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MP3: Austra – American Science (Duran Duran cover)

Posted on July 25th, by digits in MP3


Here’s a very inspired Duran Duran cover from Canada’s pre-eminent electronic pop group Austra. It’s from the upcoming compilation Making Patterns Rhyme: a tribute to Duran Duran out August 12th, which will be an all-proceeds-to-Amnesty affair. Now we want to hear Austra cover everything!

You can buy “American Science” from iTunes.


MP3: Electric Youth – Runaway

Posted on July 23rd, by digits in MP3


Electric Youth‘s grand return!!! Finally, after the crazy success of “A Real Hero” and the incredible Sally Shapiro collaboration “Starman”, Electric Youth are at long last gearing up to release their debut album Innerworld. This first single “Runaway” is a soaring, floating, electro ballad that’s still highly danceable, and definitely seems influenced by the work of Sally Shapiro and Johan Agebjorn, as of course all good music should be. Very promising! This album could be glorious indeed.

Innerworld is out September 30. You can pre-order it on vinyl, CD, and MP3 from Last Gang Records.


Remix: Beta Frontiers x Weaves

Posted on July 22nd, by digits in Remix, Video


Regular readers know we have a penchant for posting all things Beta Frontiers and all things Weaves. Well today, we get an idea of what an amalgam band (Beta Waves or Beta Weaves?) would sound like, as our favourite Toronto electronic producer gets to slather his magic all over Weaves’ now-classic-seeming “Motorcycle”. It’s now got his characteristic shimmery, summery bounce. Probably good cycling music! From the Weaves Remixed EP, featuring remixes by our faves J FM, Babe Rainbow, Thomas and more, out now on Buzz Records.

Weaves is performing a special one-time-only theatrical collaboration with Allison Cummings entitled “Weaves Through Time” on August 10 in Toronto, part of the Summerworks Music Series curated by Silent Shout.


Remix: Delta Will x Kira May

Posted on July 22nd, by digits in Remix


Kira May might still be a relative newcomer to the Toronto electronic scene, but her loop-based compositions and performances have been attracting attention from all corners, and we were not immune. So we’re ever-so-pleased to get to premiere this Delta Will remix of “Visions,” the closing track from her excellent January EP HEALTH. Delta Will take the meditative and languid original into a much more uptempo direction, chopping up Kira’s many vocal samples and turning it into a slightly-frantic, but still grooving, head-bopper of a track.

If you’re in Toronto, Kira May opens for Nat Baldwin (of Dirty Projectors) and Black Walls this Thursday at Wavelength at the Monarch Tavern, which seems like a show well worth seeing indeed.


MP3: Wyon – King’s Woods

Posted on July 15th, by digits in MP3


We’re not sure what kind of “King’s Woods” Halifax’s Wyon is accustomed to travelling in, but clearly it’s a kingdom with good taste in synthesizers and a dark moody atmosphere. Quest slowly and dramatically, adventurers. Wyon’s EP Young Portrait, containing five delicious synth instrumentals, is available now from Bandcamp.


MP3: Finchers – Yer Future

Posted on July 14th, by digits in MP3


It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from Calgary bedroom producer and former Silent Shout contributor Bonnaventure James, and we’re glad he’s back in the game with this newly released track under the moniker Finchers. Heavily distorted guitars over a drumloop, it’s a simple sad postpunk song carried by a great melody and lyrics. It’s definitely very different from the more straight-up electropop he produced under the Bonnaventure name, (like the excellent 2012 single “Anyone Else”) but we’re told Bonnaventure James will be back with more soon enough. Prediction: we’ll like it lots!


Pile of Best Albums: Zoo Owl – Hollow

Posted on July 11th, by digits in Pile of Best Albums

Zoo Owl - Hollow cover

We have been waiting ever-so-impatiently for the debut album from Toronto woodland electropop experimenter Zoo Owl, and we’re feeling incredibly fortunate that we also get to premiere it. Without further ado, the magnificent Hollow, which we’re proud to be adding to our Pile of Best Albums today.

When performing live, Zoo Owl (aka Bryan Sutherland) wears goggles that emit beams of light, and fully inhabits an enigmatic avian character. His videos (which he himself directs) further develop this persona, and the video he released last week for “Left Alone” continues the origin story laid out in “Twin Mirror”. But as in awe of all this story and spectacle as we were, there was always the question of how this material would translate on record. Well, Hollow soundly answers that concern. This debut is a powerful musical statement that amply demonstrates that Zoo Owl is not all theatrical smoke and mirrors, lasers and fog machines.

From about a minute into opening track “Twin Mirror” we first descend into his swampy electronic forest. Dark, grimy, electronic, his music seems to maintain a deep affinity with the natural world despite his constant expert use of arpeggiators and rigid drum programming. There are many parallels to be drawn between Zoo Owl and Toronto contemporaries like Doldrums and Ph├Ędre, but he’s clearly staked out his own territory, and he can move between different takes of the genre with ease. “Left Alone” is cool cutting-edge arpeggiated synthpop-noir, “Breakout” is a bubbling chirping rave-up, “Ritual Revival” a Thom Yorke-esque electro-ballad, and “Vantom” is a wonderfully paranoid breakbeat track. Despite these disparate styles, they’re all unified by the vocals, lyrics, and the persona of the Zoo Owl. No easy feat. Hollow is a masterful first release from a remarkably creative new talent on the Canadian electronic music scene. Buy it from Bandcamp.

The release party for Hollow is July 17 at Canton Chili in Toronto, with Sexy Merlin opening. $5 or $10 with buffet.


Video: Allie X – Bitch

Posted on July 10th, by digits in Video

Allie X is all about hit singles, apparently. The ultra-catchy “Catch” has not left our heads since it first entered, and now we’re faced with this MONSTER. It’s seems a teensy bit crafted to mine the popularity of both Lana del Rey and Grimes, but damned if we care because it’s masterful and is exactly what we want to be listening to these days. The video, a psychedelic journey to the supermarket, is equally wonderful. Directed by Jungle George. Download it for free from Soundcloud.


Video: Zoo Owl – Left Alone

Posted on July 8th, by digits in Video

Zoo Owl - Hollow cover

We have been waiting ever-so-impatiently for Hollowm the debut album from Toronto woodland electropop experimenter Zoo Owl, and his most recent video does not disappoint. Possibly a continuation of the origin story laid out in the “Twin Mirror” video, our avian hero scours train tracks and a bridge to find some sort of power-enhancing artifact. Huge arpeggiators!

This video premiered over at Chart Attack. Silent Shout is presenting the Hollow release party, with Sexy Merlin opening, at Canton Chili on July 17. $5 or $10 with buffet.


MP3: Prince Innocence – Cold

Posted on July 8th, by digits in MP3


Prince Innocence continue their absolute mastery of sexy cold-as-ice synthpop. Their latest “Cold” has quite the groove, and apparently according to Gorilla vs. Bear (where this track premiered), their debut album is on the horizon! News we’ve been waiting for ever since their earliest, most innocent, days!