Friday Classic Dark: Trans X

Trans-X – Living on Video

Trans-X – Message on the Radio

Trans-X – Vivre Sur Video

We’ve decided to rescue our regular Friday feature that never was from the shadowy nether regions that are the Silent Shout archives and deliver to you classic Canadian electronic music on a weekly basis.  This week we’re examining the Italo-tinged synth-pop stylings of Montreal’s Trans-X.  The band is best known for the 1983 single Living on Video, a propulsive, vocoder-laden dance track that charted worldwide but especially in Spain, Switzerland and Germany, and is accompanied by a spectacular video that will one day be studied by historians eager for a look at exactly what French-Canadians thought 2012 would look like in 1985.  A string of post Living on Video singles failed to chart and Trans X disbanded, but not before releasing a consistently engaging LP of forgotten synthpop classics, including the wonderfully yelped Message On The Radio, and the frankly hilarious Through The Eyes of The 90s, which as near as I can tell posits that the 90s will be the decade when we become one with the machines and transmit our love via satellite.  In a nod to bilingualism I have included both the French and English versions of Living on Video (Vivre Sur Video) in this post.  Listen to them and experience the sound of tomorrow, yesterday!

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