Stefana Fratila – Dancing

Never before have we met a song so appropriately named. The ending of Stefana Fratila‘s new song is given away before you even press play: it’s going to be time to dance. Of course, she’s retained everything that made us fall for her back in 2015: breathy layers of vocals; varied production that keeps your ears guessing; an experimental approach to pop. Plus big, rhythmic beats. The previously-Vancouver-based artist obviously packed her drum machine when she moved to Toronto.

You can even order a physical copy (on VHS!), with an accompanying video, with proceeds going to Intersessions, a series of workshops for female, non-binary and queer folk who want to learn to DJ.

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Mozart’s Sister – Field of Love

Mozart’s Sister has always hit her stride during emotional peaks. It’s fitting then that the Montreal artist’s newest album, her second, moves through the soaring highs and stomach-wrenching disappointments of a new relationship. It’s wholly consistent, entirely repeatable and infinitely relatable.

“Eternally Girl” moves in at the upper end its synth register, declaring that its narrator perhaps isn’t as grown up as her age would suggest. The middle section, especially though “Moment 2 Moment” and “Angel,” is the cotton candy-flavoured, but in-hindsight naive, sensations of a possibility filled new romance: belted vocals, airy synths, at infectious paces. But the most interesting moment is right at the end, as “Baroque Baby,” in slightly deeper, more grounded tones, describes the short-lived partnership falling flat on its face.

You’ve probably felt it all, or at least something like it. Field of Love is the album your heart would make if you didn’t let your brain talk you down.

Field of Love is available now from Bandcamp.

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Ginla – Apophenia

Toronto-based musical duo Ginla wrote this song while physically separated by distance, but the result is a cohesive, relaxed and confident jaunt through an comfortingly overcast afternoon. It’s one shade darker than when we last heard them in 2014, a shift we’re always on board with.

Apophenia is the word for when we draw meaning and significance from things that are actually unconnected. We’ll give it a try: as we pressed play at the Silent Shout office, the construction and cacophony outside stopped, as if to listen to the music. Even if those things aren’t related, it feels true.

“Apophenia” is available now from Bandcamp.

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