Premiere: Silver Pools – Farmhouse

We’ve been fascinated by Toronto dream pop explorer Todd Macdonald aka Silver Pools before, and we’re very excited to premiere his newest single “Farmhouse”, half of a two-track 10″ coming out this Friday, and the artist’s first new work since his highly memorable debut full-length of last year, Memoirs of an Oblong Sphere.

“Farmhouse” sees Macdonald heading in a more electronic direction with the help of a few comrades, and is joined on this song by Dustin Good on modular synth, with minimal techno producers Matt and Mark Thibideau co-producing the track. A dark and contemplative listen, it’s a spacious electro-ballad thats full of details and beautiful reverb tails. A lovely, weightless song that seems to float in zero gravity, but it’s not without a heavy heart.

The Bleach Cloud/Farmhouse 10-inch is available for ore-order now, digitally or on vinyl, from Bandcamp. And if you’re in Toronto, catch Silver Pools for the release show at Burdock this Friday, and he also has some summer European tour dates, listed at Bandcamp.

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Kashka – Holding Steady

Toronto electronic indie pop proliferator Kat Burns aka Kashka is much beloved around here, and we’ve been eagerly antcipating her third record Relax, her first full-length since 2013’s excellent Bound. Seeing her venture into even more electronic places, she’s joined on the record by Lisa Conway (aka L CON) and Andrew Collins, who also co-produce. One of the clear highlights is “Holding Steady”, a darkly beautiful anthem about self-care and overcoming adversity, featuring some utterly glorious harmonies and a brilliant constantly chugging bass synth. Let this one carry you today.

Relax is available now from Bandcamp.

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Holy Data – Ether

Montreal’s Holy Data continue their synth-pop fuelled journey through the depths of present-day dysphoria with “Ether,” the sixth track off of their self-titled LP. At first, “Ether” consumes us with the subtlety and softness of a hazy daydream. Moments before the trance-like intro can take full effect, synths burgeon and burst through the gentle soundscape, ushering in a reinvigorated melody. Vivid psych-pop warps the track until it culminates in a kaleidoscopic cluster of synths, guitar, and a contagious chorus. As a result, the blissful frenzy at the crux of “Ether’s” charm is unleashed.

“Ether” is available now along with the rest of Holy Data’s self-titled LP via Bandcamp.

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