About Silent Shout

Submit your music: info@silentshout.ca. We post indie electronic music from Canada that skews towards the dark and gloomy. We listen to everything we’re sent.

Please contact us if you would like something taken down and we will do so immediately.


Editors-in-chief: ARP 2600, Digits
Associate Editor: Elena Gritzan
Designer: Roxanne Ignatius
Writers: Chuck, Josh, Jesse, and vvinterrainbovv.


“A Canadian music blog you need to be reading…the gloomier, less dancefloor-friendly end of electronic music.” – CBC

“Introducing Canadian synth pop to a wider audience.” – NOW Magazine

“Mainstays in Canada’s independent electronic scene whose parties have earned sizeable notoriety in Hogtown.” – AUX

“A great electro-pop series…one of Toronto’s best known parties.” – Torontoist

“A Canadian blog rapidly growing in stature.” – Edmonton Journal

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