POBA: Essaie Pas – Tout est Jeune

Not much is known about Essaie Pas, but they’re a duo composed of Montreal’s Pierre Guerineau and Marie Davidson. They’ve released a couple of other EPs, including a split with Hobo Cubes, but it’s on this new record that they really come into their own. Tout est Jeune may only be five tracks, with one essentially being a slowed-down version of another, but the whole EP clocks in at nearly a half an hour. If it was any shorter it would be deeply upsetting, the world needs as much of their Lynchian electro blues as possible. One of the best records of the year, no question, and hope there’s a full length coming in 2013.

Cassettes are sold out but digital copies are available from Bandcamp.

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Author: Alt

Alt makes music as Digits.