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Pile of Best Albums: People Tanning – On The Internet

Posted on April 10th, by arp2600 in New Release, Pile of Best Albums

People Tanning

First off, People Tanning is the best bandname we’ve heard in a while. Second, their EP is weird. For instance, we’re sure there’s a reason that every song opens with birds or crickets chirping, but that idea comes from minds far more forward thinking than our own. People who write this kind of thing:

“An interesting thing about nature sounds is that people actually like them more than the music produced by a billion dollar industry. If you think about it, music is very subjective – usually people like some genres and dislike others and there is no music that everybody likes. However nature sounds get much wider appreciation – it is hard to find a person that does not like the sound of beach waves crashing against the shore.”

That actually makes total sense, but AFTER the nature noises you get an amazing and wonderful surreal/absurdist blend of sing-song funklectro. What more would you expect from some of the brains behind Toronto-based arts collective Tough Guy Mountain?


New Release: Processor – Processor

Posted on March 26th, by arp2600 in New Release


Processor, everyone’s favourite krautrock/drone/soundscape outfit have released a full-length album! The band, one of half of which consists of the owner of Toronto’s best record store, has been making waves in the city for a while now, notably at a four hour improvised collaboration with Cell Memory at the AGO in January.

They are about to head out on a cross-Canada tour in April, so catch them if you can. Now excuse us, we have 40 minutes of meditating to do.


New Release: YlangYlang – Tender Freaky Sexy Moments

Posted on March 24th, by Chuck in New Release


YlangYlang and company are in fine form on Tender Freaky Sexy Moments, a super sweet 90s R&B covers set that succeeds on all levels. Everything about this EP is awesome: The stunning track selection (e.g., the welcomed inclusion of both Paula Abdul’s “Rush Rush” AND Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby”), the playful interpretations (yet strikingly faithful in some respects), and notable guest appearances by Bile Sister, Lovebrrd, and Hazy Montagne Mystique. Do yourself a favour and download this EP!


Ice Cream – Fired Up

Posted on March 20th, by farragoes in New Release


Our deeply beloved Ice Cream have smiled beneficently upon us today by granting us an audience with their excellent new track, Fired Up. Slinky bass grooves abound and the track is accompanied by a video directed by Meg Remy of US girls, that premiered on Rookie Mag this past Sunday. There seems to be near universal agreement that Ice Cream are among the most exciting bands in Toronto, and quite probably anywhere else at the moment, and we are certainly happy to add our voice to that choir. They’re going to be playing in Toronto at the Hoxton this Saturday with The Internet, and Bizzarh. File under “shows not to be missed.”


New Release: JFM – Squat

Posted on March 20th, by Chuck in New Release

JFM Squat

JFM’s latest release, entitled Squat, comes courtesy of estimable Toronto imprint Pleasence records. It has become very clear, both live and on record, that JFM possesses a remarkable approach to abstract electronic music. The warped, psychedelic beat vignettes on this release expertly balance uncompromising experimental rigour with dance floor consciousness, triggering both cerebral and corporeal impulses.

Don’t sleep on this stellar cassette-only release by one of Canada’s brightest leftfield producers coming at it from a DIY tradition.


New Release: You’ll Never Get to Heaven – Adorn

Posted on March 14th, by digits in New Release


Yeah, Chuck from You’ll Never Get to Heaven is one of Silent Shout’s stalwart contributors now, so there’s no hope of this brand new EP getting the objective full-on superlative review treatment. Let’s try to maintain a neutral stance despite our OBVIOUS PERENNIAL EXCITEMENT for this ambient pop project.

So, this new EP, containing six songs of unsurprising duration, performs adequately in its goal of eliminating silence. It includes competent covers of Brian Eno and Erik Satie, and is produced and engineered in accordance with generally accepted audio standards. Purchasing this music is possible, but we in no way imply that you should. From Bandcamp.


New Release: WHOOP-Szo – Qallunaat​/​Odemin

Posted on February 24th, by Chuck in New Release


Guelph-based outfit WHOOP-Szo has produced a stunning collaborative album with Inuit Youth entitled Qallunaat/Odemin. Recorded in the Northern Village of Salluit, Quebec, the music blends palpable intimacy with experimental rigour, resulting in a dynamic mix of psych, folk, noise-pop, and haunting atmospherics. Grab a digital or analog copy of this record via Out of Sound Records.

In addition to putting out stellar screen-printed records and tapes, Out of Sound also administers a series of estimable community outreach initiatives for Aboriginal and Inuit youth, which you can learn about here.


New Release: Violence – Erlebnis

Posted on January 23rd, by elena in New Release


When Ottawa’s Violence released their debut EP last March, we declared them our spirit animal. Since it was our favourite EP of 2013, it’s understandable that the arrival of their first full-length has turned our January blues into some happy dancing. The record’s sound continues in the same vein as their previous release: artfully executed synth pop with the exact dark flavour that we love. This is more proof that Visage Musique works with the best bands.

The title is a German philosophical term for experience, and that’s exactly what you should do with this record. Bring it with you as you go about, play it in all kinds of situations, really experience it.


New Release: Beach Season – Internet Everything EP

Posted on January 14th, by bonnaventure in New Release


R&B producer Sam Avant AKA Beach Season is the first artist in 2014 to release an EP on the up-and-coming electronic label Close To Modern. Now in “Season 2″ Close to Modern is releasing some of the finest electronic music Canada has to offer.

The most recent from Beach Season rides a line between chillwave and R&B. Offering chilling vocals and spacey synth stabs over appropriately urban drum samples. Run, don’t walk over to Bandcamp and grab the ‘Pay What You Can’ EP.


New Release: YlangYlang – Blossom

Posted on January 13th, by Chuck in New Release

YlangYlang - Blossom - cover

In recent years, the highly prolific YlangYlang has issued a slew of compelling releases on Lava Church, Personal Archives, and Jeunesse Cosmique. Her latest release, entitled Blossom, is without a doubt her strongest work to date. This standout set will resonate with fans of poignant minimal synth and experimental ambient K7s, as well as fans of current ethereal DIY electronic music, such as Motion Sickness of Time Travel and Aloonaluna.

Blossom is available from Lava Church on cassette and digital formats. The label is generously offering the digital album as a “name your price” download. Get it here!