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25. The Number Line – Park Light

A sultry track with deeply grooving arpeggiators from the consistently amazing Toronto synthpop group.

24. Hush Pup – Thailand

Subtle soft-pop heroics from the Toronto/Victoria crew from their second brilliant EP.

23. Halcyon – Won’t Cry Tonight

Jordan Pearson of New Zebra Kid delivers worthy-of-the-classics synthpop with an utterly arresting voice.

22. Galaxius Mons – Outweigh the Pillared Masts (feat. YouYourself&I and Anna Elbon)

Homemade synths, superstar guest vocalists and weird intricate pop arrangements made Galaxius Mons’ sophomore release a must-listen.

21. Austra – Habitat

The dark electronic pop superstars release their most experimental record to date, an amazing EP with only one pop song.

20. Tasseomancy – Reality

Tasseomancy’s next album can’t come soon enough, as evidenced by this strange and restrained minimalist pop gem.

19. Prince Innocence – Cold

The Toronto duo continue their absolute mastery of sexy cold-as-ice synthpop.

18. Mathias Mental – Chantale

A slow-burning, precise exercise in buttery-voiced soft electropop. Swoon!

17. Quinn Read-Baxter – Don’t Go

Our love for QRB’s ambient electropop already knew no bounds, but her best single yet is also her biggest and danciest.

16. Miracle Fortress – Here’s to Feeling Good all the Time

A huge bass synth loop repeating throughout and a beautiful melody soaring atop it. Simple, and incredible.

15. Mathématique – Summer, But I Don’t Know

Blissful, upbeat, but still a little experimental, the best single yet from Montreal’s Pascale Mercier.

14. Most People – Falling Apart

Melodic hooky electro indie-pop like nobody’s business. Tightly constructed, yet sounds so effortless.

13. Lydia Ainsworth – Malachite

Entracing, otherwordly synthpop. One of many highlights from a near-perfect album.

12. Zoo Owl – Twin Mirror

Intensely danceable psychedelic electropop from the darkest of swamps.

11. Caribou – All I Ever Need

Crisp electronic pop from the master, from yet another colossal Caribou album.

10. Tenderness – 99+1

A weird masterpiece which we desperately hope means more soon to come from Toronto’s Tenderness.

9. Vogue Dots – Skinny Thing

Bittersweet amtopsheric synthpop from the Halifax/Saint John newcomers, from their astonishing debut EP.

8. Beta Frontiers – So Cold (feat. Carmen Elle)

The most straight-up pop song Toronto’s Beta Frontiers has ever released, featuring guest vocals from Diana’s Carmen Elle. Absolutely stellar.

7. Owen Pallett – Song for Five and Six

Soaring arpeggiated synths throughout, and like all who encounter the Sound, he has clearly seen the light and there is only one way forward.

6. Gavin Noir – Not Gonna Dance

Everything we love about dark electronic pop music is present here: haunting atmosphere, soft focus synth leads, poignant lyrics, vintage drum machine tones, and impeccable pop songcraft.

5. Sur Une Plage – Restaurant

“Restaurant” is such a fun, fast, synthpop track, reminiscent of the very best of Devo.

4. Silkken Laumann – Giving You Up

This song is propulsive yet atmospheric, showcasing the best features of Silkken Laumann’s talents.

3. Allie X – Bitch

It seems a teensy bit crafted to mine the popularity of both Lana del Rey and Grimes, but damned if we care because it’s masterful and is exactly what we want to be listening to these days.

2. Ken Park – Taiga

This song is so densely layered and nuanced that the 7 minute runtime goes by in a snap.

1. Operators – True

A perfect emotional electro-pop nugget that has been on repeat since it came out. Handsome Furs who? Long live Operators!

Top 100 Songs of 2014:

26-50 // Honourable Mention A-J // Honourable Mention K-Z
Year-End 2014: Top 25 Albums // Top 15 EPs // Top 10 Music Videos // Top 10 Album Covers

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