She-Devils – S/T

She-Devils made waves last year with a pair of nearly perfect singles, and here they are with their debut EP. The Montreal duo is our new favourite band, and we think they might just be yours too.

The self-titled release is only four songs strong, but when they’re this good, it’s hard to complain. They kick off with the two singles you already know and love: the psychedelic, swirling “Come” and the slow-burning crackle of “Where There’s No One.”

Then the real fun begins with “I Wanna Touch You,” a new song that twists some ’60s-sounding samples on a loop below simply constructed lyrics about touch and desire. Things gets weird in a remix of “Come,” a deconstructed version of the song with deep pitch-shifted vocals, soft laser sounds and the warping of a haunted carousel.

You can download the EP for free on their Bandcamp. Want to see them in action? They’re playing in Toronto on Valentine’s Day for Silent Shout’s co-presentation night of the Wavelength Music Festival.

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Author: Elena

Elena is a journalist working on a master's degree. The only thing she loves more than music is cats. You can follow her on Twitter.