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Video: Vierance – Raven

Posted on April 16th, by arp2600 in Video

Public Service Announcement: do not wear flowing garments while next to fire on a windy day. ESPECIALLY if you’re doing it REALLY CREEPILY as Katherine Warner does in this video. Vierance have really stepped up their game as of late, and the new single from the sophomore EP absolutely delivers on all the promise we’ve seen from them. Semblance is out now on Deth Records, a new label fronted by Toronto’s SINS.


Video: Digits – Keeping Secrets (Remix)

Posted on April 15th, by digits in Video

Evil self-serving blogger Digits delivers yet another video to an unsuspecting Silent Shout audience presuming to receive impartial electropop-information. This video for “Keeping Secrets,” off of his free mixtape Shake Your Body Down, was shot in a Thai karaoke bar in Liège, Belgium, by the D-Mo Production Collective. Listen to that beat! We’re totally into this guy’s brand!


Video: Hua Li – This Chaos

Posted on April 10th, by arp2600 in Video

Hua Li is some smooth R&B, best paired with the likes of Bizzarh or Akua. WIth acts like these, the electro R&B/neo-sould hip-hop revival in this country keeps getting better and more interesting!

Shot by Nick Bostick, who specializes in these kind of intimate (and incredibly hip seeming) live outdoor videos.


MP3: Drug Train – Your Home

Posted on April 7th, by Chuck in MP3, Video

Drug Train

Drug Train delivers the goods yet again with “Your Home”, a brand new single on the fabulous beko imprint. This captivating mid-tempo track sets gorgeously hushed multi-tracked vocals against layers of overdriven guitar, spare percussion, and moody synthesizer to stunning effect. Pick it up!

EDIT: The band has also released an awesome video for the track!


Video: Phèdre – Sunday Someday

Posted on April 4th, by farragoes in Video

The video for Sunday Someday, a standout track from Phèdre‘s excellent LP, Golden Age, is astonishing and wonderful and at the end pretty gross.  Daniel Lee has a little mustache, April Aliermo has feathers in her hair, and our much adored Ken Park makes a cameo in a ruffly tuxedo shirt. They even laugh cruelly at a child!  Truly there is something for everyone here.

Phèdre are going on a big old european tour beginning at the end of this month, and the illustrious Mr. Park will be joining them for some of the dates.  If you live, pretty much anywhere in that part of the world you should make it your business to check them out.


Video: Tasseomancy – Reality

Posted on April 2nd, by digits in Video

We haven’t heard anything from Toronto experimental goth pop duo Tasseomancy since last October’s incredible “Braid. Wind is Coming”. Well, the wait has been worth it, because “Reality” might be the best thing they’ve ever done. It sounds like they’ve gone into Laurie Anderson mode, and are breaking down synthpop to its barest essentials. A monastic-chant of a track, it’s paired with the most incredible visuals (an early 20th century Bauhaus ballet), edited together by Sari Lightman (one of the Tasseo-sisters herself) and Neil Corcoran.

And apparently, biggest news of all, they’re releasing a new album out in the fall! We cannot wait.


Video: DAVIDS – Iranians

Posted on March 31st, by digits in Video

DAVIDS is an exciting Toronto project that has just become known to us. “Iranians” is super-sleek, dark electro full of tightly controlled arpeggiated synths, and feels like it was made just for this site and its minions. And the video, naturally replete with dancers and colourful strobes, was directed by the talented Divorce team.

Be sure to check out DAVIDS’ first EP, 0613, which is available for PWYW at Bandcamp.


Video: Magic Island – Baby Blu

Posted on March 25th, by digits in Video

Torontonian-in-Berlin Emma Czerny makes delicately pretty and strange pop as Magic Island, and we’ve sung her praises in these pages before. Well there’s now a video for her stand-out track (signature song?) “Baby Blu,” which hearkens back to the earliest electronic music days and Raymond Scott’s tropical electropop. Appropriately bathed in blue, the Kate Brown-directed video is a beautiful Berlin treat.


Video: Maylee Todd – Hieroglyphics

Posted on March 21st, by digits in Video

Apparently this is merely an IMPROMPTU music video, like “No big deal, we’re in Tokyo, why don’t we throw something together.” Just press play and see what Maylee and fellow directors Jason Lutz and Fred Yurichuk casually created.


Maylee Todd is known for her brilliant videos, of course, “Baby’s Got It” was one of our favourites of all time. And let’s not forget this year’s awesome Ark Analog video for “Make Me a Mirror”. Maylee, we eagerly await your next video missive!


Video: Zones – Open Sky

Posted on March 19th, by digits in Video

It’s that kind of morning. Zones, a Toronto based psychedelic electropop project composed of one Derek McKeon, is making the Silent Shout offices swoon, and affecting our productivity with his lazy grooves. The video is a beautiful swirl of colours that perfectly matches the song. We don’t know who directed it, but mystery visualizer, you do great work! We’re just going to stare at this all day. See you tomorrow.

Zones’ debut album “Real Time” came out last week on new Toronto cooperative label Heretical Objects. Obtain it from Bandcamp.