Timber Timbre – Sincerely, Future Pollution

What’s this, we’re writing about the new Timber Timbre record? Taylor Kirk has long had a penchant for the occasional synth and the world of Timber Timbre has always been a dark, slightly disturbing one, so perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised by sixth album Sincerely, Future Pollution.

Marking his first full-on foray into synth music, it’s still somehow consistent with all the spooky folk/rock records that preceded it, with vocoders and drum machines sounding entirely natural to his aesthetic and in no way gimmicky or showy. An ominous, slightly-apocalyptic record that’s full of meticulously composed details to discover, Sincerely, Future Pollution sees one of Canada’s best at the top of his game. And we hope that this first journey into synthesized realms is only the first of many.

Sincerely, Future Pollution is available now from Arts & Crafts/Bandcamp.

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Author: Alt

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