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Anticipation has reached a fever pitch here at Silent Shout as we await the release of Rae Spoon’s eighth album Armour, Spoon’s first full-length album since their Polaris-nominated 2013 album My Prairie Home. It’s long been clear that Armour would be worth the wait: first two singles “I Hear Them Calling” and “Stolen Song” demonstrated that the Victoria electronic indie pop songwriter was in top form.

Today, we’re honoured to present the premiere of Rae Spoon’s video for new single “Written Across the Sky”, co-directed by Spoon with Maya Bankovic, who was the cinematographer on the celebrated Rae Spoon documentary “My Prairie Home”. Featuring Spoon posed in various places in their old Victorian home, it’s a gorgeously composed love letter to 1970s Italian horror film lighting. The subtle visual effects are a wonderful added touch.

Spoon’s character in the video is meant to personify “an issue that someone attempted to ignore, but which returned to haunt them.”, the issue in question being Spoon’s frustration that there are no legal rights regarding transgender people or gender presentation in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It is indeed a great injustice. We’ll let Spoon talk a bit more about the song in their own words:

“Written Across The Sky” is about my own desire for legal recognition of my agender identity––right now, for example, I am still required to have my assigned sex on my identification. It is about my hunger for rights for trans people, especially those most vulnerable to systemic oppression, including sex workers, indigenous peoples and undocumented folks.

Armour is out February 19, and is available for pre-order now from Coax Records. Rae Spoon is on tour across Canada right now.

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