MP3: Walter TV – Africa

walter tv – Africa

This track is off the utterly charming debut album from Vancouverites walter tv.  They somehow manage to sound breezy and creepy all at the same time, whilst recalling Sung Tongs era Animal Collective, and (dare I dream it!) the dearly departed Unicorns.  The album is available on their bandcamp and will, no doubt, provide a perfect soundtrack to a deeply weird summer.

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MP3: Technical Kidman – GEOMETRY


Technical Kidman – GEOMETRY

We’re a little bit late to the party on this one, but oh man oh man are these guys a little bit spectacular.  Hailing from Montreal, their self-titled debut EP is a refreshingly strange block of electronically-tinged shoegazey math-rock, definitely a record not to be missed, despite the fact that…you know…we kind of did.  It’s available on their bandcamp, and they’re hard at work on a full length at the moment so, fingers crossed, there are more bangy, bleepy jams and, possibly, Scientology-referencing Nicole Kidman puns in our immediate future.

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