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MP3: Caribou – Our Love

Posted on August 20th, by digits in MP3


I’m sure we all have the same delirious excitement over the forthcoming Caribou album Our Love. Namely, frantically listening to first single “Can’t Do Without You” over and over, eyes gazing longingly at our Snaith wall calendar with October 7 circled so much that the rest of October is obscured.

And now, this. The title track! One more piece of the puzzle revealed! Deep grooves, the big “choruses” probably more thumping than we’ve ever heard from him before. This’ll add some variety to the daily ritual. October 7! Nothing else matters!


MP3: Tops – Outside

Posted on August 19th, by digits in MP3


We’re in a bit of a post-SummerWorks hangover here in the Silent Shout offices, but we’re getting our bearings again, cleaning the puke and tears while listening to this wonderful new Tops track. The synthpop ballad we’ve always needed from the Montreal soft-pop lovelies!

We’re silly with anticipation over their new album Picture You Staring, out September 2 on Arbutus. Pre-order it here!


MP3: The Bicycles – Protect the Oil

Posted on August 14th, by digits in MP3


The Bicycles, long-lost darlings of Toronto’s indie pop scene, are finally back, and with a grandiose vision indeed. Young Drones is a high-concept rock opera about a pair of drones who defy their programmed mission to protect Northern Alberta’s oil. A repeated synth blast blares constantly thoughout the melodic, sweetly-crooned power pop gem.

Stream the whole Young Drones album on Soundcloud. Or better yet, check out Silent Shout’s presentation of Young Drones at SummerWorks, directed by Maggie MacDonald, today through Sunday in Toronto. Tickets are available here.


TripleGangers – Coffee and Cream

Posted on August 13th, by farragoes in MP3


Triplegangers have been a major favorite for Silent Shout for a good long time now on the strength of their ridiculous live shows and a small but strong collection of recorded material. It should come as no surprise that we’re supremely excited tp hear they have an album due this year, and if Coffee and Cream, the first track from the record, is any indication it will not disappoint. Moody and perhaps a touch more atmospheric than we’re accustomed to from these guys, the track is buoyed by slick production courtesy of Ghislain Aucoin and Michael Olsen of Our Founders, that elegantly frames a nuanced vocal performance from Aucoin. Stay on the lookout for the forthcoming full length, as far as we’re concerned it can’t arrive soon enough.


MP3: Body Butter – Lights In The Hallway

Posted on August 7th, by farragoes in MP3


Neil Rankin and Chris Evans, two long fixtures of different segments of the Toronto music scene have joined forces for a new project called Body Butter. Their first track, Lights In The Hallway, is a promising start for the duo, a meditative excerpt of slickly conceived, euro disco inflected new wave. Their first live performance, occurred several weeks ago and we can report that it was transcendent. You can catch them again tonight for free at the (shameless plug) Summerworks Launch Party!


Remix: Whale Skin x Vogue Dots

Posted on August 7th, by bonesPOP in MP3, Remix

10151349_705165712879933_6281480782168226150_n Summer is in full swing so we thought we’d suggest some East Coast electro vibes for your summer playlist. What better way to cool down on a hot day than with a double shot of East Coast chill with this Whale Skin remix of Vogue Dots‘ awesome song “Skinny Thing.” Click here for our post about Vogue Dots’ original single as well as our here for our POBA review of their beautiful TOSCA EP.

Also be on the lookout for the summer line of  Whale Skin lip glosses that will be available for sale at upcoming Whale Skin shows.


MP3: Make Haste – Get Back Home

Posted on July 31st, by digits in MP3


Oooooh, this is exciting, a new Make Haste EP! We are long-time fans of the uptempo Toronto indie electropop producer, but as much as we loved his previous work, he’s never sounded better than on “Get Back Home.” This is epic pop music, with guest singers Melissa Ella Warren and Lesley Davies delivering truly incredible performances.

The whole EP is a must-hear. Have a listen, and download it from Bandcamp. The Unrest release party takes place August 9 in Toronto.


MP3: Glass Random – I Feel Better

Posted on July 30th, by Josh in MP3


Last month, we posted a delightful track about some under-the-weather smoochin’ by Winnipeg’s Camp David (aka Dave Shaw). Now, Shaw has shared a new track called “I Feel Better” from his other project, Glass Random.

The track is a poppy slice of sincerity that exhibits Shaw inching ever closer to what he calls “earnest singer-songwriter” territory. It pairs the catchy instrumentals and lofi production we’ve come to expect from Shaw with sincere, heartfelt lyrics. We think it makes for an excellent progression!

“I Feel Better” will be released on a tape sometime in the near future. Until you can grip that, you can download the track over here.


MP3: James Irwin – Everything Passed Me By

Posted on July 29th, by elena in MP3


This is the first song we’ve heard from Montreal’s James Irwin, and boy are we impressed! He has taken his previously folksy solo work in a pop direction after playing in a couple of electronic bands, resulting in this endearingly smaltzy single. It’s part of an upcoming album that was apparently partially written while dog-sitting, so imagine lounging to this with a German Shepherd by your side. Apparently there’s a Miracle Fortress remix on the way!


MP3: No Step – Arctic Summer

Posted on July 29th, by digits in MP3


Toronto producer No Step hasn’t released anything since 2010, but man-behind-the-moniker Fabio Neves is finally back with a new single. “Arctic Summer” is a wonderfully breezy, relaxed but contemplative track, with guitar strums and whispery hi-hats actually feeling like a summer’s day up in the far north: bright, brisk, and clear. But it works just as well when baking in the heat poolside. Available now from Bandcamp.