Top 25 Albums of 2014


Year-End 2014: Top 25 Songs // Top 15 EPs // Top 10 Music Videos // Top 10 Album Covers

25. Mozart’s Sister – Being


Mozart’s Sister’s debut album dialed up her sound with a whack of polish.

24. Violence – Erlebnis


Violence’s sound continues in the same vein as their previous release: artfully executed synth pop with the exact dark flavour that we love.

23. YlangYlang – Am I Being Overdramatic?


The intricate sound design, elegiac melodies, and dreamy, soft focus textures on YlangYlang’s Am I Being Overdramatic? make for a highly rewarding listen.

22. JFM – Squat

JFM Squat

It has become very clear, both live and on record, that JFM possesses a remarkable approach to abstract electronic music

21. Lee Paradise – Water Palace Kingdom


A gritty minimalistic post-punk record that shouldn’t astonish given Dan Lee’s pedigree, but you know what, we were still astonished – it’s a fantastic record.

20. Hansmole – Whitest Whiteness


Victoria’s Hansmole caught us completely off guard with her spectacular synth-laden chilled-out dream pop record.

19. Galaxius Mons – GMO


Homemade synths, superstar guest vocalists and weird intricate pop arrangements make Galaxius Mons’ sophomore release a must-listen.

18. Jay Holy – Scopolamine Dream


Scopolamine Dream is is a strong statement from one of the city’s most original acts: emotional pleas set to a backdrop of musical freak-outs.

17. Chevalier Avant Garde – Realign


Chevalier Avant Garde can do no wrong in our eyes, and their tape from this year is another masterful step in a near-perfect career.

16. Sean Nicholas Savage – Bermuda Waterfall


Another year, another spectacular Sean Nicholas Savage record, it wouldn’t be the same without one.

15. Potpourri of Pearls – We Went to Heaven


Taking us back to the days of Erasure’s best singles, this record is full of crisp and clean arpeggiated synths and killer earworm melodies.

14. Doomsquad – Kalaboogie


Without a doubt, Doomsquad’s record proves that they are one of the most interesting bands in the world right now.

13. Hey Mother Death – Highway


Halifax/Paris duo are in full command of a classic aesthetic which explores and reimagines some of the more artful corners of rock’s iconic past.

12. Johnny Couteau – From the Infamous Mind of a Psychoactive Runner


Set in a dystopic coastal town near Fukushima called Tchernobeach, this John Carpenter-ish concept record took upon its own life in our imagination.

11. Zoo Owl – Hollow


A powerful musical statement demonstrating Zoo Owl is not all smoke and mirrors, lasers and fog machines.

10. Ramzi – Bébites


Left-field vignettes showcase Ramzi in full command of her highly distinguished aesthetic, a welcome addition to her brilliant discography.

9. Bile Sister – Faucet


Gorgeously shrouded in overdriven minimal electronics, effects-laden vox, and left field pop leanings.

8. ¡FLIST! – Fuck You I’m Dead


Eight years in the making, the Montrealer’s first album is a masterpiece of death, terror, and general unease.

7. Men I Trust – Men I Trust


Melancholy electronic pop from Québec City, featuring many guest collaborations.

6. TOPS – Picture You Staring

ABT040 TOPS LP-Jacket 11183 v2

Montreal soft-pop group effortlessly make an even better record than their debut.

5. Owen Pallett – In Conflict


Owen Pallett gets more electronic than ever before and makes the best album of his career. Also, Brian Eno plays some synths on it.

4. Lydia Ainsworth – Right from Real


Arbutus Records’ latest find is a pop tour-de-force with Kate Bush-esque serenity and immaculate arrangements.

3. Caribou – Our Love


With his fourth studio album as Caribou, Dan Snaith solidifies his status as a Canadian electronic music legend.

2. Silkken Laumann – Not Forever Enough


The new project from Rolf Klausener was one of our most anticipated records of the year, and it did not disappoint. Bombastic electro-pop at its best.

1. Ken Park – You Think About It Too Much


Perfect for long days walking around getting lost in your own thoughts, and at the same time ideal for a crowded house party, dancing and making memories.

Year-End 2014: Top 25 Songs // Top 15 EPs // Top 10 Music Videos // Top 10 Album Covers

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Top 15 EPs of 2014


Year-End 2014: Top 25 Songs // Top 25 Albums // Top 10 Music Videos // Top 10 Album Covers

15. Mori – Mori EP1


It’s extremely rare for a band’s songwriting and arrangements to be this tight on arrival.

14. Omhouse – Mooneye


Toronto proggy indie pop geniuses get more electronic than ever before on their fantastic third EP.

13. Tigerwing – I Want to Rip Your Heart Out


Calgary pop experimenter’s deeply impressive EP from the summer plays even better in winter.

12. Energy Slime – New Dimensional


Jay Arner and Jessica Delisle forge a psychedelic synth-pop duo, put out a killer debut on Mint Records.

11. Operators – EP1


Dan Boeckner’s newest project is a more-than-worthy successor to Handsome Furs.

10. Vierance – Semblance


Toronto subterraneans deliver big-time with their Deth Records debut. Cold, dark, evil, check.

9. People Tanning – On the Internet


Strange and submerged pop from Halifax. Or stray intergalactic broadcasts.

8. Mathématique – Feel


Otherworldly Montrealer’s ice-cold ethereal pop mesmerizes on her debut EP.

7. Girls in Uniform – “.” (Full Stop)


The Minneapolis->Montreal->NYC producer and cacophonous art-pop prodigy comes into her own.

6. Most People – Stay Forever Here in the Night


Tightly constructed, catchy-as-hell indie pop – the Toronto duo’s finest hour thus far.

5. Ancient Babes – Futuristic Demon


Vancouver newcomer discovers haunted artifacts in the future.

4. Memorex – Tape One


Perfect dystopic electronic pop from Toronto’s ex-Mirror Phase reborn.

3. Hush Pup – Waterwings


Subtle, classic-sounding soft-pop heroics from the Toronto/Victoria crew on their second brilliant EP.

2. Austra – Habitat


The dark electronic pop superstars release their most experimental record to date. One pop song, four avant-garde explorations.

1. Vogue Dots – Toska


The Halifax/Moncton duo’s startling genre-spanning debut.

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Top 10 Album Covers of 2014


Year-End 2014: Top 25 Songs // Top 25 Albums // Top 15 EPs // Top 10 Music Videos

10. Violence – Erlebnis


9. Lydia Ainsworth – Right from Real


8. Caribou – Our Love


7. YlangYlang – Am I Being Overdramatic?


6. Zoo Owl – Hollow

Zoo Owl - Hollow cover

5. Marie Davidson – Perte D’Identité

Marie Davidson

4. Bile Sister – Faucet


3. Men I Trust – Men I Trust


2. Doomsquad – Kalaboogie


1. JFM – Moult


Year-End 2014: Top 25 Songs // Top 25 Albums // Top 15 EPs // Top 10 Music Videos

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