PEERS – Ex-Teens

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Brand new Toronto electronic pop group PEERS are not messing around with their video debut, an exquisitely crafted and epic narrative of murder, charlatanism, and snowshoeing. Quickly flashing forward and backwards through time, and occasionally juxtaposed with found footage, director Michael Hurlbut fits an astonishing number of vignettes in the track’s short run time, all the while making some pretty delightful use of colour and visual effects. And we haven’t even gotten to the song!

“Ex-Teens” is an absolutely explosive single, quite dense in its instrumentation but deftly arranged, featuring some remarkably hooky synths and vocals, thunderous drums and a twin-guitar coda. PEERS are onto something and we want more. If you’re in Toronto you can, and should, catch them at the Horseshoe this Friday.

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Author: Alt

Alt makes music as Digits.