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Posted on February 27th, by digits in New Release, Video


Okay, we’ve been totally remiss in taking over a month to write about this one. Formerly of Moscow, ID (and therefore eligible for coverage under the Silent Shout Border State Edict), Psychic Rites may reside in Portland now, but they’ll always be the electroiest Idahoans in our hearts. Singularity is their latest and greatest release to date, four tracks of sinister, mostly hard-hitting synthpop with some added remixes to boot. Really, any release with a song entitled “Pallet Cleanser” has won us over before it even starts. And lest we forget, the video for the title track, in all its gory glory:

Singularity is out now on Aural Sects. Go get it!

Posted on February 25th, by digits in New Release, Video


Le Couleur have been making some seriously slick synthpop in Montreal for some time now. You might remember them from their “Voyage Amoureux” video, which ended up as our #1 of 2013. This week, they just released their latest, a five-track EP called Dolce Désir and shocker: we love the hell out of it. We already were very into the first single “Concerto Rock”, but it’s only one of many highlights off this record. Take for instance the next single, “Club Italien,” a more chilled-out electro-disco number in the vein of classic Mylène Farmer:

That remarkably suave and elaborately conceived video was directed by La Barbe Rousse (who also did Gold Zebra’s incredible “Drift Away” vid) and Joseph Heskia. So suitable for Le Couleur’s opulent and glamorous grooves! The EP continues with a couple of solid slower tracks, and then finishes with a monster of a single in “Télé-Jeans.” Highly highly recommended – why aren’t these guys world famous yet?

Dolce Désir is available now on vinyl and digitally from Lisbon Lux Records. If you’re in Toronto, catch them this Thursday at the Piston with Beatmarket and Triple Gangers, and Montrealers, you can see them on Saturday at Cinémathèque québécoise.

Posted on February 20th, by vvinterrainbovv in New Release


Regina, Saskatchewan has a new bright star shining on their cold, minimal Prairie landscape with Orphan Mothers’ debut Hindsight, a collection of six electro-pop tunes for hepcat lonelyhearts.

The sound on this 6-track is that of modern hip-electro meets basement jazz, where rolling hi-hats spill over warm synth leads and night-driving arpeggios are punctuated by the snapping of fingers and gentle clap of the hand, all awash in Jon Neher’s dreamy guitar soundscapes gently pierced by the dark plumes of Eden Rohatensky’s smoky voice.

They’ve nailed the chill-out, drop-out dance-pop on this release, but the standout here is definitely track 2 with “Towers”, where Rohatensky’s candid lyrics call out over the lost Saskatchewan salt-water sea and are increasingly drowned by the slow rising tide of pads and the heavy shower of Neher’s reverberated strum of the guitar.

Keep your claws sharp and grab a copy of Hindsight on Bandcamp today.

Posted on February 18th, by Josh in New Release


The first release for Saskatchewan ambient tape upstart Magnetic Domain comes from the label head honcho himself (and current resident guitar wiz in Sask. dreamboats the Moas), Chad Munson.

Previously releasing electronic music under the moniker Foal and since serving time in virtually every Saskatoon “rock” band ever, Munson makes a triumphant return to form(lessness) under his own name on the lush(duh), fractal and undulating Albedo.

Albedo dropped digitally in December on Bandcamp and is now available physically via the same.

Posted on February 10th, by digits in New Release


Oh how we love Jay Holy. Scopolamine Dream remains one of the best psychedelic electronic pop albums in recent memory, and that’s why it found itself perched upon our best albums list last year. Now we’re treated to a complete reimagining of those recordings, as Jay Holy and the Moog Synthesizer remixes six of the tracks, removing the vocals and adding a whackload of (presumably all-Moog) synths all over them. It’s a testament to Jay’s remarkable skills as a synth composer/programmer that these songs still stand up in a huge way without any of his signature vocal melodies commanding centre stage. One of the most talented electronic pop musicians around these day, we’d say!

You can pick up Jay Holy and the Moog Synthesizer on limited edition cassette or as a download from Bandcamp.

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We’re huge huge Camp David fans here at Silent Shout – “Sick Kissing” being one of our favourite jams of last year. It’s no surprise that his latest EP, Babes Before Christ is one of the best things we’ve heard all year. Humorous but heartfelt, this collection of bedroom electropop songs might sound effortless but original, catchy, and succinct pop music doesn’t just grow on trees. Master songwriter at work here! Can’t wait to hear what else Camp David has in store for us this year.

Stream or purchase Babes Before Christ on a PWYW basis from his Bandcamp.

Posted on February 5th, by digits in New Release


We haven’t heard from Zoë Ziefl in a little while, not since her wonderful video for “Needs,” but we’re elated to hear she’s been hard at work on new material, and just released her first full-length album Young Mom on Italian label We Were Never Being Boring last week. It’s a perfect winter morning record, hazy, drifting electronic pop that calls her Montreal contemporaries Blue Hawaii to mind. Beautiful soundscapes anchored by catchy vocal melodies, it’s a fantastic record, a must-listen as far as we’re concerned.

You can stream or purchase Young Mom from Bandcamp.

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Last month, Abbotsford producer and ambient pop master Teen Daze released his new EP, A World Away, from Reykjavik, the land of its icy inspiration.

Teen Daze is no stranger to conveying dreamy sounds through visions of glacial landscapes (re: past tracks “Alaska”, “Tundra”, “Ice on the Windowsill” – we could go on). But A World Away offers a fresh perspective through an ambient storm of new age synths while also incorporating a mix of soft drums and piano.

Unlike his previous releases, A World Away is stripped of any vocals, allowing a focus on the instrumental make-up. But nothing feels like it’s missing – the simplicity results in a soothing and absorbing experience. The opening track “Sun Burst” introduces dreamy synths laced with piano.

For listeners who like Teen Daze’s more upbeat tracks, “Than” and “Desert” incorporate his familiar dose of reverb and galactic sounds.

You can purchase the full EP from his Bandcamp. And if you’re in Toronto, he’ll playing the Hoxton this Friday.

Posted on February 2nd, by Josh in New Release


Once in a while a band completely challenges your expectations. Much less often does a group do so with apparent effortlessness – this one is one of those rare exceptions.

Bonnie’s State of Mind finds Victoria triumvirate Freak Heat Waves expanding outwardly from their (amazing) self titled debut – Steve Lind’s angular guitar work persists throughout, but renewed is the focus on experimental electronic textures and sounds. Drummer Thomas Di Ninno and bassist James Twiddy keep it funky, recalling post-punk’s (sometimes) groovier classic players (A Certain Ratio, Gang of Four, Talking Heads) without ever sounding stale.

Instrumental tracks “Inaugural Temple Pulse” and “Liquid Honey” simultaneously recall Bowie in full-blown art rock mode as well as Burlington Ont. minimal wave legends Ceramic Hello. Elsewhere, Lind’s unmistakable pseudo-monotonous baritone gets the ice time it deserves.

Bonnie’s State of Mind is out February 3rd on Hockey Dad Records.

Posted on January 28th, by elena in New Release


Blue Hawaii‘s Untogether was undeniably one of the best albums of 2013. But if you’ve ever seen the duo live, you know that they can twist their sweet and atmospheric songs into a beat-heavy dance party. Now you can finally capture some of that energy in your everyday life!

In this mixtape of edits, the bass is turned up, the tempos are faster, and Raphaelle Standell-Preston’s unique and powerful voice is mixed into haunting new harmonies. It’s kind of like seeing some dear old friends who have gotten cooler and more confident in the years since you’ve seen each other. There’s some new acquaintances too, like the sexually yearning “All of My Heart” and a fairly faithful cover of Kyle Hall’s “Ghosten” with vocals added on top.

Get over to Soundcloud and download a copy for yourself!