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Vancouver’s Ancient Babes, who’s responsible for our #31 song of last year, as well as our fifth-favourite EP, is back with a beautiful new track. “R.I.P. Maury Garner” is a syrupy-slow electro-ballad that shimmers and swoons, and should keep us somewhat satisfied until we’ve got a follow-up release to Futuristic Demon. Hopefully he doesn’t take too long, we need more Ancient Babes!

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“Point of Light” is the first we’re hearing from Toronto’s Nadia Pacey aka Konig, but goodness are we ever floored by this delicate and melancholy electronic pop gem. An understated, yet catchy, syncopated vocal melody over soft and warm synths, it’s a beautiful track from a new talent. She’s already released a follow-up single, “Communicate,” and apparently both tracks will be on her next release. Really looking forward to hearing it!

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The Number Line can always be counted on for inventive, cutting-edge electronic pop that maintains a perfect balance between experimentalism and catchy pop. Last year’s smash “Park Light” was our #25 song of last year and demonstrates exactly how pop they can get when they want to. Their latest single “New Crown” takes their sound in a completely different direction, a slower tempo, a broodier and more otherwordly production. And yet, still wouldn’t be out of place in the club following a Little Dragon track. All eyes should be on this band. Can’t wait to hear what they do next.

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aaIt’s always great to hear new stuff from formerly-of-Halifax, now-Torontonian disco whiz A.A. Wallace. His latest single, “Harlequin,” is a bouncy electro-disco with a tremendously hooky chorus, and is definitely one of his best songs to date. And the video’s fantastic too, featuring a masked air guitarist getting down in various locations, with psychedelic superimposed visuals everywhere. A real treat directed by Jeff Miller.

“Harlequin” is available now from iTunes. If you’re in Toronto, catch him this Saturday with Silent Shout faves Valerie Dour and Coronado at Handlebar.

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screenshot-www youtube com 2015-04-13 16-24-19Out of nowhere, a new U.S. Girls single!!! Working with producer Onakabazien, it’s her first release on the illustrious 4AD, and although there’s no word of a new album coming yet, let’s just assume that there’s one on the horizon. For now, we’re going to groove along to “Damn That Valley” and this amazing video of her gesturing wildly at Washington landmarks. U.S. Girls 4 U.S. prez!

“Damn That Valley” is available now from iTunes.

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screenshot-www youtube com 2015-04-13 12-31-59We’ve got a thing for Ottawa’s Scattered Clouds, it’s documented. They’re one of the best in the country at creating dense, moody and evocative music that feels cinematic in that it’s hard NOT to imagine a Lynchian scene playing out as their guitars thunder. Their latest, “Enchanteresse,” is a wonderful addition to their catalogue, a bit reminiscent of Timber Timbre, which is of course a very good thing. They’ve release an awesome found-footage video for the track, edited by Hiltrons’ Mike Dubue, it’s more-than-appropriately surreal and features some wonderful superimposed line animations.

“Enchanteresse” will be on Scattered Clouds’ much-anticipated debut album The First Empire, which comes out next week on E-Tron Records. They’re on tour in Ontario and Montreal this spring, check their Bandcamp page for tour dates.

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Like you need an excuse to listen to this one again. Doldrums‘ monster-of-a-single “Loops” now has a psychedelic sci-fi video to accompany its delirious groove. Directed/edited by Lily X, it’s the feverish/ecstatic dream of a man living on (or in) the moon. Yep, that’s exactly what this song feels like. Glorious animation work!

You can stream The Air Conditioned Nightmare on Sub Pop’s Youtube channel. And you can buy the record from them here.

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We’re huge Pick a Piper fans here at Silent Shout – Caribou drummer Brad Weber’s self-titled debut album was one of our favourites of 2013. Well, it’s a couple years later, and it feels about time to revisit those wonderful songs with some assistance from Weber’s wide coterie of talented peers, all coming together to make a remix album in support of the Steve Reid Foundation, which helps musicians in need, especially medical need. Unlike many remix records, this one really feels like a particularly cohesive listen, as the artists involved all have an affinity for exploring the psychedelic side of electronic music. Contributors include Teen Daze, Jeremy Greenspan, the Ruby Suns, and the man himself, Caribou. It’s a thoroughly engrossing compilation worthy of repeated listens.

You can stream and purchase Remixes from Bandcamp.

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Good news for Hey Mother Death, the remarkable Halifax/Paris duo that made one of our favourite albums of last year. That debut album Highway will be reissued by Paper Bag Records, which should result in some more well-deserved attention for an album that probably flew under the radar for most people. They’ve released a brand new video for the title track, a surreal and evocative one, beautifully shot by director JF Julian.

Highway is out July 7th, pre-order available now from Paper Bag.

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Over are a brand-new Toronto duo, composed of Dan Workman and Brett Paulin, and they’re off to a fantastic start with their first single “Gone are the Days.” It’s a slow, psychedelic electropop track with cascading vocal harmonies and hazy synth washes, a head-bobbing tune that puts us in a bit of a trance! Just fantastic. They’re in the studio these days working on new material, which hopefully we’ll be able to hear soon.