Video: Bile Sister – Haagen Baadz


Given the extent to which Bile Sister soundtracked our 2014 (Faucet being our #9 album of last year), we’ve been eagerly awaiting the next move by the Julie Reich-fronted Toronto experimental pop group. And the answer is: frantic, frantic brilliance, in the form of new single “Haagen Baadz,” a tempo-shifting giddy nightmare that whips from idea to idea at a furious pace.

It’s another step forward for Bile Sister, most assuredly. But there’s more! The accompanying video, directed by Heather Rappard, assisted by an uber-talented team of Toronto visual artists, is a visual cacophony of strobes, animated eyeballs, and mindbending effects.

“Haagen Baadz” was released together with another new jam, “Went To Walk The Shot”, last week at Long Winter on a split 7″ with Nick Storring. But good luck finding a copy at this point. You can grab a digital copy at Bile Sister’s Bandcamp.

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Author: Alt

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