Video: Coach Longlegs – Crazy for Baby

The other night I experienced a thoroughly engaging live performance by Coach Longlegs, a fantastic Newfoundland-based trio whose sound consolidates the finer melodic tendencies of 90s East Bay pop punk, the DIY twee-pop of K Records, and the artful eccentricities of Blanche Blanche Blanche. It’s nearly impossible to resist the group’s infectious personality, wit, and deft songwriting, both live and on record.

“Crazy for Baby”, their latest music video, is from their amazing debut album entitled NO DOGS AT SHOWS, a PWYC download which we implore you to check out. Coach Longlegs is currently on tour, with imminent dates in Toronto (Fri, Feb 21) and Montreal (Sat, Feb 22). Don’t squander the opportunity to catch them live if you’re around.

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