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Posted on June 29th, by elena in MP3

gaiiaAll we know about this Canadian/French duo is that they released a pair of stellar singles in the past week. But we don’t need to know any more: we’re already obsessed. “Suenara” swells and shrinks around a steady 4/4 pulse, with alto vocals and a hazy, suave quality in the production. It switches between sections perfect for disjointed dancing or haunted wandering, managing to be both catchy and darkly mysterious.

Gaiia‘s second single, “W.A.V.E.”, is already on their Soundcloud. And make sure to keep an eye on that page to see what they do next! We sense some big things brewing.

Posted on June 26th, by digits in MP3


We were already nuts about London’s West Nile, and then she did this. Her last single “WHAAAT I CAN GETT” remains in heavy rotation around here, but nothing could have prepared us for “#1FNDR”. At three minutes, the song is an absolute journey from one sonic realm to another, from bombastic pop ballad to sleek uptempo minimal synthpop, and ending in mellotronic glory. Killer hook, too.

We really hope these singles are leading to an album, because that album would be the best album. Until then, check out all the singles on Bandcamp.

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Admittedly, and somewhat embarrassingly, Montreal’s Foxtrott just popped up on our radar by virtue of a show that she’s doing in Berlin with fellow Montrealer Antoine 93 in July. Well, now that we’re onboard, we’re never getting off. This kind of sleekly produced electro-pop is definitely in our wheelhouse, especially when we can make a comparison to perennial Silent Shout fave Mozart’s Sister. The similarities don’t end at the textures used, but they both carry a sense of otherworldliness and complete originality despite the professionalism of arrangements.

Not to mention the video, which is just super cool. I want to visit those purple hills and dance just like they’re doing here. Click “repeat” a few times on this one to prepare you for November 6th when Foxtrott releases A Taller Us, her debut record on One Little Indian.

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Quebec City’s Fjord are new to our ears, but they’ve got a very accomplished sound for having released only two singles so far. “Irrational” is a meditative, longing, downtempo electropop track, and their production practically glistens with carefully sequenced delayed synths drifting atop the mix. We dig. Looking forward to their next move!

Posted on June 24th, by digits in Video

PRETTY-BTS-1Toronto wunderkind Clairmont the Second has been seriously impressive lately, especially given it’s still so early in his career. Back in April we wrote about “Queen,” an amazing chilled-out electronic hip-hop single that left us wanting more. If “Queen” was a little on the dark and mysterious side, “Pretty” is definitely much more lighthearted and playful. An ode to egotism, it’s a very slow, minimal production, with a killer bassline and gloriously start-stop beats. We’re into it. The stark, carefully composed video was directed by a team: Javier Lovera, Devon Little, and Ben Cook (aka Young Guv/Yacht Club).

“Pretty” is from 2014’s Project II, available as a free download from Clairmont’s Soundcloud.