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Video: Gold Zebra – Drift Away

Posted on September 19th, by arp2600 in Video

Gold Zebra continue their string of amazingly beautiful and immaculately shot videos with maybe their best one yet. And yes: it’s incredibly creepy. At first you’re just thinking how impressive the figure skater is, but then at the 1:13 mark, “OH MY GOD, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?” A mini Lynchian horror movie continues from there on. Drift Away comes from their excellent self-titled debut from earlier this year on Visage Musique.

Directed by La Barbe Rousse


Video: Yacht Club – Cold Wind From Fools

Posted on September 17th, by arp2600 in Video

And just like that, Yacht Club are back! The band seems to have gone through a bit of a restructuring — last time we saw them, they performed as a duo — but have maintained their signature AM radio soft-rock stylings. Based on the video directed by Emmett Meade and lead singer/founding member Ben Cook, they have a good life: hanging in the desert with dogs, driving around without a care in the world.

The song comes from Burnt Cream, their latest EP (unfortunately not streaming anywhere at the time of this writing), which is available in pill form, cassette, VHS, on iTunes and eventually 12″.


Video: Bile Sister – Cakes

Posted on September 10th, by farragoes in Video

Toronto’s own Bile Sister have joined the ever expanding roster of bands to appear on the Guelph based live session site Pinball Sessions with this latest video for their track Cakes. The band have evolved in recent times from being the solo project of front woman Julie Reich, to a full band arrangement, and this live session is an excellent encapsulation of their woozy weirdo aesthetic. The video also comes in the build up to the launch of a new Pinball Sessions website, which will be happening next week. The Pinball folks have done sessions with several Silent Shout favorites including Phedre, Odonis Odonis and Diana and are well worth checking out.


Video: TOPS – Way to Be Loved

Posted on September 8th, by Josh in Video

TOPS have dropped a cameo-heavy vid for “Way to Be Loved”, an excellent track from their equally excellent new album Picture You Staring. The clip, directed by Fantavious Fritz, depicts the band playing at the Arbutus HQ in Montreal to a crowd featuring the likes of Alex Calder, Cadence Weapon, and best/worst of all, Mac DeMarco (and his testicles) at around 1:45.

Picture You Staring is out now on Arbutus.


Video: James Irwin – Everything Passed Me By

Posted on September 5th, by digits in Video

Oh good, we needed reminding about how wonderful this song is. With this first single in two years, Montrealer electro-songwriter James Irwin is setting out on a wonderful new direction. Slick, soft, pop that’s slightly on the electronic side, and simply too good. Too good! The video, directed by Derrick Belcham, is a lovely slow-motion scene, hazy and hypnotic. If you’re enjoying it, check out this Miracle Fortress remix too.


Video: Sean Nicholas Savage – Darkness

Posted on September 2nd, by Josh in Video

SNS gets sultry in sepia in this vid for the Bermuda Waterfall standout. Director Angus Borsos renders Savage into an old photo amidst a series of other timeworn portraits. The concept (created by both Borsos and Savage) is executed beautifully. Sean Nicholas Savage is on display for us – whether he likes it or not.

Bermuda Waterfall is out now on Arbutus.


Video: Light Fires – I Like to Work

Posted on August 12th, by digits in Video

Directed by Dreamedit, this new video for Light Fires‘ “I Like to Work” is a smorgasbord of snowy makeouts, and a study in contrast of bright white and orange. How much do we not miss winter?? From Light Fires’ amazing, never-gets-old debut album, still available from Bandcamp.

Light Fires is mounting an elaborate cabaret version of her live show for Silent Shout’s SummerWorks music series this weekend, Thursday through Saturday. Tickets are available here.


Video: Hush Pup – Swimming

Posted on August 7th, by arp2600 in Video

When we heard that some of the Toronto-based outfit Hush Pup were moving to Victoria, BC we feared the worst. Their EP from last year is a thing of beauty, and losing that unique, dreamy sound would have been a travesty for Canadian music fans. Well, it turns out our fears were unjustified; not only are Hush Pup back, but they are releasing a NEW EP! “Swimming” is the the first single from appropriately titled Waterwings, due for release in September.

The surreal VHS video comes from the ALSO appropriately named Toronto graphic zine Double D’s, which I suppose makes the video NSFW, but not really?

Regardless, Hush Pup are back! Rejoice! Rejoice!


Video: Austra – Doepfer

Posted on August 6th, by digits in Video

We are just LOVING this experimental phase Austra’s going through with their Habitat EP and this trippy trippy video for highlight “Doepfer” is suitably weird and shifting, just like the track. Directed by Adrienne Crossman and band member Maya Postepski.

Ominous whispers over minimal beats, Duran Duran covers, or y’know, just a classic Austra pop track for good measure, they can do no wrong. Habitat‘s still available on 12″ and more from Paper Bag.


Video: Born Gold – I Want to be Naked

Posted on August 5th, by digits in Video

We posted this brilliant new Born Gold single the other week, but as usual, Cecil Frena has a glorious video to match his exuberant electropop melodies. Directed by a team of Landon Speers, Angela Lewis, and Cecil himself, it’s a charming video starring an all-nude cast, who dance, laugh, and cry at a wedding with a loose dress code.

“I Want to be Naked” is the first in Born Gold’s “No Sorrow” video singles series. Watch for the next one on August 22!