New Release: Freak Heat Waves – Bonnie’s State of Mind


Once in a while a band completely challenges your expectations. Much less often does a group do so with apparent effortlessness – this one is one of those rare exceptions.

Bonnie’s State of Mind finds Victoria triumvirate Freak Heat Waves expanding outwardly from their (amazing) self titled debut – Steve Lind’s angular guitar work persists throughout, but renewed is the focus on experimental electronic textures and sounds. Drummer Thomas Di Ninno and bassist James Twiddy keep it funky, recalling post-punk’s (sometimes) groovier classic players (A Certain Ratio, Gang of Four, Talking Heads) without ever sounding stale.

Instrumental tracks “Inaugural Temple Pulse” and “Liquid Honey” simultaneously recall Bowie in full-blown art rock mode as well as Burlington Ont. minimal wave legends Ceramic Hello. Elsewhere, Lind’s unmistakable pseudo-monotonous baritone gets the ice time it deserves.

Bonnie’s State of Mind is out February 3rd on Hockey Dad Records.

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