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MP3: Mekele – Ānanda

Posted on July 18th, by Chuck in MP3

Mekele art

Mekele excels at crafting gorgeous, immersive music, and his latest production “Ānanda” is no exception. Eschewing the beat-driven aspects of 2012′s Nocturne EP, this track evokes the transcendental and celestial qualities found only in the finest ethereal electronic ambient music. With its widescreen sound design and ornate arrangement, “Ānanda” showcases Mekele’s remarkable musicality, imagination, and technical skill.

Stream “Ānanda”, and if you’re in Toronto, Mekele performs live tonight at Milk Glass Co. at Ken Park‘s album release party.


MP3: Bile Sister – Guppy Ab

Posted on July 17th, by elena in MP3


The last we heard from the inimitable Bile Sister, she was guesting on a Janet Jackson cover with Montreal’s YlangYlang. It must have been a great collaborative fit, since this new song comes to us from a compilation by Jeunesse Cosmique, a label that represents other featured artists such as Telephone Maison, Hazy Montagne Mystique, and YlangYlang herself. The compilation is called “tripping” after its stoner vibes, but it could also easily refer to the unpredictable and uneven beat of this particular offering.


MP3: Wyon – King’s Woods

Posted on July 15th, by digits in MP3


We’re not sure what kind of “King’s Woods” Halifax’s Wyon is accustomed to travelling in, but clearly it’s a kingdom with good taste in synthesizers and a dark moody atmosphere. Quest slowly and dramatically, adventurers. Wyon’s EP Young Portrait, containing five delicious synth instrumentals, is available now from Bandcamp.


MP3: Finchers – Yer Future

Posted on July 14th, by digits in MP3


It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from Calgary bedroom producer and former Silent Shout contributor Bonnaventure James, and we’re glad he’s back in the game with this newly released track under the moniker Finchers. Heavily distorted guitars over a drumloop, it’s a simple sad postpunk song carried by a great melody and lyrics. It’s definitely very different from the more straight-up electropop he produced under the Bonnaventure name, (like the excellent 2012 single “Anyone Else”) but we’re told Bonnaventure James will be back with more soon enough. Prediction: we’ll like it lots!


MP3: Para Palabras – Lonely

Posted on July 14th, by Chuck in MP3


Wow! London, Ontario-based producer Para Palabras is totally killing it these days. Each new track reveals further development in this young, budding producer’s signature style, namely a deft take on modern electronic dance that reconciles sleek digital production with raw, organic timbres, and mechanistic precision with deep emotional resonance. If you’re still not familiar with Para Palabras, now’s the time to get acquainted. “Lonely” is an excellent starting point, as it’s his latest and best yet.


MP3: Prince Innocence – Cold

Posted on July 8th, by digits in MP3


Prince Innocence continue their absolute mastery of sexy cold-as-ice synthpop. Their latest “Cold” has quite the groove, and apparently according to Gorilla vs. Bear (where this track premiered), their debut album is on the horizon! News we’ve been waiting for ever since their earliest, most innocent, days!


MP3: Most People – Falling Apart

Posted on July 3rd, by digits in MP3


We’ve sung Most People‘s praises a good many times here at Silent Shout, and their latest EP Stay Forever Here in The Night is definitely our favourite thing they’ve released yet which, is saying a lot. They can do melodic hooky electro indie-pop like nobody’s business. So tightly constructed yet sounds so effortless!

You can purchase this excellent excellent EP from their Bandcamp. They play at Silent Shout with Ottawa’s Silkken Laumann in Toronto this Saturday.


MP3: Visrei – Écarlate

Posted on July 3rd, by elena in MP3


Écarlate is the French word for “scarlet”, and Montreal’s Visrei has embodied the power colour in this one-off single. An effective mix of light and dark – a driving, deep baseline and flourishing high notes – creates a vibrant piece of music. When can we hear more?


MP3: Zammuto – Great Equator

Posted on July 2nd, by Josh in MP3


In 2012, long running beloved experimental act the Books – known for it’s unique electro-folky take on plunderphonics – broke up. Since then, we’ve had a great self titled album by Nick Zammuto’s new Vermont-based band Zammuto. Now, they’ve dropped a new single, “Great Equator”, from the forthcoming LP Anchor due out later this year.

The track is glitchy and technical yet totally accessible – something we’ve come to expect from Zammuto. The skittering intro rhythm is made from their unique process of carving beats into the locked groove of a record. Peep more details on that over here.

Anchor is due out on September 2nd on Temporary Residence. We can’t wait!


MP3: Robert Loveless – Blue Hell & Back

Posted on June 27th, by Josh in MP3


Haligonian tunesmith Robert Loveless just keeps bringing’ the good stuff, and we just can’t get enough. This time around, that unmistakable croon finds itself atop a chilly-yet-impossibly-groovy beat, replete with guitar work that alternates between faux-blues licks and stuttering loops.

In addition to that single, he’s also dropped a new EP, Lovers of the Stars. Check it out over here.