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MP3: Mekele – Xenocryst

Posted on September 11th, by digits in MP3


Here at Silent Shout we love us some atmospheric pop, and Mekele just might be the etherealest. His last single “Ananda” was a meditative, immersive wonder, and we’ve been eagerly waiting to hear what’s next for the Toronto ambient up-and-comer. Well, news has arrived! His debut full-length album Monolith is coming out this fall, and shit are we excited. Silent Shout has the honour of premiering the newest single, “Xenocryst,” an equally immersive, but more beat-driven, piece that, like everything Mekele does, is strikingly original, and moves through one unique sonic space after another. We imagine it to be a microcosm of what Monolith will be – and we’re sure we’ll never have heard anything quite like it. Watch for it this fall, being released via “an interactive website functioning as a visual media player sensorium”. Can’t wait.


MP3: Miracle Fortress – Let Me Be The 1

Posted on September 10th, by digits in MP3

Miracle Fortress is quietly releasing some of the best music of the year. First we had the emotional-but-bouncy “Here’s to Feeling Good All the Time,” which hasn’t left our digital tapedeck since its release. We knew Mr. Van Pelt was planning on releasing other singles, but didn’t think he (or anyone, really) could top the heights of that song. “Let Me Be The 1″ proves those thoughts misguided-as-fuck. One last epic synthpop jam for the dying days of summer, it’s extremely ambitious in its scope but still so so catchy.

Miracle Fortress is staking a claim to 2014 with these two brilliant singles. Please let there be another. Buy “Let Me Be The 1″ from Amazon.


MP3: Cygnets – Gallows

Posted on September 9th, by digits in MP3


We’ve been fans of Edmonton’s Cygnets since the earliest days of this blog, they’ve been quiet lately, but now we know why: new album. It’s called Isolator, they’re self-releasing it, and it’s well-worth checking out. Here’s maybe the highlight of the record, lead single “Gallows,” a broody, brilliantly arpeggiated goth anthem that’s still extremely danceable despite the slow tempo.

You can buy Isolator direct from the band at Bandcamp.


MP3: Programm – Like the Sun

Posted on September 8th, by digits in MP3


Programm are now a mainstay of Toronto’s shadow-lurking scene, and we’re very excited to hear new music from them. “Like the Sun” is a massive, slow, electro-shoegaze track that is perfect for gazing directly into the sun. Burn every retina! (Ed: DO NOT look directly into the sun.)

We sincerely hope we hear more from Programm soon. They’re onto something!


MP3: Homeshake – Cash is Money

Posted on September 5th, by digits in MP3

Homeshake, we were not expecting this. I mean, brilliant mixtape last year, but this sly bit of slow funk, with a circuit-bendy outro, is a bit unexpected. So cool! Alright, so their new album In the Shower seems like it’ll be a very important release, and hopefully make this deserving bunch famous. Wonderful. It’s out September 26, watch out for it.


Video: James Irwin – Everything Passed Me By

Posted on September 5th, by digits in Video

Oh good, we needed reminding about how wonderful this song is. With this first single in two years, Montrealer electro-songwriter James Irwin is setting out on a wonderful new direction. Slick, soft, pop that’s slightly on the electronic side, and simply too good. Too good! The video, directed by Derrick Belcham, is a lovely slow-motion scene, hazy and hypnotic. If you’re enjoying it, check out this Miracle Fortress remix too.


MP3: Caribou – Our Love

Posted on August 20th, by digits in MP3


I’m sure we all have the same delirious excitement over the forthcoming Caribou album Our Love. Namely, frantically listening to first single “Can’t Do Without You” over and over, eyes gazing longingly at our Snaith wall calendar with October 7 circled so much that the rest of October is obscured.

And now, this. The title track! One more piece of the puzzle revealed! Deep grooves, the big “choruses” probably more thumping than we’ve ever heard from him before. This’ll add some variety to the daily ritual. October 7! Nothing else matters!


MP3: Tops – Outside

Posted on August 19th, by digits in MP3


We’re in a bit of a post-SummerWorks hangover here in the Silent Shout offices, but we’re getting our bearings again, cleaning the puke and tears while listening to this wonderful new Tops track. The synthpop ballad we’ve always needed from the Montreal soft-pop lovelies!

We’re silly with anticipation over their new album Picture You Staring, out September 2 on Arbutus. Pre-order it here!


MP3: The Bicycles – Protect the Oil

Posted on August 14th, by digits in MP3


The Bicycles, long-lost darlings of Toronto’s indie pop scene, are finally back, and with a grandiose vision indeed. Young Drones is a high-concept rock opera about a pair of drones who defy their programmed mission to protect Northern Alberta’s oil. A repeated synth blast blares constantly thoughout the melodic, sweetly-crooned power pop gem.

Stream the whole Young Drones album on Soundcloud. Or better yet, check out Silent Shout’s presentation of Young Drones at SummerWorks, directed by Maggie MacDonald, today through Sunday in Toronto. Tickets are available here.


Video: Light Fires – I Like to Work

Posted on August 12th, by digits in Video

Directed by Dreamedit, this new video for Light Fires‘ “I Like to Work” is a smorgasbord of snowy makeouts, and a study in contrast of bright white and orange. How much do we not miss winter?? From Light Fires’ amazing, never-gets-old debut album, still available from Bandcamp.

Light Fires is mounting an elaborate cabaret version of her live show for Silent Shout’s SummerWorks music series this weekend, Thursday through Saturday. Tickets are available here.