Coco et Co – Super

Montreal‘s Coco et Co just released their first album St. Denis – in fact they’re giving it away for free. Most of the music on it doesn’t really fit the Silent Shout mould (guitars, lack of despair) but “Super” strikes a nice balance of melancholy and drum machines.

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Friday Classic Dark – Nash the Slash

Friday Classic Dark is a new feature showcasing some of the acts that inspired the new wave of dark electronic music.

A stellar song by one of Canada’s most intriguing artists. Someone once told me that Nash the Slash had his membership to the musician’s union revoked for using a drum machine instead of a live drummer. I don’t know if that’s true, but he should be considered a hero if it is.

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Diamond Rings – Something Else

Diamond Rings just released a sweet new single called “Something Else”, and it’s going to be released on vinyl soon. Be sure to watch for his debut album Special Affections, coming out on October 26. We can’t wait to hear it.

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