Tasseomancy – Do Easy

Tasseomancy doesn’t waste time. Just last year, they put out the magisterial Palm Wine Revisited, a captivating record that was our #4 of 2015. Do Easy isn’t at all a retread though, but another bold departure for the Toronto duo, one which sees them fully embracing their pop tendencies. There’s still a ton of experimental goodies in the margins for the classic Tasseoheads but this is a highly accessible record that could, and should, blow up huge. It’s nearly impossible to choose just one highlight, but the mesmerizing slow groove of the title track is a no-brainer must-hear.

Do Easy is available now from Hand Drawn Dracula and Bella Union.

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Johnny Couteau – Repeat Function

Montreal underground electronic pop legend Johnny Couteau first arrived on the scene with a magisterial, enveloping, world-creating debut album, From the Infamous Mind of a Psychoactive Runner, one of our favourite albums of 2014. Early last year, we had the first indication of his next work, the music video for “Is My Baby Love Real or Just a Hologram?” His new cassette Repeat Function is an equally ambitious, sprawling work of dark paranoid post-punk of the highest imaginative order. It’ll take some time to explore every corner of this one, but Couteau’s knack for catchy, rule-defying, post-apocalyptic electronic pop will always win us over. Incredible work.

Repeat Function is available now from Bandcamp.

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Toronto‘s Petra Glynt just put out a raw and angry new single, which is about where we’re at these days. Here’s her statement:

“Dear world in flames,

I write to you to share this song as an offering after the events of the American presidential election. I have been hoarding it for some time. It never sounded quite right, but it’s been given new life. I humbly present it to you with love.”

And, because life goes on, Petra’s playing in Toronto next Thursday, with Zones and WHOOP-Szo.

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Legendary Toronto post-punk/no-wave foursome New Fries are about to unleash a new EP on the unsuspecting masses, and boy are we not ready. The propulsive atonal skronk of “Mary Poppins’ Pockets” breaks all manner of melodic rules and songwriting expectations, and yet somehow remains catchy and on some level, pop music. Mindbendingly impressive.

Graham Walsh of Holy Fuck produced the the new EP, entitled More. It’s out November 26 on Telephone Explosion and is available now for pre-order from Bandcamp.

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Best Songs of October 2016

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