New Release: Crystal Castles – III

Crystal Castles – Wrath of God
Crystal Castles – Plague

A lot has happened since the first bleeps & bloops of Crystal Castles’ first self-titled album. Without giving the band too much outright praise, songs like Crimewave were no small part of the earthquake that has created the tsunami we’re now riding.  The 8-bit thrash sound inspired a lot of copy-cats and fueled a resurgence of lo-fi electronic music from Canada.

Now in their 3rd time at the plate, the Canadian duo has continued to hone their sound. Leaving the video-game sounds in the late 00s and taking on a more atmospheric approach, Crystal Castles take on a more complex aural landscape for III. Keeping tunes high energy while still conveying the cyber-goth attitude is a challenge to be sure, even if III isn’t the dance party/blog killer that it’s predecessor was.

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