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feb15Mix: Best of February 2015

1. Braids – Miniskirt
2. Jamaican Queens – Joe
3. Icelandia – Paper Suns
4. Neighbour feat. Piper Davis – Light Breaker
5. Resistor – Cordless Phone
6. Le Couleur – Club Italien
7. Humans – Follow
8. Prince Innocence feat. Kilo Kish – I Don’t Care (Remix)
9. For Esmé – Just Yet
10. Special Costello – Losing Ground
11. Johnny Couteau – Is My Baby Love Real or Just a Hologram?
12. Mimico – Cloud City
13. Zacht Automaat – Bury Me Face Down
14. Gravity’s Rainbow – Take Me on to the Otherside

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Okay, we’ve been totally remiss in taking over a month to write about this one. Formerly of Moscow, ID (and therefore eligible for coverage under the Silent Shout Border State Edict), Psychic Rites may reside in Portland now, but they’ll always be the electroiest Idahoans in our hearts. Singularity is their latest and greatest release to date, four tracks of sinister, mostly hard-hitting synthpop with some added remixes to boot. Really, any release with a song entitled “Pallet Cleanser” has won us over before it even starts. And lest we forget, the video for the title track, in all its gory glory:

Singularity is out now on Aural Sects. Go get it!

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Some days, there’s nothing more smile-inducing than the laid-back drawl of an understated yet uplifting Motëm hook. Hamilton’s electro-rap poet loves bringing things back to basics and his philosophy of being up-front about being conscientious and kind seems, well, rather punk. Not ironic or putting on airs, definitely not preachy. He’s just chilling in an arboretum, rhyming about Atlantis and asking you about how you’ve been. Ten years from now, he’ll be seen as a visionary. And what a beat from Sweden’s Lil Ocean!

Check out Motëm along with a bevy of Silent Shout faves in Hamilton this Saturday at a fundraiser for CFMU at This Ain’t Hollywood.

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Le Couleur have been making some seriously slick synthpop in Montreal for some time now. You might remember them from their “Voyage Amoureux” video, which ended up as our #1 of 2013. This week, they just released their latest, a five-track EP called Dolce Désir and shocker: we love the hell out of it. We already were very into the first single “Concerto Rock”, but it’s only one of many highlights off this record. Take for instance the next single, “Club Italien,” a more chilled-out electro-disco number in the vein of classic Mylène Farmer:

That remarkably suave and elaborately conceived video was directed by La Barbe Rousse (who also did Gold Zebra’s incredible “Drift Away” vid) and Joseph Heskia. So suitable for Le Couleur’s opulent and glamorous grooves! The EP continues with a couple of solid slower tracks, and then finishes with a monster of a single in “Télé-Jeans.” Highly highly recommended – why aren’t these guys world famous yet?

Dolce Désir is available now on vinyl and digitally from Lisbon Lux Records. If you’re in Toronto, catch them this Thursday at the Piston with Beatmarket and Triple Gangers, and Montrealers, you can see them on Saturday at Cinémathèque québécoise.

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We weren’t familiar with the work of Vancouver disco/house producer Neighbour until now, but damned if we aren’t wearing down the virtual grooves of this new single featuring vocalist (and Silent Shout uber-fave) Piper Davis. It’s a very understated affair, with killer synths restrained to maintain a subtle, relaxed electro-disco vibe. We sincerely hope this isn’t the first collaboration in their future.

You can purchase the track, and the rest of the Light Breaker EP via Homebreakin Records.

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We don’t know very much about Gravity’s Rainbow, except that one of the two members is prolific Canadian electronic composer Peter McNestry, and that it’s a transatlantic collaboration with Jason Brown in the UK. They released their first EP Yesterday’s Horizon about a month ago, and the standout single “Take Me on the Otherside” is a lovely post-punk ballad carried by a memorable melody and a beautiful deep vocal. A simple beat and basic strummed guitar feature throughout, with a melancholy synth outro taking us home. Or to the Otherside.

You can check out Yesterday’s Horizon on Bandcamp and download it on a PWYW basis.

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Toronto’s TV Sets make dark bedroom pop that’s also indebted to classic post-punk, and that’s a thing that we like. The menacing “Cartoons” is one of the highlights from their very inventive new EP Gen Pop. The record as a whole is a huge step up production-wise from their debut Rat Tar Art which remains an excellent listen. Totally sold on these guys. Can’t wait to see what they do next!

Gen Pop is available from Bandcamp.

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It’s crazy that it took us a week to post this. Prince Innocence have been laying down unquestionably the best sleek, dark, and slow synthpop for years now, and every single is a hit with these two. Their latest is a uptempo remix of “I Don’t Care,” that track that seemed to make everyone stop and pay attention back in December. Featuring Kilo Kish!!

The remix is a free download from Soundcloud. The original’s on sale at Bandcamp.

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One can be forgiven for not being familiar with the work of Montreal’s Johnny Couteau. He’s still pretty much an underground phenomenon, despite releasing one of the finest albums of last year, the unforgettable From the Infamous Mind of a Psychoactive Runner. Set in the post-Fukushima dystopia of Tchernobeach, the album’s towering ambition brought an entire radiation-poisoned world to life, while remaining true to its electronic post-punk roots with simple-but-killer synths and melodies.

So, after a record like THAT, what does one do next? The answer: a Valentine like no other. We’re honoured to premiere the first-ever Johnny Couteau video, for a new single entitled “Is My Baby Love Real or just a Hologram?”

The video reveals M. Couteau to be a dark, menacing figure clad in black, white and red, wearing heartbreak-line sunglasses, and living in a windowless basement located at the edge of the world. A perfect visual persona, over-the-top and suitably appropriate for the conceptual nature of the project. It was directed by Kaspar’89 who also made the remarkable video for “Icicle” by Low Factor (who makes a brief cameo here). The song itself is a post-punk epic featuring skronking sax and phased bass, one that rises to a chaotic frenzy only to switches gears into a deadpan spoken chorus. Co-produced and mixed by Pierre Guerineau of Essaie Pas fame!

Apparently we can expect two EPs from Couteau this spring and they’ll probably be incredible given his track record so far. Can’t wait.

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One of the members of Winnipeg’s Ghost Twin is a contributor to this site, true, but that’s not going to stop us from writing about their absolutely brilliant new single “Chymical Wedding”. It’s ominous, as is usual for the duo, but it’s a truly exciting, fully realized vision of the band’s sound, and a deft arrangement to boot. And although Karen Asmundson’s vocals soar beautifully atop the mix, it’s hard not to see that incredible arpeggiator as the song’s true star. The track is accompanied by a great, quite-pyschedelic lyric video featuring clips from The Holy Mountain edited in time to the beat.

It’s the first single off an EP that we couldn’t be more excited to hear. Here We Are In The Night will be out in April on Dub Ditch Picnic.