Video: Doomsquad – Ovoo

Doom Squad – Ovoo

Ah, this track takes us back. “Ovoo” was the first we ever heard of Doomsquad, back when those otherwordly siblings had a space in their name. They were little-known back then, and now they’re signed to Hand Drawn Dracula and No Pain in Pop, premiering videos on the Line of Best Fit and riding around in luxury rocketcars, forgetting their boreal roots.

Or not, as is clear in this beautifully meditative and entrancing video, which has a shot-on-film feel, directed by Toronto’s Chris Boni. This band sure knows how to pick directors, we’re still in awe of their last one too. If you’re a Europerson, try to catch them while they’re on tour. They’re even more ridiculously good live.

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Author: Alt

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