Pile of Best Albums: Vogue Dots – Toska

Originally from Saint John, but now based out of Halifax, Vogue Dots is a duo composed of Babette Hayward and Tynan Dunfield, and though they’ve only just begun they could already be the best electronic pop group on the East Coast these days. We were nuts about their debut single “Skinny Thing.” But we weren’t prepared for the range and depth of Toska, their first EP. Five songs, five quite different feelings and spaces, but they’re certainly united by a common thread. The epic “Temporal Suspension,” which is an A.A. Wallace cover (!), possibly the highlight of the record, is one of the best slow electropop jams in recent memory.

Vogue Dots have absolutely blindsided us with this EP. They’re masters of many styles, and they’re only just getting started. Toska is quite the opening statement and we’ll be hanging on their every word from here on out. Buy this thing from Indica Records now. And catch them on tour in Ontario and Quebec!

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Author: Alt

Alt makes music as Digits.