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Posted on November 27th, by arp2600 in Video


Foxtrott has been firing on all cylinders for the better part of 2015. Her record A Taller Us, released last week on One Little Indian, is a supremely satisfying listen, harkening back to pre-Austra Katie Stelmanis levels of experimental almost-operatic electro-pop.

But as good as that record is, I gotta say that I am absolutely floored by her latest video. Weird dancing in a seemingly never-ending quarry? Really fucking cool. Was there a helicopter involved in this shoot? Regardless, the sheer spectacle of the video fits the sense of doom and unease that permeates throughout “Shaky Hands.” The video is the perfect companion piece to the similarly beautiful “Driven,” which also features some weird dancing on rocks.

A Taller Us is out now in North American, December 4 elsewhere and has been on repeat in our offices since it was released. Get it now on One Little Indian.

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What an incredible end-of-year surprise! An absolutely stunning new single from Toronto’s resident intergalactic electro-soul visionary, Maylee Todd. Although her work has always had a strong electronic undercurrent, like on the now classic “Baby’s Got It”, her psychedelic funk/soul vibe usually dominated. Perhaps it was her work with Dan Werb in their incredible electronic pop duo Ark Analog that presaged this transition, or maybe this is a one-time-only thing, but brand new single “Lonely” is Maylee gone fully electronic, and we love it beyond measure. A kicking four-on-the-floor beat juxtaposed against soft vocals and warm synth sounds, it’s a perfect melancholy dance track which asks repeatedly, “When will I not be lonely?”

The video was directed by Fred Yurichuk, Jason Lutz, and Maylee herself, the same team behind the magnificent “Hieroglyphics” video last year. Featuring a mesmerizing mirrored dance performance from Minae Omi and shot from a very unusual perspective, it’s a most excellent companion to the track.

You can pre-order “Lonely” on 7″ now from Bandcamp. And if you’re in Toronto, you’ll want to check out Maylee’s “Virtual Womb” spectacular at the Great Hall on December 11.

Posted on November 23rd, by elena in Video


Don’t take Happymovie‘s name literally when it comes to their first music video. The clip, directed by Joseph Galeb, is instead gritty and a little bit ominous as the pair of musicians ride down a deserted road and wander the streets of Montreal. They get up to some fun things while they’re at it–eating freezies at the depanneur, relaxing in a sauna–but they’re straight-faced. Until they turn into silhouettes made out of stars toward the end, that is.

If you missed it (like us), check out the EP they released back in April.

Posted on November 18th, by digits in Video

11066068_10153464297059752_7915856926397722481_n-550x550Above Top Secret, our favourite Toronto electro-hip-hop duo, is back once more with a video for their late-summer smash “WTF?!” Directed by Shadow The Great (aka Loafmusik), it features Ayo Leilani and SunSun chilling in and around an abandoned building with a few dancers on a warm summer day. Clearly this a track that’s good for any season though: that huge, dark and cold beat will be on repeat in our tapedeck all winter long.

The liner notes suggest that there’s going to be an Above Top Secret album of some kind coming in 2016. Cannot wait for that! In the meantime, grab “WTF?!” as a free download from Soundcloud, and be sure to check out their previous single “Ghost”.

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She Devils are a psychedelic electro outfit from Montreal who have us completely in awe with “Come” their debut single. They’ve already made huge waves in their hometown, Toronto and Brooklyn by playing multiple shows with Majical Cloudz, Doldrums and other amazing acts, and we fully expect a major upwards trajectory following the release of their first EP next year, which includes “Come.” The self-directed video below is a perfect introduction, so watch it and be sucked in.

Posted on November 12th, by Jesse in Video


Being in a one man band has its advantages, just ask Johnny Saga aka Wolf Saga. The London, Ontario native has been at it for a while now, expanding his vision of a synth heavy indie-pop world. He lately published his first music video: “Always With Me” (a song already two years old), “tells the story of a fleeting past in memories of a lost love” and features one of those catchy wordless choruses that will definitely haunt you for a while.

Make sure you check out Wolf Saga’s latest work in an EP titled Auburn Nights over on bandcamp!

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Synth-rock masters Paradise Animals return with a bombastically huge track “Monday Morning.” Starting off somber and Magnetic Fieldsesque, the track builds and builds into something frantically energetic and maybe even life affirming. The excellent video, directed by Edward Fawcett Sharpe and Joel Barnes is a pastiche of a slice of life featuring folks loving summer and hanging out.

“Monday Morning” is the last single to be released before they drop their debut album Day Bed tomorrow. Those in Toronto can catch them at their release party this Saturday at Handlebar.

Posted on November 11th, by digits in Video


They’re back!!! Toronto electro-psych-pop party starters Phèdre have been a little on the quiet side when it comes to releasing new music since their tremendous 2013 LP Golden Age, but that all changed this month. They dropped a brilliant Acorn remix, true, but even more tantalizing was the release of a video for brand new jam “Tivoli”, as well as a promise that a new album is on the way in 2016, “when the snow disappears.”

“Tivoli” has a cleaner sound than their previous work, but that doesn’t mean it lacks for huge beats and weirdness, the things we’ve come to love about Phèdre the most. Pitch-shifted vocals over a deeply grooving bass and frantic snare rolls, the track is perfect for late-night dancefloor freakouts. The video, directed by Jason Harvey, is a sensory assault featuring bizarre animations and our heroic duo rocking out across the land in strange costumes. Totally lives up to their history of fantastic videos, including “Sunday Someday” and “Ancient Nouveau” from their last record, and of course the smash single that started it all, “In Decay.”

Phèdre are performing Dec 5 at the Silent Shout Festival (that’s us!) with a lineup we think is pretty darn swell. Torontonians take note!

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Toronto’s Animalia is a powerhouse of a performer. Not only her voice, which is huge and emotionally impactful as evidenced by her latest single “Little Earth,” but in her movements themselves, which are showcased nicely in the video directed by Brandon Cronenberg. The video is minimal in its approach and allows for Animalia’s personality to shine throughout.

No word on whether there is an album on the way from Animalia, but we’re hoping and waiting for more. “Little Earth” is available as a single November 13th on Culvert Music.

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We assume a high-school theme was chosen for Beat Market‘s “Les Belles Années” because so many people told you those four years would be the time of your life. (How wrong were they??) But the Montreal band’s version of high school is a lot more menacing. People get their heads dunked in urinals, and there’s some supernatural shenanigans going on. We won’t ruin the surprise–but we gasped two-and-a-half minutes into this suitably dramatic song.

And if you haven’t yet listened to their newest album, here’s your cue!