MP3: Digits – Good Morning

Digits – Good Morning

Chapter 4: Good Morning

If you wanted to hear the real news, you tuned into the station that was controlled by the gangs:

Good morning, City of the Dead. This is your daily broadcast, so listen to it. The Mona Lisas are still on top, the Cardinals are close. There’s a truce between the two, but it’s so fragile. And the Chemical Superfreaks are looking to start to start a war between the two factions. This is the news.

Good morning. Something’s wrong. The Chemical Superfreaks are all dead. But their bodies keep moving. Like something in a movie. And now they’re sealing off the city. They’re gonna leave us in here!

Good morning! Good morning, all you damned! All you forgotten motherfuckers in the City of the Dead, good morning!

Two days after the zombie outbreak, J is separated from his wife in a panicked crowd.

Keep up with site contributor Digits‘ apocalyptic synthpop novella here.

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