Plazas – Empathy

Vancouver’s Savana Salloum-Hedgecock started a musical project as part of a school assignment, but the resulting material grew well past its humble beginnings and became Plazas.

Her debut EP is built with lots of layers: spacey high-pitched notes, quickly articulated bass, percussive pops and shakes, and any sound a laptop could possibly make, all combined into a form of pixelated, pastel and grand bedroom pop. The vocals are straightforward, mostly delivered with a flat affect. A laid-back everywoman against production with varied textures and endorphin-releasing melodies.

The subject matter is well-suited to the EP’s name, as you’ll come away feeling like you identify strongly with the lyrical narrator’s experiences. You’ve probably left unhealthy friendships behind in the past or stayed hopeful through betrayal, but if not, “2 Leave U Behind” and “Sanguinity” will take you there.

It seems like it actually does pay off to do your homework! We hope Salloum-Hedgecock got an A on that assignment. You can get Empathy on Bandcamp.

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Author: Elena

Elena is a journalist working on a master's degree. The only thing she loves more than music is cats. You can follow her on Twitter.