Snowblink – Feel Like a Man

So, this is cool. If you have a virtual reality headset, dig it out and get ready to participate in a visually and aurally beautiful seance with Toronto/L.A. duo Snowblink. It still works on your phone or computer–just make sure to move the device around or click the arrows in the upper left corner to take in the whole scene. Despite the title, the participants are 13 women, dressed in glittery finery, moving and dancing and transforming to the humming beat.

The song come from their fall release, Returning Current, which pushes their soft folk sound more firmly into a synthy realm. It pulses and wavers beneath the quiet confidence of the vocal melody, and by the end we’re definitely spellbound.

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Chances – Shine

Chances are a new trio from Montreal, and their first single is an otherworldly celebration. It starts with a half-clapped drum beat and harmonized words, sung like an incantation, before growing toward the chorus with layers of subtle synths. By the time they arrive, it’s glorious: a catchy capital-P Pop chorus interspersed with Ojibwe lyrics set over Indian Raga, with the final result of a successfully memorable debut.

“Shine” is available now from Bandcamp.

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Xania – Y.O.U.

We’re fervent fans of Xania videos here at Silent Shout (remember the brilliant “Dance with the Robot” that was our third favourite visual in 2016?), and she’s done it again. “Y.O.U.”, which stands for your own universe, reimagines the Montreal-based rapper/producer as a faceless silhouette, covered in shifting projected patterns. She’s alone as she dances through the streets of Sheffield, an homage to those who embrace their individuality, creating their own worlds even while surrounded by a sea of others.

“Y.O.U.” is from 2015’s All Alone Together, available PWYC from Bandcamp.

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