Ase Eschu Bafamet

Ase vs. Grapes – Throw Diagram (mixtape)

When we heard that Woodhands‘ Dan Werb was producing a hip hop mixtape with 21-year-old Torontonian Ase Eschu Bafamet, we were excited, but wary. Sure, Werb’s talent knows no bounds, not only with Woodhands, his solo project Grapes Godly, or his work with Maylee Todd in Ark Analog, but we thought the guy had other priorities right now. Thankfully any trepidation was completely unwarranted because the duo’s debut mixtape Throw Diagram is a wonderful blending of two worlds that can stand next to any of the best up-and-coming projects.

We really shouldn’t be surprised because Ase is a supremely talented figure juxtaposing between political statements in solidarity with movements like Black Lives Matter in songs like “Modus Operandi” to “Tree of Life,” which focuses on his own life story. As amazing Werb’s production is (not to mention his singing of the hook on songs like “Faces” and “Show Me”), this EP is about Ase who is the definite MVP.

No word on whether the two of them will be working together in the future, but we really hope they do. This is a wonderful pairing that play incredibly well off each other and this mixtape only barely scratches the surface of what the two of them can accomplish. In the meantime, this mixtape is available for free download, both this and instrumental versions.

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