Essaie Pas – Demain Est Une Autre Nuit

There are a few artists we would follow to the ends of the earth and champion above all else, and Montreal duo Essaie Pas is one of those projects. From the first time we heard “514 376-9230”, and “Carcajou”, we were smitten, and eagerly awaited anything new from them. Now, picked up by DFA Records for their first full length Demain Est Une Autre Nuit, we finally have something that follows through on that initial promise. Dark, dancy, minimal and evil, the eight track record is all the things we’ve come to expect from the band perfectly honed into its most essential elements.

You’ve already heard the sinister first singles “Retox“, and “Le port du masque est de rigueur,” but the album gets even darker from there. Take the centrepiece “Facing the Music” which is a five minute dance floor freakout meant to be played with the most intense of strobe lights. Or “Carcajou 3”, featuring the third, and best iteration of the song that made us fall in love in the first place.

The album is out this Friday on DFA and can be preordered now via Essaie Pas’ Bandcamp. This is one of the top albums of the year, so get on the bandwagon now.

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