Video: Timber Timbre – Beat The Drum Slowly


The opening number of Timber Timbre‘s most recent record is definitively spooky; it is musically haunting, emotionally enigmatic and lyrically phantasmagoric. The track to crack the seal of Hot Dreams (Taylor Kirk’s 5th studio album) is ‘Beat The Drum Slowly’, a dirge so arid and mysterious it will leave your brain mentally parched.

Accompanying the tune is a video equally surreal. Animated by Calgary’s prince of abstract-art, Chad Vangaalen’s imagery harkens an out-of-body experience and somehow manages to materialize lyrics like “a faded trail of a golden age that flickered out into celluloid ashes” to encompass more layers of interpretation. 

Discerning fans, note the album version of this song features an additional 70 slowly creeping seconds of introduction and conclusion, really locking listener’s into a deserted mind state. Hot Dreams is available now from Arts & Crafts.

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