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Posted on April 10th, by digits in Remix


We’re huge Pick a Piper fans here at Silent Shout – Caribou drummer Brad Weber’s self-titled debut album was one of our favourites of 2013. Well, it’s a couple years later, and it feels about time to revisit those wonderful songs with some assistance from Weber’s wide coterie of talented peers, all coming together to make a remix album in support of the Steve Reid Foundation, which helps musicians in need, especially medical need. Unlike many remix records, this one really feels like a particularly cohesive listen, as the artists involved all have an affinity for exploring the psychedelic side of electronic music. Contributors include Teen Daze, Jeremy Greenspan, the Ruby Suns, and the man himself, Caribou. It’s a thoroughly engrossing compilation worthy of repeated listens.

You can stream and purchase Remixes from Bandcamp.

Posted on April 7th, by Terri in Remix

BF.lucia remix image

By now we know to expect great things from Beta Frontiers. It shouldn’t be a surprise when he drops a ridiculously catchy remix or original track like it’s no big deal. But a new track from him IS a big deal and, yet again, he has delivered.

Whereas his recent remixes have taken great songs to the next level of funky danceability, his new take on ANAMAI‘s Lucia thoughtfully transforms a dark, slow, atmospheric tune into an electro chillout treasure. He retains the spirit of the original by chopping and layering Anna Mayberry’s haunting vocals over a twitchy groove but there are no lyrics, no narrative to follow. It’s as if Mayberry is looking down over a Beta Frontiers landscape being all like “mmmmmm mhmmmmm yesssss”.

These two produce radically different work but their collaborations result in greatness. We loved the pop single they released together on Buzz Records last year.

If she’s rolling through your hometown, catch ANAMAI on tour this Spring!

Posted on March 20th, by arp2600 in Premiere, Remix

Once a year, a boy's-eye view of the scouting movement is gi

We knew for a while that Most People’s Brandon Gibson-DeGroote had a deep-seeded love for all things house and techno. This has manifested itself through his newest project RaveTapes and now, by entering into the remix game with this spectacular nine-minute sweaty workout jam.

Brandon takes the already dance-floor pumping style of Zords up to the next level with his extended version of last year’s “Dancing Eyes.” Put it on when getting ready to go out, doing the dishes or cooking dinner and just TRY not start moving. The weekend is here, so let’s have a dance party!

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“Curtains?!” is unquestionably one of the best singles of the year, a standout from Timber Timbre’s masterful Hot Dreams. But of course, as an electronic blog, part of us always wonders: “What if there was just more synth in there?” Well today we get a hypnotic, grooving, epic journey of a remix from Toronto’s psychedelic electronic superstars Doomsquad, featuring a guest vocal from Simone Schmidt (of Fiver, One Hundred Dollars). In your face and unrelentless, it’s a deep and bassy track that is darker and more urgent than their amazing February debut Kalaboogie. Such a good combination! One of the best remixes of the year.

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Vesuvio Solo, one of Montreal’s most exciting new projects, gets the remix treatment from Waterfront Property, who recently joined the ever-expanding Banko Gotiti family. He gives a decidedly more LCD Soundsystem/electro take on the poppy soul of Vesuvio Solo on this remix, and throws in some excellent guest vocals from Marlene Brando.

You can hangout with all these cool cats tonight in Montreal, at a Banko Gotiti curated dance party at Datcha also featuring live performance from Inside Touch and Adam Feingold.

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Montreal songwriter James Irwin thoroughly charmed us with his recent single “Everything Passed Me By,” and we’ve been eagerly awaiting the next single from his forthcoming album Unreal. And here it be! “Face Value” does not disappoint, another relaxed yet sombre song, seems like this record will be autumnal to the max.

As an added treat, the track’s been remixed by the brilliant L Ron of Holobody. Also essential listening!

Posted on August 8th, by farragoes in Remix


Neat remix here from the ever delightful Montreal weirdo Flist of his labelmate Hua Li. Both acts are releasing EPs in the coming months on Art Not Love Records, and this momentary collaboration bodes well, with Flist bringing his signature creep to Li’s bizarro R&B stylings. Long live the weirdzzzzzz.

Posted on August 7th, by bonesPOP in MP3, Remix

10151349_705165712879933_6281480782168226150_n Summer is in full swing so we thought we’d suggest some East Coast electro vibes for your summer playlist. What better way to cool down on a hot day than with a double shot of East Coast chill with this Whale Skin remix of Vogue Dots‘ awesome song “Skinny Thing.” Click here for our post about Vogue Dots’ original single as well as our here for our POBA review of their beautiful TOSCA EP.

Also be on the lookout for the summer line of  Whale Skin lip glosses that will be available for sale at upcoming Whale Skin shows.

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Regular readers know we have a penchant for posting all things Beta Frontiers and all things Weaves. Well today, we get an idea of what an amalgam band (Beta Waves or Beta Weaves?) would sound like, as our favourite Toronto electronic producer gets to slather his magic all over Weaves’ now-classic-seeming “Motorcycle”. It’s now got his characteristic shimmery, summery bounce. Probably good cycling music! From the Weaves Remixed EP, featuring remixes by our faves J FM, Babe Rainbow, Thomas and more, out now on Buzz Records.

Weaves is performing a special one-time-only theatrical collaboration with Allison Cummings entitled “Weaves Through Time” on August 10 in Toronto, part of the Summerworks Music Series curated by Silent Shout.

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Kira May might still be a relative newcomer to the Toronto electronic scene, but her loop-based compositions and performances have been attracting attention from all corners, and we were not immune. So we’re ever-so-pleased to get to premiere this Delta Will remix of “Visions,” the closing track from her excellent January EP HEALTH. Delta Will take the meditative and languid original into a much more uptempo direction, chopping up Kira’s many vocal samples and turning it into a slightly-frantic, but still grooving, head-bopper of a track.

If you’re in Toronto, Kira May opens for Nat Baldwin (of Dirty Projectors) and Black Walls this Thursday at Wavelength at the Monarch Tavern, which seems like a show well worth seeing indeed.