Video: Kindest Cuts – Cold Eyes

Now that the holiday season is finally over, follow suit to Kindest Cuts‘ new video for “Cold Eyes” and set that Christmas tree on fire (or pack it up if it’s not real). The new video, directed by Damien Ferland, features a very blasé, blue-screened Patrick Short in some kind of cynical cable-access nightmare. As the song begins, the montage of images seem culled from silly YouTube videos, weird commercials, home video goofs, etc, only to become gradually juxtaposed with darker images of war, violence and lots of shit on fire. The images are a perfect parallel to the bitter lyrics that touch on social disillusionment as is summed up in the chorus, “I disconnect – there’s too much going wrong”.

It seems Kindest Cuts’ best work is when he’s at his most depressingly cynical (see “Handsome Killer”) – the song, while bleak-as-hell, is one of his most fun & catchy, full of bass arpeggios and sparkly analog leads. Short promises this is the first single to a yet-to-be-released album, and we can’t wait.

“Cold Eyes” is available now from Bandcamp. And if you’re in Winnipeg, you can catch Kindest Cuts at the Big Fun Festival on January 30 alongside Orlando Gloom and Astre.

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Orlando Gloom – Tongue-Tied

Is it too early to give the award for best new band name of 2016? Orlando Gloom, the new project from Glass Random and Camp David mastermind gloom-boy Dave Shaw, is definitely one of the most hilariously clever (and accurately descriptive) band names out there. Shaw starts 2016 off with a fresh new track that sounds bigger than his past outputs and sees his flangey dreamboat baritone coasting over an upbeat glitter of bleep-bloops that leaves you wanting more.

We can’t wait to hear what’s next for Orlando Gloom this year. Catch his debut live performance at the Big Fun Festival in Winnipeg on January 30 alongside Kindest Cuts and Astre.

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New Release: Joanne Pollock – Optimist

Joanne Pollock - Optimist

I read that people who are chronically late owe their habitual tardiness to optimism. As one of these “types” myself, I can regretfully confirm this horrid behaviour – so here is my optimistically late review for Joanne Pollock’s gorgeous new EP Optimist which dropped digitally on Bandcamp earlier this summer.

Hailing from Toronto, but spending a lot of time in Winnipeg these days, Joanne is also one half of the dreamy-experimental pop-synth duo Poemss with Aaron Funk (aka Venetian Snares). With Optimist you can definitely hear a growth in her skills as a producer, which has allowed her to fully-realize the complex scope of her restrained yet massively elaborate and unexpected sound.

This six-track boasts some surprisingly intricate analogue drum programming and deep shimmering waves of vintage synths that appear and are washed away by ripples of new tones, only to emerge again. Joanne’s misty voice commands this legion of electronics through clouds of airy reverb and echo. From start to finish, Optimist is startlingly fresh, beautiful and extremely captivating to the ears. It’s difficult to listen to this EP without getting completely lost in the music and drifting away to sparkly synth daydreams.

If you’re in Toronto, you can catch Joanne on September 17 at Dundas Video and October 4 at Burdock Music Hall. She will have CDs for sale at her shows or you can grab her EP via Bandcamp.

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