GAIIA – Smile

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The clattering beat and ghostly synths of “Smile” make for an ominous re-introduction to Toronto/France duo Giselle and Aimée, aka GAIIA. And the new single arrives with a terrific video! Directed by Katrina Singleton, it features two women preparing for a photo shoot, and things seem alright at first, but when the song turns dark, things quickly get weird. Blinding flashes attack them and their expressions go through various contortions of discomfort, pain, and frustration, but by the shoot’s end it seems as though they’ve passed through the darkness. We’re not sure where they’re headed next, but this song is ridiculously good and we can’t wait to hear what GAIIA have in store for us next time.

“Smile” is available now from Bandcamp.

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Author: Alt

Alt makes music as Digits.