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MP3: Mekele – ZPF

Posted on January 23rd, by silentshout in MP3


Mekele is one of the most consistently surprising and interesting new producers in the Canadian electronic music scene, and his latest single “ZPF” is a beat-driven left-turn from his usually more ambient work. But we’re not shocked at how amazing the Toronto musician is at hard-hitting synth-pop. A master of many forms! We’ve got a good feeling about Mekele and 2015. For now, check out his past work on Soundcloud.


MP3: Johan Agebjörn – You Passed Through (Feat. Young Galaxy)

Posted on January 23rd, by silentshout in MP3


We’ve been long-time, no, FOREVER admirers of Lund-based producer Johan Agebjörn, not least for his work as one-half of Sally Shapiro. As Canadian bloggers, we’ve only written about him once before, when Sally Shapiro collaborated with Toronto’s Electric Youth on the Somewhere Else now-classic track “Starman”. So today, we’re so pleased to hear him working with Montreal’s Young Galaxy on the latest single from his phenomenal solo record Notes.

An organ-based electronic waltz, it’s a deeply immersive track, meditative and warm, with Young Galaxy vocalist Catherine McCandless turning in a truly inspired performance. A perfect song for winter wandering and pondering. In fact, we really can’t recommend Agebjörn’s new album more highly for that. Notes is out February 10 on Paper Bag, and you should order your copy now.


MP3: Young Guv – Wrong Crowd feat. Jef Barbara

Posted on January 19th, by Josh in MP3

qozoinzz1tbl08lbxos1Ben Cook sure is one busy dude. We here at Silent Shout make no secret of our love for the guy’s work, no matter the vehicle (this time around, it’s under the guise of the infamous Young Guv). We also just so happen to be big fans of Jef Barbara, making “Wrong Crowd” a total no-brainer.

The track is an impossibly groovy, silk-smooth yacht rock jam that manages to squeeze in simultaneous sax-solo and spoken word sections. Good luck getting this one outta your head.

Young Guv’s Ripe 4 Luv is out March 10th on Slumberland.


MP3: Moon King – Roswell

Posted on January 15th, by arp2600 in MP3


The first Moon King single in almost a year features a huge leap forward in sonic professionalism. The sprawling “Roswell” starts off familiar enough, with the sort of 90’s guitar chords we’ve come to expect from the Toronto band, but it them morphs in a hypnotic motorik beat, arpeggiated synths and a soaring, reaching for the sky vocal line.

These are exciting times for fans of Moon King (of which, of course, you can count all of us at Silent Shout). The band are about to embark on a huge European tour, have signed with Last Gang, and a new album is on the way. Secret Life is out on April 14, and based on the strength of this first single, we are eager in anticipation.


MP3: Doldrums – Hotfoot

Posted on January 14th, by digits in MP3


Ooooh, it’s terribly exciting to hear new stuff from the ever-expanding mind of Doldrums. 2013’s Lesser Evil remains a phenomenal statement, so news of the followup makes for fantastic tidings indeed. So here’s the first single from the amazingly-titled The Air Conditioned Nightmare, an alternately cacophonous and crisply minimal electro dancefloor burner. At times sounding quite a lot like Silent Shout fave Zoo Owl, and featuring killer arpeggiator fills, it’s an addictive track. Repeated listens may be necessary.

Also, he signed to Sub Pop, good on him. The stratosphere’s where he belongs. Or maybe the ionosphere. The Air Conditioned Nightmare is out April 7, and we seriously cannot wait.


MP3: Chairs – Bird Calls

Posted on January 13th, by arp2600 in MP3

Griffith & Neil The Lion

Chairs is Ian Jarvis, one-half of Silent Shout favourites Galaxius Mons, who seem to have followed in his side-project’s footsteps by going in a decidedly more electro direction for his latest release.

The short and sweet “Bird Calls” is a low-key sombre affair: slowed down but still amazingly funky. Chairs’ first song in over two years, this is the first single from an upcoming record due out later this year. Consider us expectant! We will be constantly refreshing his Soundcloud page until we hear more.


MP3: ELMS – Lightning Strike

Posted on January 12th, by digits in MP3


Peterborough’s Alex Unger has makes beautiful dark synth-laden pop music as ELMS, and although his latest release Cycles came out last December, but we mustn’t let it slip by without notice. “Lightning Strike”, the first track and a highlight of the seven-track EP, is a towering, dramatic single, with an extremely catchy (although dour) repeating melody. Makes us wonder what else interesting and exciting must be happening in Peterborough!

You can stream and purchase Cycles from Bandcamp.


MP3: Silver Pools – Carbon Cadence

Posted on January 9th, by digits in MP3


Silver Pools is a brand new project from Canadian music scene vet Todd Macdonald, who played in baroque pop group the Winks, and currently plays drums for the wonderful Loom. His debut solo single “Carbon Cadence” is a deep, reflective, ambient pop gem with a repeating guitar hook that will lazily float about inside your brain all day.

It’s an extremely promising beginning for Silver Pools, who will be releasing his first album Memoirs of An Oblong Sphere sometime soon. Until then, Carbon Cadence, again and again. Download it for free from Soundcloud.


MP3: New Hands – Strange Attractor

Posted on January 7th, by elena in MP3

strange attractor

Hamilton’s New Hands reentered our orbit with the relaxed and lovely “Swimming,” but this is nothing like that song. “Strange Attractor” begins in layers: first radar blips, then groups of arpeggios, and then full percussion. Once Spence Newell’s vocals kick in, it’s clear that this is one powerhouse of a dance single.

They’ll be releasing “way too much” music in 2015, according to their Facebook page. We can’t wait!


MP3: Kid Aristides – Drunken Master

Posted on December 5th, by digits in MP3


We don’t know much about mysterious Montreal newcomer Kid Aristides – in fact we know next to nothing except that his name is Nicolas Boisvert and he has a penchant for classic video game visuals and soundtracks. His debut EP Screwed By the Man came out back in August but only recently reached our ears, and it’s a remarkably original creation, a synthesis of many different electronic motifs. Often hypnotic, at times playful, and always grooving, his inventive production remains always anchored by seriously excellent songwriting and catchy melodies. Yup, these songs will stick in your head even though the EP’s decidedly electromurky, like playing video games in a swamp.

“Drunken Master” may be our fave, but the whole EP is a must-listen. Grab it for free from his Bandcamp page, which we’ll be watching closely for more music in 2015.