New Release: Programm – Like the Sun


It seems odd to think of summer, like a faded dream long forgotten after this long winter hibernation, but the debut by Toronto‘s Programm reminds me that it’s just around the corner.

Their stellar 4-track EP, Like the Sun, conjures up synesthetic memories of rainy summer nights; how the trees crackle as the breeze sways their branches, how the warm smell of rain liberates the smell of summer, how the distant thunder shatters in the far beyond and how the lighting flashes illusory glimpses of shadowy spectres in bedroom corners.

This haunting, sonic atmosphere of warm tempestuousness is how the title track opens, with reverb-laden walls of guitar, gentle drops of kicks and echoed-crashes of snares and Jackie Game’s lush vocals which pierce through the dark shoegazy storm with lyrics of lust, longing and reflections on our temporary existence on this mortal coil.

As the EP progresses, their sound becomes more torrential. On the second track, they begin to trade off the vocal duties with Jakub Soma handling the lead amid a similar shoegazy hailstorm of production which finally lets up, as the sun shines in with Game’s vocals providing a warm contrast, until Soma returns with the mantra and track title, “We Barely Escaped”. They get quite psych with “Soft Shadows”, a steady howl of guitar feedback, fuzzy synths, tribal drums and sparse vocals washed deep in effects. “ZeroZeroZero” opens with a somber chord-progression played on an accordion which then lifts off into a growing static haze of saturated guitars & synths backed by programmed white noise until we are back to the ground with a gentle pat at the piano and a gradual ambient drone, which plays out this sepulchral EP on a very hopeful note.

Like the Sun was released February 17 on The Hand and is available digitally on Bandcamp and iTunes. Look for them at NXNE opening for Zola Jesus at Lee’s Palace on June 17.

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Author: vvinterrainbovv

vvinter rainbovv is Jaimz Asmundson, a filmmaker/musician from Winnipeg who makes music in the duo Ghost Twin.