Friday Classic Dark: Skinny Puppy

Alright, we understand that a lot of Skinny Puppy is hard to swallow. Once you look past the stupid vocals, stupid live show, and stupid lyrics (“Bubonic plague, the truth of AIDS immunity, avoid decay”), there are some amazing synth lines and killer drum production. We won’t link to the video, because that just expounds the taking-this-way-too-seriously vibe, but listen to that arpeggio in the chorus and try to tell us that you aren’t moved to dance a little bit. And hey, they’re Canadian (despite the obviously fake British accent). It’s also perfect for this Halloween weekend.

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Remix: Bishop Morocco x Holy Fuck

Down-tempo and moody, this song is the perfect fit for a gloomy October afternoon. Bishop Morocco replace Holy Fuck’s gritty techno feel with atmosphere, but still keep the core awesomeness of the song intact.

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Friday Classic Dark – Nash the Slash

Friday Classic Dark is a new feature showcasing some of the acts that inspired the new wave of dark electronic music.

A stellar song by one of Canada’s most intriguing artists. Someone once told me that Nash the Slash had his membership to the musician’s union revoked for using a drum machine instead of a live drummer. I don’t know if that’s true, but he should be considered a hero if it is.

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