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Remix: Beta Frontiers x Weaves

Posted on July 22nd, by digits in Remix, Video


Regular readers know we have a penchant for posting all things Beta Frontiers and all things Weaves. Well today, we get an idea of what an amalgam band (Beta Waves or Beta Weaves?) would sound like, as our favourite Toronto electronic producer gets to slather his magic all over Weaves’ now-classic-seeming “Motorcycle”. It’s now got his characteristic shimmery, summery bounce. Probably good cycling music! From the Weaves Remixed EP, featuring remixes by our faves J FM, Babe Rainbow, Thomas and more, out now on Buzz Records.

Weaves is performing a special one-time-only theatrical collaboration with Allison Cummings entitled “Weaves Through Time” on August 10 in Toronto, part of the Summerworks Music Series curated by Silent Shout.


Video: Lee Paradise – Farisian

Posted on July 10th, by farragoes in Video

Never one to rest on his laurels, Dan Lee of Phedre, Hooded Fang, Tonkapuma, and really just every band in the entire world, has a new video out for, Farisian, a stand out track from his recent solo debut LP under the name Lee Paradise.  Lots of quick cuts and vhs era effects in this one, to accompany Lee’s frenetic boogie. The LP, Water Palace Kingdom, is out on Pleasence Records and Not Unlike, and is available here. We recommend it highly.



Video: Allie X – Bitch

Posted on July 10th, by digits in Video

Allie X is all about hit singles, apparently. The ultra-catchy “Catch” has not left our heads since it first entered, and now we’re faced with this MONSTER. It’s seems a teensy bit crafted to mine the popularity of both Lana del Rey and Grimes, but damned if we care because it’s masterful and is exactly what we want to be listening to these days. The video, a psychedelic journey to the supermarket, is equally wonderful. Directed by Jungle George. Download it for free from Soundcloud.


Video: Zoo Owl – Left Alone

Posted on July 8th, by digits in Video

Zoo Owl - Hollow cover

We have been waiting ever-so-impatiently for Hollowm the debut album from Toronto woodland electropop experimenter Zoo Owl, and his most recent video does not disappoint. Possibly a continuation of the origin story laid out in the “Twin Mirror” video, our avian hero scours train tracks and a bridge to find some sort of power-enhancing artifact. Huge arpeggiators!

This video premiered over at Chart Attack. Silent Shout is presenting the Hollow release party, with Sexy Merlin opening, at Canton Chili on July 17. $5 or $10 with buffet.


Video: Ark Analog – Was That It?

Posted on July 7th, by digits in Video


Our favourite uptempo synthpop twosome, Ark Analog (Maylee Todd and Dan Werb) have got a new video out for “Was That It?”, a standout single from the Dirty Power EP. Lots of great costume changes and trippy effects to go with that brilliant beat. Premiered on Spin! And directed by A.J. Bond.

You can stream the Dirty Power EP on Soundcloud.


Video: Ancient Babes – Occult Commando (NSFW)

Posted on June 27th, by digits in Video


Today we’re very proud to present the premiere the video for one of our favourite songs this year, “Occult Commando” by Vancouver’s Ancient Babes, the highlight of the excellent Futuristic Demon EP. The slow, darkly mysterious synthpop track works perfectly with the dreamlike imagery of a woman who decides to participate in the ritual of a group of acolytes that stop her car in the countryside. Turn it up loud and fullscreen this thing, it’s worth it, immerse yourself. Unless you’re at work, in which case, shrink the screen and squint.

The video was directed by Ghostprom (who also directed Doomsquad’s “Waka Waka”) and was produced by the Heretical Objects Cooperative, a new record label that uniquely also has a film/video division. It’s the first time they’ve created a video for a non-Heretical (an Orthodox?) artist.


Video: SINS – Red Woman (Vocals by Vierance)

Posted on June 25th, by arp2600 in New Release, Video

DETH Records is an exciting new label founded by SINS in Toronto. With an impressive roster of electro-goth type acts, they chose to showcase that talent with the release of DETH VOL. 1, their first compilation album. The main single from that is an, of course, excellent collaboration between their two flagship acts: SINS and Vierance. Check out the video in all it’s gothy glory, then go and buy/stream the comp. We foresee exciting things coming this way from DETH.


Video: Mozart’s Sister – Enjoy

Posted on June 20th, by elena in Video

We had a lot of love for Mozart’s Sister‘s Hello EP in early 2013, so we’re welcoming this first new single from the Montreal artist with open arms. She has dialed up her sound with more prominent bass and a whack of polish. The video, directed by Audrey Bilodeau Fontaine, has her slowly rising from a chair to reach an eventual solo dance party, which is exactly how we’re reacting over at the Silent Shout office!


Video: Ice Cream – Plastic

Posted on June 19th, by arp2600 in Video

A wonderful appropriately lo-fi video of weirdness from Toronto minimalists Ice Cream. Pills, slow-motion, foot fetishes: this video has it all. Is it more a documentary? Is this what it’s like being a fly on the wall watching these girls hang out?

This song is another rung on the ladder of anticipation for an official release. Is it coming out soon? We’re ready for it. Don’t cry, plastic never dies!

Video directed by Danielle Nemet.


Video: Lydia Ainsworth – Malachite

Posted on June 18th, by digits in Video

Ah, new Arbutus signing Lydia Ainsworth finally has a great video to go along with her wonderful debut EP Right From Real Pt. 1. Directed by Matthew Lessner and choreographed by Princess Lockerooo, it features three dancers “waacking”, which was a 1970s Los Angeles street dancing form popular among disco afficionados. It fits quite well with “Malachite”‘s hypnotic beats. Hey there’s three of us in the office today! Excuse us while we all look like idiots attempting to waack in here.

Right From Real Pt. 1 is available from iTunes.