MP3: Chromeo – Ezra’s Interlude (Feat. Ezra Koenig)

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ku-xlarge (1)
This is a bit too much fun not to post. Chromeo just released a ballad featuring Ezra Koenig (of Vampire Weekend) and it’s amusingly titled “Ezra’s Interlude”. This soaring tearjerker kinda makes us wish there was a record of Chromeo ballads out there. Their latest album White Women is out May 12.


MP3: Sean Nicholas Savage – Heartless

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Troubadour-for-our-troubled-times Sean Nicholas Savage has quietly been releasing incredible album after incredible album, and May 13 will bring us what will undoubtedly be another masterpiece: Bermuda Waterfall. A couple of months back we heard the first single, “Naturally” and were entranced. Now we get another taste: “Heartless” is a heartbreaking soft pop jam that simultaneously soothes and sears. Oh man, can’t wait for this album!

Pre-order Bermuda Waterfall from Arbutus Records now.


Video: Digits – Keeping Secrets (Remix)

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Evil self-serving blogger Digits delivers yet another video to an unsuspecting Silent Shout audience presuming to receive impartial electropop-information. This video for “Keeping Secrets,” off of his free mixtape Shake Your Body Down, was shot in a Thai karaoke bar in Liège, Belgium, by the D-Mo Production Collective. Listen to that beat! We’re totally into this guy’s brand!


MP3: Daphni feat. Owen Pallett – Tiberius

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Daphni is back!! Dan Snaith aka Caribou Commander’s more experimental alter-ego has returned and he’s teamed up with no less than Owen-freaking-Pallett on his new single/b-side “Julia/Tiberius”. Very minimal, and a very deep groove, with Owen’s violins stabbing through the darkness. Seems like a natural combination, these two!

The “Julia/Tiberius” single will be available digitally and on vinyl on Daphni’s Jiaolong label in the next week or so. For now you can stream them both on Soundcloud. And let’s not forget, there are full-lengths from both Caribou and Owen expected this year.


MP3: Tune-Yards – Wait For a Minute

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Crazy! The new Tune-Yards single is an all-out synthy R&B ballad. Very little trace of her characteristic franticness on this one, which is a bit missed, but also it’s super cool to see her pushing the boundaries of her sound with such smoothness. The syncopated backup vocals still make this very recognizably Tune-Yardy. Will she eventually make an arpeggiator-rich pop single to rank with Robyn?


MP3: Mathias Mental – Chantale

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We remain completely obsessed with Montreal’s Mathias Mental. “Les Mensonges, Les Mensonges” was our #7 song of last year, and goodness if new single “Chantale” doesn’t live up to the high bar set by that piece of pop perfection. This one is equally a slow-burner, a precise exercise in buttery-voiced soft electropop. Swoon!

Grab this brilliant new track for free from their Bandcamp.


MP3: Cocobeurre – Waterfall

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It feels like a bazillion years since we last heard from Coco Khan aka Cocobeurre, but she’s been very busy while we’ve been asleep at the wheel. “Waterfall” feels like a much much more refined variation of the sound she was working on with “Is This How”, and leaves more overtly psychedelic textures aside in favour of True Ambient Pop. There’s a 7″ on the way in March, so keep your eyeballs scanning the horizon.


Remix: Exotic Club x Psychic Rites

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Psychic Rites are a super gothy synthpop duo from Moscow, ID, which is just on the Washington border, and used to be called “Hog Heaven” but then “five men in the area met to choose a proper name for the town, but could not come to agreement. The postmaster Samuel Neff then completed the official papers for the town and selected the name Moscow. Interestingly, Neff was born in Moscow, Pennsylvania and later moved to Moscow, Iowa.” (Wikipedia)

Since we can’t stop reading that article, we’ve discovered that Moscow was the birthplace of Psychiana, a “media religion” which was once the US’s 8th most popular religion and world’s most popular mail order religion. Is there a connection between Psychiana and Psychic Rites?

Oh, the music. Well today we’ve got this INCREDIBLE remix by Portland’s Exotic Club that takes the slow and mega evil “Elohim” into uptempo arpeggiated glory. Memories of Nash the Slash! And this “Love Will Tear Us Apart” cover is too fun not to include.

Psychic Rites’ debut EP is still available for free here. We hope to hear more from them soon!!


Video: Tasseomancy – Reality

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We haven’t heard anything from Toronto experimental goth pop duo Tasseomancy since last October’s incredible “Braid. Wind is Coming”. Well, the wait has been worth it, because “Reality” might be the best thing they’ve ever done. It sounds like they’ve gone into Laurie Anderson mode, and are breaking down synthpop to its barest essentials. A monastic-chant of a track, it’s paired with the most incredible visuals (an early 20th century Bauhaus ballet), edited together by Sari Lightman (one of the Tasseo-sisters herself) and Neil Corcoran.

And apparently, biggest news of all, they’re releasing a new album out in the fall! We cannot wait.


Mix: Best of March 2014

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silentshoutmar14Mix: Silent Shout Best of February 2014

1. Mori – You Look So Calm When You Come
2. Weaves – Do You See Past
3. Allie X – Catch
4. DAVIDS – Iranians
5. Brendan Philip – Shadow Ceremony
6. Marie Davidson – Perte D’Identité
7. Gold Zebra – Apart Again
8. Saxsyndrum – Heartsrings (Syngja Remix)
9. Home Alone – Interstates and Stuff
10. Zones – Opensky
11. YlangYlang – Rush Rush (Paula Abdul cover) featuring Lovebrrd