Homeshake – Every Little Thing

“Hey, are you even paying attention to me right now?” asks a (quite possibly) pitch-shifted voice at the beginning of this fresh new Homeshake single, “Every Single Thing”, inciting the listener to snap out of whatever they’re doing and listen. But here’s the thing: the track is so smooth that one can’t possibly resist letting their mind wander a bit while it’s playing. Sure, it demands attention, but you’ll be mindlessly head-bobbing to the beat before you know it. And that’s not a bad thing; the song is just really infectious. Peter Sagar’s falsetto vocals are as pretty and melancholic as ever, the synths are pillowy and it’s under three minutes in length. Verdict? Yep, another good Homeshake song. Preorder his upcoming album “Fresh Air” here at Sinderlyn.

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