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Posted on August 28th, by arp2600 in Video


Princess Century has always been a purveyor of the most bumping of dance floors. Lossless, her avant-pop debut record was a thing of beauty, an unheralded masterstroke that is still played regularly at the Silent Shout offices. Now we have the exciting news of Progress, her new LP due out in October on Paper Bag Records.

As a single, “Sunscream” is exactly what we want to hear from the project moving forward. While we miss Maya’s vocals, this track is a straight-up banger that should be played at only the coolest and hardest to find underground clubs. The Austra drummer’s ear for production is in fine form here from the motrik drums behind a propulsive bass line and splashes of synth strings straight out of a John Carpenter movie.

Progress is available for preorder from Paper Bag, or you can wait until October 16 to pick up your copy.

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Though incredibly catchy, Pat Jordache embraces the more eclectic side of synth-pop in his latest video single, through processed vocals and synths reminiscent of Boards of Canada. “O.M.O.” features local Montreal fixtures Adam Wilcox and Thom Gillies (the latter formerly of TOPS).

This Roxanne Lemieux-directed video explores the bleak Canadian winter as we all know it – catch the heat while you can! From the snow-covered steppes of rural Quebec to a frozen abandoned building, all become settings where we bear witness to Jordache’s eccentricities.

Do yourself a favor (if you haven’t already) and pick up Steps, a record that was released only a few months ago via Banko Gotiti Records in digital and vinyl formats.

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And we’re back! Silent Shout summer vacation is over, and we’ve got our work cut out for us, lots of great August music to catch up on! First up is the latest from Baby Cages, the collaboration Jeremy Costello (aka Special Costello) and Halloway Jones. “All U Want” is the first new single since the Toronto/Halifax duo’s 2014 LP Indelicate, and it’s a lovely downtempo dark pop track, with textured guitars, synths and layered vocals over a minimal drum machine loop. They’ve also released a video for the track, directed by Heather Rappard, who shot the incredible Bile Sister vid for “Haagen Baadz” back in January. Beginning with a motivational speech by a woman calling herself “The Future,” it’s a slightly-hypnotic montage of women engaging in various trust exercises, and suits the introspective song well.

“All U Want” is available on a pay-what-you-want basis from Baby Cages’ Bandcamp. Grab it!

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Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 1.10.28 PM

Our love of Bataille Solaire, the proggy electrolyte from Montreal, cannot be understated. As a frequent collaborator of Jef Barbara and Pascale Project (who directed this video), Asaël Richard-Robitaille has definitely honed his skills for electro-experimentation and with this song has created an almost easy-listening jam that would be played in the most awesome supermarket in the world.

“Hom dans la ville” is the first single from Dolby’s On, his latest EP out now on Mansions and Millions.

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Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 1.11.23 PM

This video is certainly a more playful side of Rolemodel than we’ve seen before. It features Jordan Allen, principal Rolemodeler, going through various stages of drag and getting (seemingly) sloppy drunk. Which drag persona is your favourite? Personally, I like the one with the gigantic blond hair and heart glasses. Though the red haired/scarf version is pretty good too.

“Teen Idol” is a downtempo emotional journey with a killer chorus synth hook and one of the strongest tracks from the band’s latest EP Claire, which is out now on Hand Drawn Dracula.

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We’ve been very much into Brendan Philip’s debut EP lately, and the sleek, dark, and experimental electro-R&B sound within. This week, he released a video for the EP’s closer “Wild Side,” a late night drive punctuated by don’t-try-this-at-home fireworks firing. Directed by Kevin Dempster, it’s a lovely visual affair that perfectly matches the track’s minimal groove.

Brendan Philip’s EP is available now from Dine Alone Records.

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DONT-ASK-DONT-TELL-575x377Vesuvio Solo‘s uber-catchy psychedelic stoner-pop anthem still makes us swoon after all this time. And now we’ve got some killer visuals to go along with it, with a new video directed and edited by the band themselves and Pat Gregoire. It makes sense that this band lives in a perpetual VHS haze, subtly rocking out in a bare green room.

Their most excellent album Favors is available now from Banko Gotiti and Atelier Ciseaux. Do yourself a favour.

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usgirls3When we last checked in with Meg Remy’s recently 4AD’d U.S. Girls, she was shaking her fist at the White House and cursing a landform. Now, she’s announced her next LP, Half Free and released the second single along with a self-directed video, a psychedelic and nightmarish procession of women with third eyes. As with “Damn That Valley,” “Woman’s Work” was produced by Toronto beats-genius Onakabazien and is easily the most Silent Shout-y single we’ve ever heard from U.S. Girls. Featuring a driving arpeggiated synth and a huge-but-slow backbeat, and even a vocoder, it’s everything we could have hoped for. Predictions: Half Free will make U.S. Girls an indie underground star (which she’s long deserved). Also, she somehow ends up president, with Bernie as her veep. You heard it here first.

We cannot wait to hear this record. Half Free is out September 25, which is tantalizingly far away.

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Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 1.19.12 PM 1

The fast-paced, high energy electro banger from Maarten Bayliss gives us a certain amount of anxiety, which is quickly washed away as soon as we realize how amazing the song is. Not to mention the video, which is just great. A man in a gorilla suit goes about his daily routine, and plays the song in the desert. Simple concept, amazing execution.

But okay, let’s just talk about Bayliss’ website for a second. Go ahead, check it out. It’s amazing! On this Buzzfeed parody, Bayliss get’s the tone just right (the headline for this video is “You Won’t Believe This Gorilla’s Dance Moves. This Video Changed My Life In 4 Minutes), but he also makes all the supplementary videos that you find on the sidebar. Seriously, you can waste a lot of time there, and I think it takes the award for best website for a Canadian Musician.

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Admittedly, and somewhat embarrassingly, Montreal’s Foxtrott just popped up on our radar by virtue of a show that she’s doing in Berlin with fellow Montrealer Antoine 93 in July. Well, now that we’re onboard, we’re never getting off. This kind of sleekly produced electro-pop is definitely in our wheelhouse, especially when we can make a comparison to perennial Silent Shout fave Mozart’s Sister. The similarities don’t end at the textures used, but they both carry a sense of otherworldliness and complete originality despite the professionalism of arrangements.

Not to mention the video, which is just super cool. I want to visit those purple hills and dance just like they’re doing here. Click “repeat” a few times on this one to prepare you for November 6th when Foxtrott releases A Taller Us, her debut record on One Little Indian.