Allumette – G2 (Acadie Country)

Have you ever heard of synthetic Chiac country music? Moncton’s Allumette (formerly Most Ghost) is perhaps the first person to have ever put out a track of this genre, and the unorthodox blend of styles totally works. The arrangements are sparse and feature little more than synth-strings, some bass, a drum machine and vocals. Even without knowing the title of the song, you can hear the subtle country-music influence in the music, which adds a touch of playfulness to the willfully drab vibe.

But Allumette’s lyrics and vocal delivery are really what makes the track so captivating, almost hypnotic. The speak-singing is very nonchalant and detached, yet the lyrics convey a deep sense of longing and include funny observations about anything from getting out of a bad relationship (“steur les walls de mon apartment sont juste la right couleur”) to cigarettes (“ça goute pu rien cer rendu 82 piasses”).

“G2 (Acadie Country)” is available now, PWYW, from Bandcamp.

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Loji – Language

By now, we are familiar with Toronto-based duo Loji’s characteristic musical stylings (and scrawlings about music – one of them is a Silent Shout contributor). Their house-flavored jams usually have a strong sense of darkness to them, yet retain pop music’s best sensibilities. Their excellent new single “Language” is full of eerie lyrics (“please don’t invite those creatures down my spine they give me chills”) that contrast with the track’s effortlessly dancey vibe. The production feels almost surgically sharp, yet the choruses feature splashes of flashy synths for good measure. The song is as creepy as it is euphoric (and clever: “you’re already going nowhere and I think I know a faster way” is definitely one of the best lines we’ve heard in a while).

“Language” is available, PWYW, from Loji’s Bandcamp. For those of you who are in Toronto, be sure to catch them live at Handlebar with a bevy of Silent Shout faves at Handlebar on Saturday May 13.

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Ginla – Come Down

The Ginla boys are back with a new track off their forthcoming EP! Like the Toronto-via-Brooklyn outfit’s last single, it’s a cool blend of guitar-laden pop and electronic eclecticisms. Only this time around, they’ve upped the mood factor a bit.

Starting out with ambient drones and a hesitant guitar melody, the track quickly gives way to a dreamy, layered beat, complete with genuinely awesome drums. The song’s immersive quality is as inspired as it is ironic: the lyrics are all about coming down and facing reality, but when the music is so captivating, it’s hard to resist letting your mind drift into world of bliss.

Ginla’s debut EP is out tomorrow, Friday April 28th on Terrible Records.

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