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Posted on October 6th, by digits in MP3


Tess Roby is a name we haven’t heard lately around these parts. We were huge fans of her earlier solo work, as well as the remarkable EP she put out as a member of She Divides. But there’s something about her latest single “Plasticine Hills” that suggests that all that was just a prelude. The closest touchstone for her new sound is probably Austra, but the beats are a little warmer and the synths far less bombastic, and it makes for a wonderfully melancholy combination. Very impressive vocal abilities on display here too! Dark operatic synthpop, how could we not be down with this?

Posted on October 5th, by digits in MP3


Keita Juma is quickly become our favourite GTA rapper, as the Mississauga artist is making hip-hop that’s about as dark and electronic as it can possibly get. A couple of weeks back he shared an incredibly cool new video for “Belly”, one of the highlights of his tremendous Chaos Theory LP from back in January. And of course, his smash “Come Over” remains on continuous repeat here at Silent Shout HQ. Today, we’ve got the first new single since that record, and it’s no joke: featuring a seriously sinister beat, and some of creepiest sounds and textures, “H O L Y”‘s paranoid dystopic flow is definitely Keita’s darkest track yet, and we’re extremely into it. You can grab it for free from Soundcloud.

CONTEST! If you’re in Toronto, we’re giving away a pair of passes to see Absolutely Free and Keita Juma at the X Avant festival at the Music Gallery, on October 18. Share this post from our Facebook page and/or press that tweet button below (make sure you tag @silentshoutca) to be entered in a random draw to win. We’ll announce the winners at the end of this week.

Posted on October 5th, by elena in MP3

ghostly kisses

We’ve been really into the first two singles that Quebec City’s Ghostly Kisses released into the world (remember “One” and “Never Know“?), and now that they’ve done a third time, we can say for sure: this is a band to get excited about. “Such Words” really emphasizes the incredibly beauty of Margaux Sauvé’s voice, and the mournful violin solo in the middle of the track really amps up the emotions and adds to the dreamy atmosphere. We can’t wait for a full release from them!

Posted on October 2nd, by digits in MP3


Victoria’s Drew Harris, aka Germany Germany, has been seriously holding it down over the years. He’s just announced the first single from his tenth (!!!) album Willow, which he’s self-releasing on November 20. And if this track is any indication, it could be his best yet. Featuring Los Angeles-based singer/composer Kotomi on vocals, it’s a melancholy, grooving dark electronic pop track featuring some absolutely killer arpeggiated synths in the song’s second half. Yeah, we’re down with this. Can’t wait to hear more of this record!

Posted on September 30th, by digits in MP3


Silent Shout readers who have been paying attention this summer already know by now our serious affection for Ben Gunning latest electro turn. One might even call it a Massive Love. The latest single, “Mutilator”, is just as strong as the first two, but demonstrates what Ben can do in a downtempo vein. That said, despite it being a pretty laid-back crooner of a tune, “Mutilator” goes into some heavy distorted territory, demonstrating that he’s not afraid to take his elaborately crafted pop sound into slightly more experimental realms.

Rumour has it that all three singles will be on an album coming out this fall, and if so, it’s a safe prediction to say it will be amazing. CAN’T. WAIT.

Posted on September 29th, by digits in MP3


Here’s a cool thing: Toronto’s Shea Bishop Duffy (aka DirtyOrgans) just released his first new song in two years, and it’s a stunner. “Espionage” is an extremely minimal bluesy post-punk single, with very spare drums, featuring David Switchenko of Saxsyndrum contributing some very crucial sax. It’s a tightly-controlled, very tense track that in places, sounds like the most paranoid electrofunk song we’ve ever heard.

“Espionage” is the first single from DirtyOrgans’ new album, a collaboration with blog fave Charlie Twitch on a new album. It’ll come out on Art Not Love Records, hopefully sooner rather than later!

Posted on September 28th, by Chuck in MP3, Premiere


We’re thrilled to introduce Gendèr, a new Montreal-based project featuring members of Galaxius Mons. Their debut single “Tune The Background To Your Silver Eyes” is grounded in a microtonal Balinese tuning, which creates a captivating off-kilter feel and enhances the song’s underlying wistful core. The wordless melodies are stitched together from sampled vocal pitches courtesy of Sonia Thomson from beloved Visage Musique duo Ambrose. These bold musical choices go such a long way in generating the kind of interest and excitement that prompts repeated listens. Here’s hoping we hear more from Gendèr soon!

Stream “Tune The Background To Your Silver Eyes” and keep your eye out for Gendèr’s forthcoming debut on Phonautograph Records.

Posted on September 28th, by elena in MP3


SolarSolar are back! They’re working on new material, but in the meantime the Waterloo-based duo have released this never-before-been-heard single. Their sound took a brighter and lighter turn the last time we heard from them in 2013, so it makes sense that this is a catchy little number.

It sounds like they’re a bit frustrated with whoever they’re singing to (“will you ever get the strings right?”), but our feelings about the band are the exact opposite. There’s no strings here, but SolarSolar have definitely gotten it right.

They’re offering the single up for free on their Soundcloud.

Posted on September 24th, by digits in MP3


Jef Barbara has been taking a well-deserved break since releasing his magnificent second album Soft to the Touch, and its neverending stream of amazing amazing videos. But word has it that new recordings might be just around the corner, which is terribly exciting news. Also, a couple of weeks ago the Montreal electropop auteur released a cover of Rexy’s “Perfect Day”, a lost post-punk classic from 1981. In Jef’s capable hands, the song becomes a subtle, breezy electronic pop tune with a hint of melancholy. Unsurprisingly, we love it.

We’ll be eagerly awaiting the next morsel of news regarding new tunes from Jef. In the meantime, be sure to check out the back catalogue on Bandcamp.

Posted on September 23rd, by digits in MP3


Brendan Philip‘s been on a tear this year. The eclectic Toronto electro-R&B artist put out a masterful debut EP on Dine Alone Records this past May that seems to have gotten the singer/producer plenty of deserved attention. This week, he dropped “Ghostface”, the first single since that EP, and it sounds like a slight change in direction, but not uncharacteristic of his moody experimental R&B leanings. A smooth vocal melody over a repeatedly stuttering, almost unsettling, synth-based beat, it’s a bit chaotic but it’s anchored by a simple drumbeat and a laid-back organ. Really cool combination of sounds here, as usual!

Word is that “Ghostface” is from a forthcoming EP, Cul+ure Power Vol. 0, something we obviously can’t wait to hear. Until then, grab that self-titled EP from Dine Alone.