OVER are a brand-new Toronto duo composed of Dan Workman and Brett Paulin, and we’re seriously enjoying their dark and hypnotic electro-shoegaze single “Gone are the Days.” It’s a slow, psychedelic track with cascading vocal harmonies and hazy synth washes, that makes us feel like we’re floating through the air. Perhaps best suited for gravity-free situations, it arrives with a dark, evocative video directed by Irene Cortes and Josh Reichmann.

“Gone are the Days” is available now as a 7″ from OVER’s Bandcamp.

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Video: U.S. Girls – Navy & Cream

Toronto‘s Meg Remy aka U.S. Girls is one of our favourite artists going these days, what with us declaring last year’s Half Free our favourite album of 2015. It’s therefore no chore to revisit hazy/shoegazy album cut “Navy & Cream” now that she’s released a new Emily Pelstring-directed video for it. Animated shapes float and twist through a beautiful blue yonder, pairing ever-so-well with the still-mesmerizing track.

U.S. Girls is going on tour across the globe, check her site for tour dates.

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Video: Junior Boys – Over It

Hamilton electronic pop/R&B trailblazers Junior Boys continue their never-ending string of essential releases with their fifth album Big Black Coat today, and the duo released a video for one of the record’s standout singles “Over It” a couple of days ago. Directed by Lee Skinner (who also shot Jessy Lanza‘s incredible vid for “Kathy Lee”), it begins with a surreal opening scene as Jeremy Greenspan first fades into existence as an older gentleman (his future self?) gazes at a television screen. A short jaunt through snowy Steeltown takes them to a green-screen rehearsal space, where things get trippy and colourful as Skinner applies a variety of incredible visual effects.

Big Black Coat is out today on Greenspan’s Hamilton-repping Geej Recordings and City Slang.

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Premiere: Konig – How I Feel

We’ve expounded at length about how much we adore the music of Toronto/Kingston bedroom electronic pop artist Nadia Pacey aka Konig. Ger debut album Puberty was our album of the week two weeks back, so we couldn’t be more pleased to premiere the music video for one of the many highlights of that records, “How I Feel”.

Directed by Pacey herself along with Jessica Conners, the video is a simple concept, but beautifully executed. A series of close-up shots of the artist being covered in white paint, it begins with the clean-up followed by her flinching as cups of paint are dropped on her from above. The resulting patterns make her she seem otherworldly, almost alien at times. Certainly the visual effects and reflection tricks contribute to that effect. Regardless, it’s a remarkable, minimal work that mesmerizes.

Puberty is available now from Bandcamp, and it’s astonishingly good.

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Brand new Toronto electronic pop group PEERS are not messing around with their video debut, an exquisitely crafted and epic narrative of murder, charlatanism, and snowshoeing. Quickly flashing forward and backwards through time, and occasionally juxtaposed with found footage, director Michael Hurlbut fits an astonishing number of vignettes in the track’s short run time, all the while making some pretty delightful use of colour and visual effects. And we haven’t even gotten to the song!

“Ex-Teens” is an absolutely explosive single, quite dense in its instrumentation but deftly arranged, featuring some remarkably hooky synths and vocals, thunderous drums and a twin-guitar coda. PEERS are onto something and we want more. If you’re in Toronto you can, and should, catch them at the Horseshoe this Friday.

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