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Just in time for halloween Montreal’s irrepressible ¡FLIST! has released a spooktacular cover of “Till The Following Night” by 1960s weirdo UK singer Screaming Lord Sutch. The ¡FLIST! version eschews the sound effects and saxophones of the original in favor of his typical synth driven Bad Seedsesque slinking, managing to wring moments of genuine menace out of what is admittedly a novelty song.  The Joe Meek produced original, which (bizarrely) features lead guitar from Jimmy Page, and had it’s title changed from “My Big Black Coffin” in order to “protect the innocent,” is given a neat little write up here, a worthwhile read for any fans of 60s pop oddity. Happy haunting boys and ghouls!

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Toronto’s own Bile Sister have joined the ever expanding roster of bands to appear on the Guelph based live session site Pinball Sessions with this latest video for their track Cakes. The band have evolved in recent times from being the solo project of front woman Julie Reich, to a full band arrangement, and this live session is an excellent encapsulation of their woozy weirdo aesthetic. The video also comes in the build up to the launch of a new Pinball Sessions website, which will be happening next week. The Pinball folks have done sessions with several Silent Shout favorites including Phedre, Odonis Odonis and Diana and are well worth checking out.

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Triplegangers have been a major favorite for Silent Shout for a good long time now on the strength of their ridiculous live shows and a small but strong collection of recorded material. It should come as no surprise that we’re supremely excited tp hear they have an album due this year, and if Coffee and Cream, the first track from the record, is any indication it will not disappoint. Moody and perhaps a touch more atmospheric than we’re accustomed to from these guys, the track is buoyed by slick production courtesy of Ghislain Aucoin and Michael Olsen of Our Founders, that elegantly frames a nuanced vocal performance from Aucoin. Stay on the lookout for the forthcoming full length, as far as we’re concerned it can’t arrive soon enough.

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Neat remix here from the ever delightful Montreal weirdo Flist of his labelmate Hua Li. Both acts are releasing EPs in the coming months on Art Not Love Records, and this momentary collaboration bodes well, with Flist bringing his signature creep to Li’s bizarro R&B stylings. Long live the weirdzzzzzz.

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Neil Rankin and Chris Evans, two long fixtures of different segments of the Toronto music scene have joined forces for a new project called Body Butter. Their first track, Lights In The Hallway, is a promising start for the duo, a meditative excerpt of slickly conceived, euro disco inflected new wave. Their first live performance, occurred several weeks ago and we can report that it was transcendent. You can catch them again tonight for free at the (shameless plug) Summerworks Launch Party!

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Never one to rest on his laurels, Dan Lee of Phedre, Hooded Fang, Tonkapuma, and really just every band in the entire world, has a new video out for, Farisian, a stand out track from his recent solo debut LP under the name Lee Paradise.  Lots of quick cuts and vhs era effects in this one, to accompany Lee’s frenetic boogie. The LP, Water Palace Kingdom, is out on Pleasence Records and Not Unlike, and is available here. We recommend it highly.


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Beta Frontiers, seen most recently tooling around Central America with Phedre, has put out a slightly NSFW video for an excellent track, So Cold, featuring a vocal from Diana’s Carmen Elle.  It’s a wonderfully put together track that leans towards the furthest pop music side of Beta Frontier’s sound and is an intriguing indication of what may be to come from the project.  You can get the track via Buzz Records here.


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Back in January we shared with you an excellent track called Dreamer from London, Ontario’s Halcyon (aka Jordan Pearson of New Zebra Kid). Today we’ve got his new track Won’t Cry Tonight, which picks up where Dreamer leaves off, delivering Cure influenced synth pop inhabited by Pearson’s utterly arresting voice. There are strains of John Maus and Cold Cave, and perhaps most appealingly shades of Haircut 100 in the bereverbed drums and warm synth textures.  The b-side, Light Sleeper, shows a gentler side and features a sax solo (!), and both tracks are available for free on Halcyon’s bandcamp.

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Blonde Elvis have quietly been one of the best bands in Toronto for a while now, which probably shouldn’t be surprising given the presence of Carlyn Bezic, of Silent Shout favorites, Ice Cream and front man Jesse James Laderoute of the sorely missed no wave skronkers, Young Mother.  The band put out a free EP last year that displayed moments of fantastic ambition blended with an acute pop sensibility, and that sensibility arrives undiminished on Fit For Her, the first track from their forthcoming LP. Immediately reminiscent of Modern Life Is Rubbish era Blur, but with a vocal performance far more Bryan Ferry than Damon Albarn, and liberally decorated with synthesizers, the track moves at a stately trot before tumbling into a wonderfully anarchic break down before the triumphant final chorus. It’s pop music as deftly realized as it is imaginatively conceived, and that is a rare thing indeed.

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The video for Sunday Someday, a standout track from Phèdre‘s excellent LP, Golden Age, is astonishing and wonderful and at the end pretty gross.  Daniel Lee has a little mustache, April Aliermo has feathers in her hair, and our much adored Ken Park makes a cameo in a ruffly tuxedo shirt. They even laugh cruelly at a child!  Truly there is something for everyone here.

Phèdre are going on a big old european tour beginning at the end of this month, and the illustrious Mr. Park will be joining them for some of the dates.  If you live, pretty much anywhere in that part of the world you should make it your business to check them out.