Premiere: Lesionread – Listen To Me

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Reminiscent of early Zero 7 and some of Bibio’s best, today’s premiere comes to us via Lesionread, a Canadian in exile, currently living less than a kilometre from the Canadian border, in Buffalo.

Sometimes music videos strive to achieve too much, either through contrived narrative elements or by simply missing the mark. However, in the case of today’s premiere, it is quite the opposite. The music video set to Lesionread’s “Listen To Me” perfectly mirrors the music’s psychedelic-pop essence – with the help of oscillating kaleidoscopic visions and, well, every color imaginable. Meanwhile, the music is deeply layered, complete with grandiose sweeping filter effects – etching a rich backdrop for Lesionread’s coy vocals. Trippy, man!

As we await Lesionread’s promised return to Canadian soil, make sure to check out his upcoming split cassette mixtape with Niagara Falls’ singer Space Cubs, out June 3rd. We surely will! In the meantime, there’s plenty of back catalogue on Bandcamp to explore.

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Author: Jesse

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