Friday Classic Dark: Moev – Cracked Mirror


Vancouver-based outfit Moev is the focus of today’s Friday Classic Dark feature. The group was formed in 1981, on the cusp of British synthpop’s infiltration into the American mainstream. In Canada, synthpop was becoming a thing, too, around this time; Images in Vogue had just formed, Strange Advance cropped up shortly thereafter, and Spoons began to feature drum machines and synthesizers more prominently in their work. Against this (cursory) backdrop, Moev’s early output displayed an estimable blend of dark synthpop and hook-laden new wave. By the mid-1980s, the group signed to Nettwerk Records, home of industrial acts Skinny Puppy and Front Line Assembly. The Nettwerk deal coincided with the first of Moev’s many reconfigurations in musical style and personnel.

Although Moev has produced several notable tracks, we wish to draw your attention to “Cracked Mirror”, their infectious and bittersweet debut single. Two recordings of this stellar track exist; the 1981 version from their self-released debut EP, and a rather different, but equally compelling, rendition from their 1982 12″ Rotting Geraniums. Kick off the weekend with both interpretations of this Canadian synthpop classic!

Moev – “Cracked Mirror” (1982)

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Friday Classic Dark: Landscape Body Machine – No Cable


Landscape Body Machine – No Cable

In this week’s installment of our barely beloved music history series we will have a quick peek at a IDM group from the more recent past, Vancouver’s Landscape Body Machine.  They were formed in 1992, and are perhaps only provisionally acceptable as part of this feature, as they are still putting out music, but this song amused me far too much not to include it.  The track was on their 1999 album, Structure and is apparently an angry rant left on the CBC’s answering machine by an unhappy customer set to some heavy beats.  Enjoy it you god damn cocksuckers.

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