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Posted on April 15th, by elena in Video

Danielle Fricke

Danielle Fricke makes beautifully atmospheric (often instrumental) music, and the London, Ontario-based artist’s new song is her best work yet. Paired with a video of changing patterns and colours, “Cicadas” captures the feeling of a lazy, hazy day at the pace of a slightly sedated heart beat. Her voice layers well with itself as the song swells up and fades out, ending after a bite-sized two minutes. There’s a replay button on videos for a reason, guys.

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In January, London-based electro-pop project West Nile debuted their contagious track “SSUFFIK8TRR.” on Bandcamp. The sound is catchy, energetic, and right in time for summer.

Now, West Nile has released two more songs that we like a lot, especially “WHAAAT I CAN GETT.” The song still has that hazy and chillwave vibe from “SSUFFIK8TRR”, but brings a fresh perspective to its overall sound. The opening starts off eerie, and builds into a synthy beat that’s complemented by upbeat disco-esque guitar riffs, played by London superstar producer Greggy Clypse, who works with most of the artists we love coming out of the city.

From what we can find, there isn’t a full length album in the works, but this two-track release is pay-what-you-can from Bandcamp, and you can watch that page for more releases. We sure will be.

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While he never really went away, I think we can comfortably say that Pat Jordache is back! After spending some time working and building his Banko Gotiti label imprint/recording studio/arts collective, and releasing a bunch of singles the project has announced the Steps LP, the result of three years of hard work.

With that announcement comes “Anonymous Woman,” a weirdo-rock song that harkens back to Eno-produced Bowie in the best of the Berlin era. Steps is out May 15th, and there are shows in Toronto, Montreal and NYC to celebrate that.

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screenshot-www youtube com 2015-04-13 16-24-19Out of nowhere, a new U.S. Girls single!!! Working with producer Onakabazien, it’s her first release on the illustrious 4AD, and although there’s no word of a new album coming yet, let’s just assume that there’s one on the horizon. For now, we’re going to groove along to “Damn That Valley” and this amazing video of her gesturing wildly at Washington landmarks. U.S. Girls 4 U.S. prez!

“Damn That Valley” is available now from iTunes.

Posted on April 13th, by digits in Video

screenshot-www youtube com 2015-04-13 12-31-59We’ve got a thing for Ottawa’s Scattered Clouds, it’s documented. They’re one of the best in the country at creating dense, moody and evocative music that feels cinematic in that it’s hard NOT to imagine a Lynchian scene playing out as their guitars thunder. Their latest, “Enchanteresse,” is a wonderful addition to their catalogue, a bit reminiscent of Timber Timbre, which is of course a very good thing. They’ve release an awesome found-footage video for the track, edited by Hiltrons’ Mike Dubue, it’s more-than-appropriately surreal and features some wonderful superimposed line animations.

“Enchanteresse” will be on Scattered Clouds’ much-anticipated debut album The First Empire, which comes out next week on E-Tron Records. They’re on tour in Ontario and Montreal this spring, check their Bandcamp page for tour dates.