Pile Of Best Albums: Phèdre – Phèdre

Phèdre – Aphrodite
Phèdre – Ode To The Swinger

One of our greatest regrets from last year’s Best Of lists is that we didn’t include the excellent Phèdre song Aphrodite. Fortunately, with the release of this album, we can right that wrong and solidly declare their record as absolutely wonderful. Not only that, but it makes us look even more forward to the upcoming Doldrums record.

They seemed to come out of nowhere, featuring Doldrums with Hooded Fang’s Daniel Lee and April Aliermo, they signed to Daps Records, released the video for In Decay and blew up. Next thing you know, they are headlining The Great Hall in Toronto. Lo-fi electro-fuzz at its finest.

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