MP3: Vogue Dots – Way Out


Another gem has washed up on the East Coast shoreline thanks to Vogue Dots! This time around they’ve gone a bit darker. A shoegazey wall of sound meets their usual left-field pop with “Way Out,” a single released on the amazing Cascine label. The track starts out as a sort of exotic noisy jungle island filled with echoed bird noises which reminds us of Southern Shores (also on Cascine). Then a warm wall of sound hits us like a ton of feathers: loud, distorted and fluffy. The only problem with the song is it just ends too soon. Keeps us wanting more I guess, so why not just hit repeat and enjoy. The b-side to the single is their great cover of “Thunder” by Cousins.

Vogue Dots just continue to release amazing music, with word of a new EP coming out in the fall, and they’re playing at Halifax Pop, so keep your eyes and ears open cause we here at Silent Shout sure are. You can purchase the “Way Out”/”Thunder” digital single from iTunes.

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Author: bonesPOP

It all started with the in sounds from way out as my hammond heart started beating faster pulsing noise thicker than blood through my arp veins. I took an AXXE to the tree of sound and hit the roots deep in the basement of the echoing Kacho. Now i search out for new and interesting sounds. je vous partage les sons de demains aujourd'hui... avec chiac bilingual love, toujours en photo et musique, bonesPOP