A La Mode

À La Mode – Est​-​ce qu’on s’aimera

Don’t be fooled by the vaporwave-y cover art: Winnipeg’s À La Mode latest song is pure sunshine, filled with endearing harmonies and lovelorn lyrics. “Des fois j’pas sûre de tout /Des fois ça semble flou/ Mais tu es mon amour,” sings Dominique Lemoine, right before what is surely the coolest guitar solo you’ll hear on a synth-pop track this year. The lyrics are deeply emotional and are sung beautifully, as if to lull the listener into the band’s lush melodic reverie. Let’s hope this one gets a video release soon!

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Video: À La Mode – Bummer Summer

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 12.58.53 PM

Accompanied by Nicole Froese on the xylophone, Franco-Manitoban Dominique Lemoine aka À La Mode offers her latest video for Bummer Summer – an excessively cute song with clear Belle & Sebastian undertones that is as much twee as it is pop.  Make sure to check out her self-titled EP on Bandcamp!

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