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MP3: Los Echo – Bold Fire

Posted on October 1st, by digits in MP3


Oooooh, awesome new band alert! Los Echo are two different people in two different places: Kaitlin Thatcher in Toronto and Connor MacFadyen in Ottawa. They’ve just released their debut EP Bold Fire, and we have our bloggy brethren Quick Before It Melts to thank for bringing it to our attention. We’re utterly captivated by the title track, super-catchy melodic electropop with a slow ambling groove.

We’ve got on our eyes on these two. Buy Bold Fire directly from them at Bandcamp.


MP3: beta/mai – Never Enough

Posted on October 1st, by digits in MP3


Beta Frontiers and Anamai teamed up in the hazy days of summer for this killer collab which we’re only getting around to posting now. They’re a great combo – as with everything he touches, Mr. Frontiers lays down one of his signature gorgeous-yet-badass mid-tempo grooves, with, as always, huger-than-huge bass. And Anna Mayberry (who also sings in HSY) delivers an blissful, lazy, and all-around wonderful vocal with a great chorus hook. Please please please let this be the first of many beta/mai collabs!

You can buy “Never Enough” from Buzz Records’ Bandcamp.


MP3: Les Passagers – Le ciel est noir

Posted on September 30th, by Josh in MP3


Les Passagers have been wiggling our tympanic membranes for a minute with their ear-wormy francophone prog-pop tunes. Par exemple, check out the titular cut from their most recent effort, “Le Ciel est Noir.”

“Le Ciel est Noir” was self-released earlier this year, and you can cop it over on Les Passagers’ bandcamp.


MP3: Friends Forever – As Long As You Call Me

Posted on September 29th, by Chuck in MP3

Friends Forever

Add “As Long As You Call Me” by Forever Friends, comprised of Jordan Pearson (New Zebra Kid, Halcyon) and Sam McDougall (S.M.), to the pile of stellar synth pop coming out of London, Ontario. Its intimate production, poignant melodies, and gorgeous, cascading synth lines generate a captivating melancholic dimension, which bodes well for repeated listens. Here’s hoping for an EP or full length in the near future!


MP3: Kuhrye-oo feat. Evy Jane – Air Days

Posted on September 26th, by digits in MP3


Ah, this is a colloboration we wouldn’t have expected! Edmonton’s Kuhrye-oo (who’s been in New York for a bit now), who used to play in Grimes’, Born Gold’s and Cadence Weapon‘s bands, has continued to produce excellent genre-bending music on the Uno label. This new team up with Vancouver electro-r&b act Evy Jane is a really nice fit. Big, bombastic, nineties beats that pair beautiful with soft organs and a slow, floating melody atop it all. Freaking great! We’d love to hear more like this, hope it’s not a one-time-only collab.


MP3: Antoine 93 – Extra Strong

Posted on September 25th, by arp2600 in MP3


Welcome to 2014, Antoine93! We were wondering if the usually otherwise prolific Montrealer was going to release anything this year, and here it is!

This is the first track from Maybe Unlock My Heart, a “mini album” teased on Facebook last week. And while we were glad to see the project resurface on the Summer Cool collection we just wrote about, we’d already heard that song on Try Something Different, an album released last year.

Now with the new song, Antoine93 continues in the pure techno-pop direction he started since changing his name from Dresden Dresses; gone is the frenetic goth-tinged craziness of days past in favour of a cleaner more streamlined approach. Patrick Gregoire (Pat Jordache), who seems to have his finger in a lot of cool Montreal pies these days, mixed and co-produced the track. The ever expanding collective of which both of these artists are members is one of the most exciting things going on these days, so pay close attention!


MP3: AM Static – Broken Toys

Posted on September 24th, by digits in MP3


Our Calgary faves AM Static channel their inner Erlend Øye to bring us this funky and smooth bit of sweet synthpop. This jam feels so effortless! As you might recall, we LOVED their debut EP Roots Between the Stones, so we can’t wait to hear their next one. Apparently we can expect A Life Well Lived in November. Calendar marked!


MP3: Resistor – Can’t Believe

Posted on September 24th, by digits in MP3


Philadelphia seems to be a secret hotbed of underground synthpop, and we’re ecstatic to learn of the existence of Resistor, a duo with a penchant for hooky singles. Their latest track, “Can’t Believe,” is a crisp, bright, and tightly constructed production that begs to be played over and over. Their back catalogue is well-worth exploring too: essential listening includes the winking and clever “Narcissist” as well as a brilliant cover of the Magnetic Fields classic “If You Don’t Cry”. Visit their Soundcloud for more! Thanks to the ever-wonderful Yvynyl for bringing them to our attention.


MP3: Clean Sadness – !Ultimate Story! (Real Imp)

Posted on September 23rd, by elena in MP3


Sudbury’s Clean Sadness may have created the strangest song ever posted on the blog, and we love them for it. This “quest to find an imp that knows our insecurities” moves through spoken sections and “choir”-sung phrases in a frenetic and collage-inspired network of sounds. It even includes instructions on how best to enjoy the song (think along, don’t sing along) and drawn-out musings about how we can be more controlled by our fears than any external force.


MP3: Tyson – Secretly

Posted on September 22nd, by elena in MP3


We love it when rock-leaning musicians become electronic converts! Tyson is a solo project from Tyson Brinacombe, one half of Guelph band Esther Grey. “Secretly” comes to us from an album called Casio Fiasco (how perfect is that title?), and the drum taps propel the melody and softly sung group vocals through three minutes of tasty pop magic.

Casio Fiasco is available now on Tyson’s Bandcamp.