Tropic Harbour – New Life

In the mood for some chill summery vibes? Then Edmonton‘s Tropic Harbour has you covered. “New Life” continues on the path set out on last year’s phenomenal Glowing Eyes LP with chillwave tropes used to great effect. From the massive drums, jangly guitar and washed-out synth pads this track covers all the bases and shows so much production acumen that it’s hard not to be excited for more.

There’s no word of any more releases from Tropic Harbour on the horizon, but we feel this is just the tip of the iceberg. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled on his official site for news about a cross Canada tour in July.

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Calcedon – Sparrow

“Sparrow,” the debut song from Hamilton’s Calcedon is an understated, breezy pop song, and an incredible first single from the burgeoning project. Straddling the line between mainstream and experimental, the song’s stumbling staccato rhythm bursts sets it apart from their contemporaries in the genre, building to a beautiful crescendo of the chorus and four-on-the-floor outro.

The video–directed by David Schuurman–uses Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold, to dazzling effect focusing on the intense relationship an artist can have with their work when using such precision.

Echo, the debut album from Calcedon is out March 25th. Based on this, we expect great things.

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Butterflywingtip – The Light

Butterflywingtip are new to our radar, but what a welcomed blip it is! The Tofino-via-Hamilton duo make complex, intricately layered synth music curated with live performance in mind. “The Light”–one of the standout tracks from their just-released Birth Weight EP–oscillates between the sultry-smooth blurp synth of the verses and the fringing-on-drum-‘n’-bass frenetic chorus; a juxtaposition that works perfectly and leaves you wanting more. Thankfully there is more! The other three tracks on the EP are wonderfully listenable and available via their Bandcamp.

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