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Posted on November 24th, by arp2600 in MP3

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Avant Kool has been making some waves in Toronto for his Depeche Mode-indebted electro goth for a little over a year now. The weirdo pop project is on full display in “Efficient Composition,” with reverbed out and distant vocals, and a slow build to an eventually massive arpeggiated bassline and a completely out there synth-solo.

Avant Kool is often releasing snippets like these on his Soundcloud, and is turning into one of Toronto’s more prolific artists. It’s worthwhile listen to the other pieces and following the project’s development. No word on an official release as of yet, but there’s at least an album’s worth of material out there.

Posted on November 23rd, by elena in MP3


We officially have a new favourite pump-up song at the Silent Shout office. Need to get excited for your day? Listen to Bossie! This third single is every bit as big and sweet as the cotton candy the art reminds us of, and it will even leave you with energy instead of a sugar crash. We stand by our previous statement that Anne Douris’ project could be a pop sensation.

Posted on November 20th, by digits in MP3


We’ve found ourselves to be consistent fans of the work of Charles Valois, but we haven’t heard much from the wonderfully melodramatic pop songwriter since 2013. So we’re very excited to learn that he’s relocated to Ottawa and has been working on a follow up to his 2012 debut album Girls, and has assembled a band and taken a more collaborative approach, even renaming the project to Valois. His second record Love Dies But You Won’t is a lovely short album that delves even further into electronic music, and as you’d expect, we’re down with that. Standout single “Ça Sera” is a heartfelt weird synthpop number that’s super-catchy. Every section is very hooky and you’ll probably humming this one all day. Our favourite song from this talented songwriter yet!

You can listen to or buy Love Dies But You Won’t from Valois on Bandcamp.

Posted on November 20th, by digits in MP3


We’ve always been a fan of Kelly McMichael, especially her work as Rouge, so it’s very exciting to see her launching a new project this week, and a straight-up synthpop one at that! We’re very happy to meet RENDERS, and first single “I Am Gone” is a huge but crisp pop ballad with a monstrous synth bass. We need more!

Posted on November 19th, by arp2600 in MP3


Astro Screamer (formerly Dean Jones Armada) continues his foray into angsty gothic disco jams with his latest single “Out of Pieces.” The Windsor artist has a deft hand when it comes to production, and hits all the perfect notes of darker production: an unrelentingly evil bass line, creepy synth pads that are washed out throughout the song, gated tom fills and a persistent beat to keep the people moving.

We expect this is just a one-off from the project, but if you’re interested in hearing more, there’s a shit-load on his Soundcloud page that are well worth your time.

Posted on November 16th, by elena in MP3


We fell for Bénédicte‘s minimal synths back in September, and the Toronto-based artist is proving to be a master at paring songs down to their simplest, most haunting forms. “Dido” falls back on a groups of four notes that climb behind echo-y lyrics sung with a tone of regret. Aching for more? She’s been posting new singles on her Soundcloud at a rate of about one every month.

Posted on November 16th, by elena in MP3


Sleeping on it can help when you have to make a big decision, but this decision is easy: “Sleep on It” is a great first single. Retrofile is an Edmonton-based band made up of a pair of twins–Luke and Noah Martino–and they’re jumping into the world with an upbeat, catchy take on rumination and tough decisions. It starts with a stuttery beat, adding layers as it moves into a chorus full of soaring vocals and horn flourishes.

There’s also a video complete with flashing lights and band-themed graffiti, if you want another way to experience the song. The track is available for free on Retrofile’s SoundCloud.

Posted on November 13th, by digits in MP3


Awesome new band alert! New to our ears anyways. Blanka is a dark krautrock trio from Montreal, and they make some seriously hard-hitting post-punk that makes us want to run through the streets with exuberant angst. Best motorik grooves this side of Mimico!

Grab Blanka’s debut EP Yasuda from Bandcamp today. We’ll be eagerly awaiting what’s next for this very promising band.

Posted on November 13th, by digits in MP3


Mika Posen is a name we’re excited be seeing pop up again, what with her stellar past work playing strings with Timber Timbre and Forest City Lovers. She’s started a new project called Merganzer, and is poised to release her first album under that name on November 24. For now, we’ve got the title track, “Mirror Maze,” a beautiful atmospheric ballad featuring a simple, well-crafted melody over a minimal beat and shimmering strings. Some tremendous harmonies too! Can’t wait to hear the whole record!

Be sure to catch one of Merganzer’s album release shows if you can:

Nov 26 – Toronto – Burdock
Dec 9 – Montreal – Casa del Popolo
Dec 12 – Ottawa – House of Common

Posted on November 10th, by arp2600 in MP3


Coarse Language make off-the-wall industrial electro, courtesy of Teenanger/Wrong Hole’s Jon Schouten. A spiritual successor to Silent Shout favourite Kontravoid (appropriate because Cam Findlay–Kontravoid himself–did the mix and some percussion work on the song), this is made for dark, fog machined basements at 3 AM. “Better Days” doesn’t let up from the first arpeggiated synth line and the constant refrain of “I’ve seen better days.”

This is the first single from Worried Man, an EP due out winter 2016 on Artificial Sounds.