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MP3: Monroeville Music Center – Remain

Posted on January 30th, by Chuck in MP3


Here’s a slice of elegiac and contemplative goodness from the enigmatic Calgary-based project Monroeville Music Center. “Remain”, like other MMC tracks, will resonate strongly with fans of Boards of Canada’s soft focus, variable pitch synthesizer palette, and the Ghost Box aesthetic more generally. Although there’s no official word of a forthcoming ep or full length, we would love nothing more than to see it happen!

Stream “Remain” above and check out more music by Monroeville Music Center via Bandcamp.


Video: Keita Juma – Come Over feat. Brendan Philip

Posted on January 30th, by digits in Video

Keita Juma has been making some astonishing electronic hip-hop out of Mississauga, and his latest release Chaos Theory is a must-listen as far as we’re concerned. Standout single “Come Over” might be the highlight, a killer minimal house production that speeds and stops without ever losing the groove. Featuring a guest verse from Silent Shout fave Brendan Philip, it’s an endlessly repeatable track and this video, directed by Sammy Rawal, is a suitably understated piece, full of contrast and subtle visual effects. Okay, glowing eyes aren’t that subtle. But seriously, this song and this video, amazing work both.

You can stream or buy Chaos Theory from Keita Juma’s Bandcamp.


Video: Mystic Triangle – Snake Eyes Wins

Posted on January 29th, by arp2600 in Video

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 12.53.19 PM

Benjamin Oginz, one-third of Toronto krautrock outfit MIMICO, has really shown a new facet of his musical prowess with Mystic Triangle. The main single from the solo project is a chilled out minimal synth number that gets you lost in hazy atmospheres and heavy reverbs.

“Snake Eyes Wins” comes from last year’s Pulses, which can be nabbed from Reel Cod Records. There’s a video release party as well, happening February 7 at Handlebar in Toronto.


Video: Antoine 93 – Extra Strong

Posted on January 29th, by arp2600 in Video


There’s a level of anxiety to all Antoine93 songs, and the latest self-directed video from the project really exemplifies that. Here, twitchy euro-dance beats play host to lush Canadian wilderness, guns, cigarettes and very real looking violence. Featuring Mathematique’s (RIP) Pascale as a rival mob boss to Antoine, while also providing some excellent true-to-form backing vocals.

“Extra Strong” is the hit single from Maybe Unlock My Heart, Antoine93’s sophomore album that came out at the very end of last year. Like anything else from the project, it’s well worth your time.


MP3: Hello Shark – Fishing for Bats

Posted on January 28th, by elena in MP3


Hello Shark are a folk band from Philadelphia (originally Burlington, Vermont), but they’ve landed on our radar with this downtrodden, drum machined single about about regret. The title comes from a line in the first chorus: “last night, we fished for bats on the roof of your hotel,” which might be the best mental image we’ve had in a while! We’re pleased to make your acquaintance, Hello Shark.