Oh my, here’s a welcome return. Toronto‘s The Precious Lo’s, who we remember from their brilliant team-up with Maylee Todd in 2013, are back with a brand new single! “Without You” is a collab with Seattle producer Tyler Smith and it’s an extremely funky, laid-back electronic jam that grooves. Best for blasting out of open windows.

The Night Ridin’ EP available now from Bandcamp as a PWYW download.

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Best Songs of April 2016

GIF source: Doomsquad’s “Pyramids on Mars”

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Doomsquad – Total Time

Oh lordy, Doomsquad. We suppose anyone could have predicted that if you sent these three off to a cabin in New Mexico, they’d write the masterpiece they’ve always seemed destined for. So to the swirling desert sands that gave life to Total Time, thank you.

“Pyramids on Mars”, probably the strongest single to date from the Toronto electronic psychedelic explorers, had already set the stage for what was obviously going to be a huge record for them. (Not to mention having one of the coolest videos we’ve seen all year.) And indeed, as excellent as first record Kalaboogie was, Total Time is on another level entirely, expanding their sound into deeper, darker, and even more dramatic places. At times getting as noisy as they ever have, at other times as danceably disco as their otherwordly instincts will permit (see “Eat the Love”), we’re utterly blown away.

Doomsquad have firmly left their imprint on the psychedelic frontiers of electronic music in Canada. Now, it’s time for the rest of the world to find out. Total Time is available now from Hand Drawn Dracula.

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Konig – Leave the Window Open

Kingston solo electronic pop artist Nadia Pacey aka Konig soundtracked our winter this year, and after both an incredible debut album in Puberty, as well as a lovely bonus Christmas EP, we definitely weren’t expecting to hear yet another release so soon, let alone a new seven-song EP! Konig, you’re spoiling us!

Leave the Window Open, which we’ve got the privilege of premiering today, sees Pacey playing with a whole lot of new textures, demonstrating that there’s no limit to the places she can take her bedroom electropop balladry. After a delicate introduction, “Same Cloth” explodes into some brilliant synthwork, with a distorted bass contrasting wonderfully with warm chords. Her knack for memorable melodies is just as strong as ever, with the hooks on “Dust Mite” and “It Never Is Enough” likely to remain lodged in your brains all weekend. And the soulful “Eat Your Life Away” might just be her best track yet, an astonishing and emotional swirl of a ballad. How soon can we expect another record from the prolific Pacey? Probably not long! A Konig album for every season!

Leave the Window Open is available now from Bandcamp. If you’re in Kingston, be sure to check out the release party tonight (April 29).

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Too Attached, the Toronto/Vancouver sibling duo whose debut EP Bronze basically blew our minds are back again with a deeply grooving electro-hip-hop single called “Getalife”. A bonus track from Bronze, it riffs on samples from Nita Shahzad and is easily the equal of the any songs from the actual EP. So impressed!

If you’re in Toronto, Too Attached perform this Friday opening for LAL at their Find Safety release party. Don’t miss it! “Getalife” is available now, PWYW from Bandcamp.

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