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MP3: Make Haste – Get Back Home

Posted on July 31st, by digits in MP3


Oooooh, this is exciting, a new Make Haste EP! We are long-time fans of the uptempo Toronto indie electropop producer, but as much as we loved his previous work, he’s never sounded better than on “Get Back Home.” This is epic pop music, with guest singers Melissa Ella Warren and Lesley Davies delivering truly incredible performances.

The whole EP is a must-hear. Have a listen, and download it from Bandcamp. The Unrest release party takes place August 9 in Toronto.


MP3: Glass Random – I Feel Better

Posted on July 30th, by Josh in MP3


Last month, we posted a delightful track about some under-the-weather smoochin’ by Winnipeg’s Camp David (aka Dave Shaw). Now, Shaw has shared a new track called “I Feel Better” from his other project, Glass Random.

The track is a poppy slice of sincerity that exhibits Shaw inching ever closer to what he calls “earnest singer-songwriter” territory. It pairs the catchy instrumentals and lofi production we’ve come to expect from Shaw with sincere, heartfelt lyrics. We think it makes for an excellent progression!

“I Feel Better” will be released on a tape sometime in the near future. Until you can grip that, you can download the track over here.


MP3: James Irwin – Everything Passed Me By

Posted on July 29th, by elena in MP3


This is the first song we’ve heard from Montreal’s James Irwin, and boy are we impressed! He has taken his previously folksy solo work in a pop direction after playing in a couple of electronic bands, resulting in this endearingly smaltzy single. It’s part of an upcoming album that was apparently partially written while dog-sitting, so imagine lounging to this with a German Shepherd by your side. Apparently there’s a Miracle Fortress remix on the way!


MP3: No Step – Arctic Summer

Posted on July 29th, by digits in MP3


Toronto producer No Step hasn’t released anything since 2010, but man-behind-the-moniker Fabio Neves is finally back with a new single. “Arctic Summer” is a wonderfully breezy, relaxed but contemplative track, with guitar strums and whispery hi-hats actually feeling like a summer’s day up in the far north: bright, brisk, and clear. But it works just as well when baking in the heat poolside. Available now from Bandcamp.


MP3: Austra – American Science (Duran Duran cover)

Posted on July 25th, by digits in MP3


Here’s a very inspired Duran Duran cover from Canada’s pre-eminent electronic pop group Austra. It’s from the upcoming compilation Making Patterns Rhyme: a tribute to Duran Duran out August 12th, which will be an all-proceeds-to-Amnesty affair. Now we want to hear Austra cover everything!

You can buy “American Science” from iTunes.


MP3: Born Gold – I Want to be Naked

Posted on July 24th, by elena in MP3


I may be the resident Born Gold enthusiast around these parts, but believe me when I say that this is big. A new single! With shouted-singalongs on key words of the chorus, purposeful silences built into the waveform, and some characteristic Born Gold grandiosity. I see the title as wanting to shed the layers of your day while sitting in your room by yourself at night, but maybe that unsexy interpretation comes from too many hours as a Silent Shout office drone.

And can you please take a moment to appreciate the artwork?? He’s either the perfect paperweight or the weirdest basement bug.



MP3: Electric Youth – Runaway

Posted on July 23rd, by digits in MP3


Electric Youth‘s grand return!!! Finally, after the crazy success of “A Real Hero” and the incredible Sally Shapiro collaboration “Starman”, Electric Youth are at long last gearing up to release their debut album Innerworld. This first single “Runaway” is a soaring, floating, electro ballad that’s still highly danceable, and definitely seems influenced by the work of Sally Shapiro and Johan Agebjorn, as of course all good music should be. Very promising! This album could be glorious indeed.

Innerworld is out September 30. You can pre-order it on vinyl, CD, and MP3 from Last Gang Records.


MP3: Mekele – Ānanda

Posted on July 18th, by Chuck in MP3

Mekele art

Mekele excels at crafting gorgeous, immersive music, and his latest production “Ānanda” is no exception. Eschewing the beat-driven aspects of 2012′s Nocturne EP, this track evokes the transcendental and celestial qualities found only in the finest ethereal electronic ambient music. With its widescreen sound design and ornate arrangement, “Ānanda” showcases Mekele’s remarkable musicality, imagination, and technical skill.

Stream “Ānanda”, and if you’re in Toronto, Mekele performs live tonight at Milk Glass Co. at Ken Park‘s album release party.


MP3: Bile Sister – Guppy Ab

Posted on July 17th, by elena in MP3


The last we heard from the inimitable Bile Sister, she was guesting on a Janet Jackson cover with Montreal’s YlangYlang. It must have been a great collaborative fit, since this new song comes to us from a compilation by Jeunesse Cosmique, a label that represents other featured artists such as Telephone Maison, Hazy Montagne Mystique, and YlangYlang herself. The compilation is called “tripping” after its stoner vibes, but it could also easily refer to the unpredictable and uneven beat of this particular offering.


MP3: Wyon – King’s Woods

Posted on July 15th, by digits in MP3


We’re not sure what kind of “King’s Woods” Halifax’s Wyon is accustomed to travelling in, but clearly it’s a kingdom with good taste in synthesizers and a dark moody atmosphere. Quest slowly and dramatically, adventurers. Wyon’s EP Young Portrait, containing five delicious synth instrumentals, is available now from Bandcamp.