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Remix: Beta Frontiers x Weaves

Posted on July 22nd, by digits in Remix, Video


Regular readers know we have a penchant for posting all things Beta Frontiers and all things Weaves. Well today, we get an idea of what an amalgam band (Beta Waves or Beta Weaves?) would sound like, as our favourite Toronto electronic producer gets to slather his magic all over Weaves’ now-classic-seeming “Motorcycle”. It’s now got his characteristic shimmery, summery bounce. Probably good cycling music! From the Weaves Remixed EP, featuring remixes by our faves J FM, Babe Rainbow, Thomas and more, out now on Buzz Records.

Weaves is performing a special one-time-only theatrical collaboration with Allison Cummings entitled “Weaves Through Time” on August 10 in Toronto, part of the Summerworks Music Series curated by Silent Shout.


Remix: Delta Will x Kira May

Posted on July 22nd, by digits in Remix


Kira May might still be a relative newcomer to the Toronto electronic scene, but her loop-based compositions and performances have been attracting attention from all corners, and we were not immune. So we’re ever-so-pleased to get to premiere this Delta Will remix of “Visions,” the closing track from her excellent January EP HEALTH. Delta Will take the meditative and languid original into a much more uptempo direction, chopping up Kira’s many vocal samples and turning it into a slightly-frantic, but still grooving, head-bopper of a track.

If you’re in Toronto, Kira May opens for Nat Baldwin (of Dirty Projectors) and Black Walls this Thursday at Wavelength at the Monarch Tavern, which seems like a show well worth seeing indeed.


MP3: Mozart’s Sister x Trust

Posted on July 9th, by elena in Remix


We’re shuddering with anticipation for the release of the debut album from Montreal favourite Mozart’s Sister (next month!!), but until then we’ll be listening to her excellent remix of Trust‘s “Rescue, Mister“. She replaced the thumping bass with a hectic collection of top-end sounds, but the real power of this is the updated vocals, a combination of both artists’ voices.


Remix: Most People x Adverteyes

Posted on May 29th, by elena in Remix


Most People have entered the remix game! One of Toronto’s best bands have taken this track from Guelph’s Adverteyes and moulded it into a new beast by doubling the length, removing the vocals, and demonstrating some fantastic production skills. The song can be found on Adverteye’s new remix album, which also features contributions from other Toronto luminaries Del Bel and Fresh Snow.


Remix: Tarantula X x Prince Innocence

Posted on May 28th, by digits in Remix


Ah, how could we not love this? Tarantula X blew our minds earlier this year with an amazing remix of Trust’s “Rescue Me, Mister”, and now he’s taken on perennial favourites Prince Innocence. He’s brought the brilliant original to the dancefloor, where this remix seems destined to be a smash.

Both the original and remix available on a new 7″ from Pretty Pretty Records.


Remix: Hugh Le Caine – Dripsody

Posted on May 14th, by Chuck in Remix

Le Caine Image
Hugh Le Caine (1914-1977) is a pivotal figure in the history of 20th century music. Born in Northwestern Ontario, his ingenious inventions have heavily informed the technological evolution of electronic musical instruments. To honour his invaluable contributions, the Music Gallery commissioned Canadian producers Boundary, Elaquent, and Sandro Perri to remix “Dripsody: An Etude for Variable Speed Recorder”, a seminal Le Caine composition circa 1955.

Each producer offers a distinguished interpretation that bridges yesteryear’s futurism with the present: Boundary sets slow, spacious synth lines against a hypnotic loop concocted from the original; Elaquent situates Le Caine’s pitched water droplets amid a deep kick and intricately skewed hi-hat rhythms; and, to haunting effect, Sandro Perri draws upon musique concrète gestures and a ghostly waltz figure.

If you are in Toronto, we strongly encourage you to attend the 100th anniversary celebration of Hugh Le Caine, May 30, at the Music Gallery. In the interim, stream this incredible set of Le Caine remixes exclusively at Centrediscs.


Remix: Exotic Club x Psychic Rites

Posted on April 3rd, by digits in Remix


Psychic Rites are a super gothy synthpop duo from Moscow, ID, which is just on the Washington border, and used to be called “Hog Heaven” but then “five men in the area met to choose a proper name for the town, but could not come to agreement. The postmaster Samuel Neff then completed the official papers for the town and selected the name Moscow. Interestingly, Neff was born in Moscow, Pennsylvania and later moved to Moscow, Iowa.” (Wikipedia)

Since we can’t stop reading that article, we’ve discovered that Moscow was the birthplace of Psychiana, a “media religion” which was once the US’s 8th most popular religion and world’s most popular mail order religion. Is there a connection between Psychiana and Psychic Rites?

Oh, the music. Well today we’ve got this INCREDIBLE remix by Portland’s Exotic Club that takes the slow and mega evil “Elohim” into uptempo arpeggiated glory. Memories of Nash the Slash! And this “Love Will Tear Us Apart” cover is too fun not to include.

Psychic Rites’ debut EP is still available for free here. We hope to hear more from them soon!!


Remix: Syngja x Saxsyndrum

Posted on March 12th, by digits in Remix


Warning: monster remix record ahead. Seriously, Montreal indie electrojazz duo Saxsyndrum have assembled an all-star collection of remixers to take on tracks from their 2013 album Future Circus. Including a ton of Silent Shout faves, like How Sad, Beta Frontiers, Pick a Piper, ¡flist!, the list goes on and on. We’re super into this Syngja take on “Heartsrings,” which takes the upbeat and optimistic original and brings it into slightly darker atmospheric pop territory. This remix goes well beyond remix territory, adding completely original vocals by Syngja singer Tyr Jami. (Vocals by Luke Loseth of Holobody existed in the original but were somewhat twisted beyond recognition.)

No question, this is a pretty brilliant re-imagining, very catchy ethereal pop, sounding a bit like Blue Hawaii or Kate Bush. With flourishes of sax throughout of course.

The Wake Island remix featuring Akua that CultMTL premiered yesterday is also highly worth your time. As for that remix album, entitled Fairground: Future Circus Remixed, it’s out March 22. Catch Saxsyndrum’s release party that very day in Montreal at Le Cagibi, with Loopsy Dazy and Syngja opening.


Remix: Petra Glynt – War Cry (Pale Eyes Whitmanic Yawp Edit)

Posted on February 6th, by arp2600 in Remix

pale eyes petra glynt

There’s a very defined group of collaborators developing in Toronto. I don’t know who is the individual or group responsible for bringing these people together, but clearly Petra Glynt (and her label Healing Power) has something to do with it. Of these collaborators, the latest to come onto our radar is Pale Eyes from Toronto. They just released this excellent remix of Petra Glynt’s War Cry. Let the collaborations continue!


Remix: Tarantula X x Trust

Posted on January 29th, by digits in Remix


The first Trust single off of Joyland made us real happy. A dark, brooding, emotionless kind of happy. Well consider us ever more overcome with emotionlessness, because shadow-dwelling Toronto producer Tarantula X has made “Rescue, Mister” extremely dancefloor-ready. Huge arpeggiators are our friends, always. Probably the best remix we’ve heard this year!

The first Trust album was our #4 of 2012, so we’re assuming we’re going to be listening to Joyland all year. It’s out March 4 on Arts & Crafts.