Pile of Best Albums: Bile Sister – Faucet

Bile Sister

Bile Sister, aka Julie Reich, is set to release Faucet on Healing Power Records. This stunning album, gorgeously shrouded in overdriven minimal electronics, effects-laden vox, and left field pop leanings, aptly captures an inspired DIY sensibility characteristic of decades past, while still sounding novel and undeniably forward-looking. Several unpredictable yet highly rewarding moments make Faucet such a compelling listen, like the abrupt rhythmic shifts amid Reich’s soaring vocal near the end of “Ponds”, or the jagged structure of infectious album highlight “See Breezes”. We strongly recommend a thorough listen, as this is one of the finest albums of 2014 thus far.

Faucet officially comes out on February 8th, but you can, and should, get it now via Bile Sister’s bandcamp. Physical editions are limited to 50 cassettes and 125 CDs.

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