Holy Data – Ether

Montreal’s Holy Data continue their synth-pop fuelled journey through the depths of present-day dysphoria with “Ether,” the sixth track off of their self-titled LP. At first, “Ether” consumes us with the subtlety and softness of a hazy daydream. Moments before the trance-like intro can take full effect, synths burgeon and burst through the gentle soundscape, ushering in a reinvigorated melody. Vivid psych-pop warps the track until it culminates in a kaleidoscopic cluster of synths, guitar, and a contagious chorus. As a result, the blissful frenzy at the crux of “Ether’s” charm is unleashed.

“Ether” is available now along with the rest of Holy Data’s self-titled LP via Bandcamp.

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