MP3: Kidstreet – Daydream


Once upon a time, Kidstreet – the brother-sister duo of Karl and Edna Snyder – was a staple in our show-going calendar. In 2011, after all, they made one of our favourite albums. When we heard that they were returning to the stage at last month’s Camp Wavelength, we were so happy that we’d get a chance to see the fast-talking, quick-dancing Penny Candy again (and it was fantastic!).

But there was a happy surprise, too: new material. It turns out that Kidstreet has been working on a new sound, with a new single now and another to come in the fall. It’s less frenetic dance party and more sweeping, soaring and contemplative, and we love it all the same.

Don’t let the simple piano chords at the beginning fool you: by the end of the song, you’ll be bowled over┬áby Edna’s beautiful voice and some seriously epic synths.


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Author: Elena

Elena is a journalist working on a master's degree. The only thing she loves more than music is cats. You can follow her on Twitter.