best Fern, a Montreal-based project by Alexia Avina and Nick Schofield (from Saxsyndrum, among others), is a perfect way to ease into the season. Avina’s repeatedly sung mantras–“Are you well?”, “You know you can do anything you want to”–are a reminder to check in, take care and dream big for yourself. It’s all wrapped in a delicate melodic swirl and a baseline that gently bobs up and down as you breathe in and out, and we’re in love with it.

It’s from theirĀ debut EP, which you should absolutely check out.

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What’s that refreshing breeze of pure, unadulterated 80’s inspired pop? Why, it’s the debut single from new Toronto trio Monarch! “In My Blood” is bright and shiny, synthy glee that is just a pure pleasure and deserving of multiple listens. Based on this single, we can’t wait to hear more from this project.

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Maylee Todd – Homegurl

Goddamn, Maylee Todd is just not quitting with the cool videos this year. Back in April there was the vivid and beautiful Cuba-shot video for “Poetry of Intution” and now we’re treated to another: Jared Sales’s supremely psychedelic vid for “Homegurl”. No idea how this sumptuous and otherwordly visual universe was created, but it’s magnificent and oh so colourful. The track itself is a lovely, meandering psychedelic electronic soul tune that just floats along. Beautiful summer vibes!

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