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Video: Bile Sister – Cakes

Posted on September 10th, by farragoes in Video

Toronto’s own Bile Sister have joined the ever expanding roster of bands to appear on the Guelph based live session site Pinball Sessions with this latest video for their track Cakes. The band have evolved in recent times from being the solo project of front woman Julie Reich, to a full band arrangement, and this live session is an excellent encapsulation of their woozy weirdo aesthetic. The video also comes in the build up to the launch of a new Pinball Sessions website, which will be happening next week. The Pinball folks have done sessions with several Silent Shout favorites including Phedre, Odonis Odonis and Diana and are well worth checking out.


MP3: Cygnets – Gallows

Posted on September 9th, by digits in MP3


We’ve been fans of Edmonton’s Cygnets since the earliest days of this blog, they’ve been quiet lately, but now we know why: new album. It’s called Isolator, they’re self-releasing it, and it’s well-worth checking out. Here’s maybe the highlight of the record, lead single “Gallows,” a broody, brilliantly arpeggiated goth anthem that’s still extremely danceable despite the slow tempo.

You can buy Isolator direct from the band at Bandcamp.


MP3: Douce Angoisse – VODKA REDBUTCH

Posted on September 9th, by arp2600 in MP3


Douce Angoisse, who have sadly been off our radar until now, have produced one of the best dark minimal electro tracks of the year. The band, who originally hail from France, but made the move to Montreal a few years ago, would make a perfect pairing with any of the Montreal darkwave acts that we already love (Visage, we hope you’re reading!).

Also missed was this spectacular video, the description of which is best served in the original French language it was written:

“Une lolita malsaine qui n’as qu’une idée en tête: TUER LES PERVERS À COUP DE PATINS À GLACE – MONTRÉAL.”


Video: TOPS – Way to Be Loved

Posted on September 8th, by Josh in Video

TOPS have dropped a cameo-heavy vid for “Way to Be Loved”, an excellent track from their equally excellent new album Picture You Staring. The clip, directed by Fantavious Fritz, depicts the band playing at the Arbutus HQ in Montreal to a crowd featuring the likes of Alex Calder, Cadence Weapon, and best/worst of all, Mac DeMarco (and his testicles) at around 1:45.

Picture You Staring is out now on Arbutus.


MP3: Programm – Like the Sun

Posted on September 8th, by digits in MP3


Programm are now a mainstay of Toronto’s shadow-lurking scene, and we’re very excited to hear new music from them. “Like the Sun” is a massive, slow, electro-shoegaze track that is perfect for gazing directly into the sun. Burn every retina! (Ed: DO NOT look directly into the sun.)

We sincerely hope we hear more from Programm soon. They’re onto something!


MP3: Homeshake – Cash is Money

Posted on September 5th, by digits in MP3

Homeshake, we were not expecting this. I mean, brilliant mixtape last year, but this sly bit of slow funk, with a circuit-bendy outro, is a bit unexpected. So cool! Alright, so their new album In the Shower seems like it’ll be a very important release, and hopefully make this deserving bunch famous. Wonderful. It’s out September 26, watch out for it.


Video: James Irwin – Everything Passed Me By

Posted on September 5th, by digits in Video

Oh good, we needed reminding about how wonderful this song is. With this first single in two years, Montrealer electro-songwriter James Irwin is setting out on a wonderful new direction. Slick, soft, pop that’s slightly on the electronic side, and simply too good. Too good! The video, directed by Derrick Belcham, is a lovely slow-motion scene, hazy and hypnotic. If you’re enjoying it, check out this Miracle Fortress remix too.