New Release: Kindest Cuts & Ghost Twin


Wow, this is an unexpected treat! A meeting of minds between two of Winnipeg’s most forward-looking dark electronic pop projects, Kindest Cuts and Ghost Twin. The two bands decided to put together a covers EP, and it’s probably the best covers record we’ve heard this year. Featuring Kindest Cuts’ takes on The Screamers’ “122 Hours of Fear” and Soft Cell’s “L.O.V.E.”, and Ghost Twin covering Thrill Kill Kult and a Henry Purcell opera (!), the tracks are so fully realized and originally conceived they hardly feel like covers at all. Featuring incredible synth work throughout, You Bring the Worst Out in Me, You’re All Liars is simply brilliant dark pop – don’t miss this release.

Out now on Dub Ditch Picnic. Both bands are on the road together in the prairies this week: Regina (Oct 29), Saskatoon (Oct 30), and Winnipeg (Oct 31). Check Facebook for details.

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Author: Alt

Alt makes music as Digits.