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Canadian electronic pop legend-in-process Austra‘s much-anticipated third album Future Politics is coming out January 20, the precise day that a certain President-Elect becomes Actual President, and although it couldn’t have been planned that way, Katie Stelmanis’s latest vision seems utterly perfect for the times. Perhaps that’s because she’s always stayed true to a certain technologically-minded electro-capitalist critique which has long pervaded her music, since even before she took on the Austra mantle. This album was produced and mixed entirely by Stelmanis herself, so it’s possibly as direct a musical statement as one can get on the times – a single artist, trying to grapple with the global economic, informational, and cultural flows that shape our lives unseen.

2016? We’re never going back there. There’s only one way: future politics.

You can pre-order Future Politics now from Austra’s Bandcamp. It’s probably gonna be amazing if this and previous single “Utopia” are any indication.

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