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Posted on August 26th, by arp2600 in MP3


If you’ve been following along for the past few years, you know how much we’re fans of Violence, following their career since the release of their phenomenal debut EP in 2013. What we love about them since then, is that despite the fact the core electronic elements are left in tact, each new release sounds completely different from the one before.

Case in point is their latest single “Shaking Pictograms.” The song sounds similar to their past outings with the dark synthwave we’ve come to expect, but adds new elements that we never would have expected from the band. There’s a certain layer of funkiness behind the single, and we love that.

Following Violence continues to be a journey that we’re happy to join them on. And excitingly, the journey continues with the release of their new EP Le Théâtre, due out September 11 on Visage Musique, and a launch party at Casa in Montreal on September 25th.

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Hey, a new tune from our favourite Winnipeg bedroom synthpop auteur, Dave Shaw aka Glass Random! Also known for making excellent music under the name Camp David, he’s about to release his fourth release, the Leave Everything EP. If the title track is any indication, we’re in for an emotional synthy journey that’s very much on a psychedelic tip. It reminds a bit of the best of old-school Miracle Fortress, maximalist synthpop with a sweet centre. Knowing Shaw’s track record, odds are this EP is going to be amazing. Can’t wait.

In the meantime, check out the extensive back catalogue on Soundcloud.

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Word to the wise: The Marquis, the brainchild of Montreal’s Dillon Steele, is probably the best new post-punk act we’ve heard all year. We’re incredibly pleased to premiere the first single off his debut EP, which features drums and production by Silent Shout fave Charlie Twitch, and cello by Christophe Cinq. The song’s called “lil bb” but it’s not the hyper-referential internet pop jam one might expect with a title like that. Instead, it’s a classic-sounding post-punk track that oozes paranoia and dark pronouncements. And sure enough, the thundering drums and crisp production really remind of Charlie Twitch’s work as ¡FLIST!, which is the best because we want more things that sound like that.

The Marquis EP is out in October on Art Not Love Records and we have a powerful hunger to hear it. In the meantime we’ll satisfy our ear-cravings with repeated plays of “lil bb”.

Posted on August 24th, by Jesse in Video


Though incredibly catchy, Pat Jordache embraces the more eclectic side of synth-pop in his latest video single, through processed vocals and synths reminiscent of Boards of Canada. “O.M.O.” features local Montreal fixtures Adam Wilcox and Thom Gillies (the latter formerly of TOPS).

This Roxanne Lemieux-directed video explores the bleak Canadian winter as we all know it – catch the heat while you can! From the snow-covered steppes of rural Quebec to a frozen abandoned building, all become settings where we bear witness to Jordache’s eccentricities.

Do yourself a favor (if you haven’t already) and pick up Steps, a record that was released only a few months ago via Banko Gotiti Records in digital and vinyl formats.

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Zachary Gray and Para Palabras join forces on Containment, a new split release from London, Ontario imprint A Person Disguised as People. The pairing of these producers is ideal, as both excel at crafting electronic music rich in technical detail, texture, and timbral nuance.

Zachary Gray kicks it off with a set of intricately woven rhythms and soft focus textures that float, bend, and decay in a fashion comparable, but certainly not reducible, to BoC, Tycho, et al. The track “You’re A Real Class Act” (and its dusty ethereal coda) ranks among Gray’s finest work. On the second half, Para Palabras delivers a batch of equally substantial tracks that are, by comparison, more stylistically varied. In “1AM”, for example, percussive and synthesizer sounds seamlessly morph amid a static vocal loop, while “Borracho” explores a spacious Balearic vibe, laced with captivating pentatonic melodies and pitched percussion.

Containment is a standout release for both producers and a great place to begin for the uninitiated. Pick it up now via Bandcamp.