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Posted on May 19th, by arp2600 in MP3


It’s been a while since we’ve written about Vancouver’s Le Roi Crocodile, but “Montreal,” is a feather in the cap of the producer’s prolifically growing oeuvre. There’s a deep sadness to this song with the oft repeated word “never,” as in “it was never enough,” or “I was never someone,” mournfully sung through the same vocal filter we’ve come to expect from the king.

The song is available for free download from his Soundcloud, which is worth your time following since at least once a month, Le Roi Crocodile releases a succinct nugget of a pop song like this one.

Posted on May 15th, by arp2600 in MP3


Toronto’s Rolemodel have been on a crazy upward trajectory for the past few years. Now, with the addition of vowels to their name (R.I.P. RLMDL), the sky is the limit. The dream-pop project continue to impress with lush, complicated arrangements that you can tell have been obsessively worked over again and again until they are just right.

“Until” is the first song from Claire, their latest EP released on Hand Drawn Dracula. Those in Toronto can catch the release show at the Drake Underground this weekend with Featurette and Wilde.

Posted on May 14th, by digits in MP3


Oh, amazing, new music from Memorex! This minimalist post-punk electronic pop crew is one of our favourite bands in Toronto these days. You might recall, we loved their debut EP, even put it at #4 on our best-of-the-year list last December. “Taiwan Airliner” is their first single since then, and it’s a frantic, paranoid jam that reminds us of a darker, more high-strung Stereolab. We love it!

You can buy “Taiwan Airliner” from Memorex’s Bandcamp. They open for Princess Century at the end of the month in Toronto at Burdock, and Europe, watch out for an impending Princess Century tour!

Posted on May 13th, by digits in MP3


It’s not often that we hear about artists making electronic music north of the more major Ontario cities, so we’re super pleased to make the acquaintance of Racquel Hardy, aka Sages, who calls Orangeville home. She’s got a remarkable ear for experimental pop composition, and her latest single “Recollection” is a lullabye suitable for deep space travel, a good tune to put on when entering cryostasis. It features some very lovely vocals floating atop chiming synths, and the bass line bubbling underneath it all is absolutely killer. Reminds us a bit of Quinn Read-Baxter‘s earlier work, which is of course an excellent thing.

Check out Sages’ Soundcloud page for more ethereal dark pop gems. A very promising new talent!

Posted on May 12th, by arp2600 in MP3


Brave Shores really impressed us with “Never Come Down,” their super catchy debut single (with an awesome video!). Now, we feel the brother/sister duo has matured somewhat with the dreamy electro-pop of “More Like You.” The song is still catchy as hell, but in a much more sedate way, willing to explore interesting textures and inviting you to kick back and hang out for a while. Both songs are available on the band’s debut self-titled EP, released last year.

Posted on May 7th, by arp2600 in MP3


It seems that Pascale Project changing the name from Mathematique precipitated a complete change in style: out are are the slightly trippy-hippy stoner vibes, replaced by wonderfully fun electro-pop bangers. Y’all probably know that many of us are DJs here at Silent Shout, and I can say definitively that this WILL be played by one of us very, very soon.

“Super Natural” is the first single from Just Feel Good For a Moment, the first release under the new name. The record is due out in the summer, but there aren’t any more details, so we’ll be constantly hitting refresh on the internet until we can find out more. This single has us super excited, and if the rest of the record sounds like it, we expect something very special indeed.

Posted on April 29th, by Jesse in MP3


“Can you hear the voices on the shore, rising from the dirty ocean floor” – it’s as if we can almost feel some west coast waves gently caressing a Vancouver Island shoreline permeating through this latest single from Victoria’s Island Eyes. “Idle Shore” is a melodic piece of modern wall-of-sound pop, and is the first excerpt from an upcoming record scheduled to be released May 5th.

It should also be noted that Island Eyes was until recently known as Wand, and recently changed its name “due to confusion involving another band with the same name.” Check out the band’s official website for upcoming western Canada tour dates and further updates on the upcoming LP.

Posted on April 27th, by digits in MP3


This has been quite the year for Toronto producer Harrison, it seems like he’s practically a household name now. The release of his debut EP Colors seems to have gotten him all the attention he’s been deserving for so long. Featuring frequent collaborator Maddee (she sings on several songs on the EP), single “How Can It Be” is the most straight-up pop track yet from the prolific psychedelic electronic producer and we can’t get enough of it. Hopefully the first of several releases from Harrison this year!

Colors is out now on Last Gang, available on vinyl and digitally.

Posted on April 24th, by arp2600 in MP3

A cigarette girl carrying plaster skulls

Doomsquad have gone full-blown Talking Heads with their latest song, the first from Pageantry Suite, a new EP due out May 25th on Bella Union and Hand Drawn Dracula. Though the title of this EP would suggest that they are sticking to their witchy ways, this song is pure jangly guitar-based pop, with some awesome percussion provided by Mas Aya. We love it, and naturally quite a bit intrigued to see if this new sound is the future direction of the sibling trio.

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Vancouver’s Ancient Babes, who’s responsible for our #31 song of last year, as well as our fifth-favourite EP, is back with a beautiful new track. “R.I.P. Maury Garner” is a syrupy-slow electro-ballad that shimmers and swoons, and should keep us somewhat satisfied until we’ve got a follow-up release to Futuristic Demon. Hopefully he doesn’t take too long, we need more Ancient Babes!