Best of 2010: Albums and Music Videos

As you probably noticed, Silent Shout is a blog, and is therefore morally and legally obligated to post a year-end best-of list. It’s been an excellent year for Canadian electronic music and an excellent inaugural year for Silent Shout. Canada definitely has some of the best indie electronic acts in the world and there are plenty more that we weren’t able to include on this list. That said, here are our champions! Today: our top albums and music videos. Tomorrow and Thursday: our top songs.

Top 5 Albums

5. Crystal Castles – II

4. Blue Hawaii – Blooming Summer

3. Silly Kissers – Precious Necklace

2. Sean Nicholas Savage – Mutual Feelings of Respect and Admiration

1. Caribou – Swim

Top 15 Music Videos

15. Bishop Morocco – Last Year’s Disco Guitars

14. Cosmetics – Soft Skin

13. Coyote Clean Up – Downhill Exxxpress

12. Blue Hawaii – Dream Electrixra

11. Humans – Bike Home

10. Silly Kissers – Precious Necklace

9. Caribou – Sun

8. Diamond Rings – Show Me Your Stuff

7. Doldrums – Painted Black

6. Jef Barbara – Larmes de Crocodile

5. Parallels – Dry Blood

4. Miramichi – This Lettuce is Pathetic

3. Jef Barbara – Wild Boys

2. Diamond Rings – Wait & See

1. Doldrums – Euphoria

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