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Video: Ken Park – Stay At Mine

Posted on October 24th, by digits in Video

Toronto’s Ken Park eats a falafel on a deserted beach, sometimes singing in between bites, and it’s still somehow mesmerizing. This video for hypnotic You Think About it Too Much highlight “Stay At Mine” was directed by Eduardo Sánchez and shot in Barcelona on Ken Park’s summer tour with Phèdre.

Ken Park plays Toronto tonight with Silent Shout faves Antoine93 and Mathématique at Double Double Land. Can’t miss!


Video: Brave Shores – Never Come Down

Posted on October 21st, by arp2600 in Video

Our friends in Tony Ho have sneakily gone and directed one of the best videos of the year. Featuring brother sister duo Brave Shores with one of the catchiest indie-pop songs we’ve heard this side of Icona Pop, the Toronto sketch troupe have created a colourful world of awesome hair and beautiful people. Keep your eyes peeled for a brief a cameo from Roxanne, Silent Shout’s own resident artist as the girl with the bubble gum.


Video: Princess Century – Palace

Posted on October 20th, by digits in Video

Oh, it’s always so nice to be reminded how mindblowingly amazing Princess Century is. Lossless, one of the best albums of last year, was full of great (and sinister, and strange) singles. Let’s revisit “Palace,” because she just put out a beautiful new video for it, directed by Cosmotropia de Xam. A chaotic journey from one strange visual to the next, it’s a great way to experience the song.

Lossless is still available on Bandcamp, and it’s still so so so good.


Video: Xarah Dion – L’asphalte chaude

Posted on October 16th, by arp2600 in Video

Xarah Dion has dropped the Nouveau Zodiaque moniker and will be releasing her debut LP in a month.

The French dark synthwave superstar made one of our favourite songs last year, and looks to be continuing this trend moving forward into 2014 with the release of “L’asphalte chaude.” Decidedly more EDM than minimal synth, the turn has us super excited for what is to come for the project.

For those in the area, you can see her live in Toronto on November 1st at Ciro’s or at her album release in Montreal with Automelodie on the 14th.

Video directed by Guillaume Vallée


Video: Votive – Stay Away

Posted on October 9th, by arp2600 in New Release, Video

Kontravoid has expanded with Votive: the new side-project from everyone’s favourite dark-wave mask-enthusiast, and we definitely love what we hear! Adding vocalist Kat Duma and more of a dance-club vibe to the proceedings makes the project more in keeping with Cam Findlay’s previous projects Parallels and Crystal Castles.

And apparently, they’ve been busy: in the span of 24 hours, the band dropped the video (above, directed by Nadia Khashan), and EP (below) and the news that they are opening for TRUST tomorrow at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto. Really, there couldn’t be a more appropriate pairing.


Video: Swim Good feat. RLMDL – Saturday

Posted on October 8th, by digits in Video

Oh, this collaboration has Silent Shout written all over it: a Toronto team-up featuring producer Swim Good and dreamy electropop band RLMDL. It combines both of their strengths spectacularly, resulting in an airy track anchored by a blistering arpeggiated bass that might be the song’s star. Can’t mess with that chorus though. We missed it back in September (when it premiered on Stereogum) but hey, now we get to post it along with this Jakub Blank-directed video they just released today. That worked out!


Video: Bazarian – Castle on a Cloud

Posted on October 7th, by arp2600 in Video

Bazarian, one of our favourite Ableton noodlers, has released one of the strangest videos of the year. Half-way between disgusting and beautiful, he immerses his seemingly naked body in ladybugs, who are free to just roam around his body. It’s a eerily serene sight, but also an experience we would not wish upon ourselves or our worst enemies.

The song is a pared-back ambient experience, and hopefully a sign of new material on the way. It’s been far too long since we’d heard anything from this project.


Video: Automelodi – Metropole sous la pluie

Posted on October 3rd, by digits in Video

Automelodi‘s album Surlendemains Acides may have come out last year, but this new video for standout single “Metropole sous la pluie” reminds us that there’s never a bad time to revisit that record. Frontman Xavier Paradis moodily poses and shimmies in the fog, and makes us long for a world as mysteriously glamorous as this Emilie Serri-directed video. And the song? Still couldn’t ask for a better darkly pop single. Forever impressed.

Surlendemains Acides is still available on vinyl and digitally from Electric Voice Records.


Video: Born Gold – I Want To Guard You From Boredom

Posted on October 2nd, by arp2600 in Video

Cecil Frena discovers his inner Wayne Coyne in the new video from Born Gold. But, oh my, doesn’t rolling around in a giant plastic ball look like so much fun!?!

This is the latest in his ongoing No Sorrow videos series: every month on the 22nd, Born Gold will release a new song and accompanying video, then put it up on his Bandcamp for PYWC download after the month is through. There are a total three so far, and we love the idea of more to come. Born Gold should NEVER be faulted for lack of ambition.


Video: Rec Centre – Like I Care

Posted on September 30th, by arp2600 in Video

Rec Centre Video Shot

An X-files homage/parody video from one of Vancouver’s best pop bands is one the greatest things we can ask for! The Jay Arner affiliated Rec Centre pulled ALL the stops on this video: green slime, glowing eyes, STUNT DRIVING (allegedly from Arner himself), guns and the iconic courier font location titles.

Directed by Jessica Delisle