Ginla – Come Down

The Ginla boys are back with a new track off their forthcoming EP! Like the Toronto-via-Brooklyn outfit’s last single, it’s a cool blend of guitar-laden pop and electronic eclecticisms. Only this time around, they’ve upped the mood factor a bit.

Starting out with ambient drones and a hesitant guitar melody, the track quickly gives way to a dreamy, layered beat, complete with genuinely awesome drums. The song’s immersive quality is as inspired as it is ironic: the lyrics are all about coming down and facing reality, but when the music is so captivating, it’s hard to resist letting your mind drift into world of bliss.

Ginla’s debut EP is out tomorrow, Friday April 28th on Terrible Records.

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Ghostly Kisses – Garden

Ghostly Kisses’ “Garden” is a moody and slow-moving epic, with prominently-featured, elegant strings beautifully complimenting Margaux Sauvé’s sultry alto vocals. The production feels effortlessly smooth and manages to keep things exciting by building momentum with lovely crescendos and a propulsive beat. The Québec-based songwriter’s lyrics are melancholic and depict two lovers’ incapability to connect: “Bound to one another/Can’t disclaim/But we act alone” sings Sauvé during the chorus, further emphasizing the song’s sadness. But the music’s dream-like quality makes the sadness easier to deal with, even liberating.

“Garden” is featured on Ghostly Kisses’ new EP What You See. If you’re in Montreal, be sure to check out the release show on March 31 at Matahari Loft.

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À La Mode – Est​-​ce qu’on s’aimera

Don’t be fooled by the vaporwave-y cover art: Winnipeg’s À La Mode latest song is pure sunshine, filled with endearing harmonies and lovelorn lyrics. “Des fois j’pas sûre de tout /Des fois ça semble flou/ Mais tu es mon amour,” sings Dominique Lemoine, right before what is surely the coolest guitar solo you’ll hear on a synth-pop track this year. The lyrics are deeply emotional and are sung beautifully, as if to lull the listener into the band’s lush melodic reverie. Let’s hope this one gets a video release soon!

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